Ways to Make Reading Fun for Your Kids

While some kids are naturally attracted to books, some find it challenging to pick a book and read. Most kids struggle because they either find it hard to sit and read a book for an extended period or lack the foundational skills. Either way, reading is essential in a child’s development. If you notice your child finds it hard to read, here are fun ways you can help.

Allow them To Pick the Books or Stories

Let your child pick the reading materials depending on what they are interested in. If there are any areas your child has shown interest in, then pick such books for them. Look for similar genres or books by the same author. Even better, let them accompany you to the book store and choose what they like. award-winning author Daniel Handler recommends giving your child an option so that they do not feel like reading is an imposed task or chore. It is also good to make suggestions on a variety of books to expand their scope.

Designing a Reading Space

You can motivate your children to read by creating a reading area for them. Design a comfortable space with blankets and pillows where your child can relax and read without any supervision. Therefore, any time they have the urge to read, they can retreat to their corner and get lost in books. If your child is having trouble doing this by themselves, help them at the start till they learn to take the initiative by themselves. You can make it part of the fun family activities.

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Be a Role Model

It can be hard to convince your child to read when you are watching a movie on the couch. They will want to join you or even request to watch their favorite animation. Try and be a role model to your kids by reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc. As suggested by Daniel Handler, you can even set aside a time where both of you pick books and read. It will feel like an involving activity rather than something boring.

Connect Books with Life

Connect what your child is reading with real-life experiences. For instance, if you are reading a book on dinosaurs, consider taking your child to the museum over the weekend for them to get the idea. It will help reading become exciting.

Parents should not just wait for a teacher to help their kids with developing a reading culture. There is only so much that a teacher can do. Take part in your child’s academic growth by motivating them to read.