Why Outdoor Play is Important?

Outdoor play is essential for the well being of growing children. With the lure of screens drawing them away from the outdoors, parents need to understand how beneficial playing outside is and encourage their children to get outside as much as possible. Here are a few reasons why playing outside should be emphasized.

Physical Activity

Active play for at least an hour each day helps your growing children strengthen their muscles, which is crucial for healthy development. While children can get some exercise indoors, they’re more likely to play longer when riding a bike, running around, jumping on professional trampolines or chasing a ball.


Being outside provides children with science lessons galore. Outdoor play increases curiosity and allows children to discover the world around them. Children can explore different textures, smells and tastes when outside. They may become fascinated with butterflies and begin to wonder how they fly or where they live. Healthy curiosity can lead to amazing questions and life skills.


Fresh air reduces the chance of illness by preventing the spread of airborne illnesses. When children are outside the bacteria and virus germs dissipate more quickly. Being outside also increases a child’s mental health by allowing them to release stress and the excess energy that builds up when they are indoors.

Appreciation of Nature

Getting outside allows children to explore their world with all five senses. They can only experience wading in a stream, hearing the ocean waves, smelling fresh pine trees and tasting vegetables from their own garden through the outdoors. Without an appreciation of the planet and all the amazing things it has to offer, children will grow up without the drive to protect the earth.

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Making friends and learning how to get along with others are a major part of growing up. Playing outside encourages kids to work together, problem solve and cooperate with each other. These skills are better learned through free play than through structured sports or school events.

Risk Taking

Being challenged is another important part of growing up. Taking risks like climbing trees, exploring playgrounds and making friends are all important for kids to learn a healthy sense of how to handle themselves in difficult situations. If kids are never challenged and always protected how can they learn the importance of learning from mistakes?

The outdoor world needs to be an essential part of the daily life of children to keep them strong, healthy and curious.