12 Best Educational Apps for Kids in 2022

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your child has every opportunity for success. One way to help your child excel is by providing them with educational opportunities. Educational apps for kids, both free and paid, provide a way for parents to help their children learn. For younger kids, educational apps can be used to teach core subjects like reading, writing and math.

Education is not just about learning the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic anymore. With an increase in technology education has been transformed into a more advanced subject that includes learning computer programming, creating apps and participating in STEM activities. In addition to these more advanced skills, some schools and teachers are using educational apps to improve the learning process.

By the famous elementary school (hungry caterpillar play school), educational apps are being used to help students learn at their own pace when it’s convenient for them. Also, to provide personalized instruction, and to measure how well they’ve mastered a subject. The education world is changing with the use of educational technology. In this blog post, we will share with you the best educational apps for kids in 2022.

Best Educational Apps for kids

Though educational apps for kids have gained huge popularity in the last few years. According to national science foundation, with the availability of tablet and smartphones, there has been a significant growth in the number of apps related to education. The basic concepts of educational apps for kids are to make learning more interesting and enjoyable which will help them in exploring new things. Educational apps for kids can be useful not only for children but also for parents who want to engage their children with the best educational app as per appropriate age range. Below we have outlined the educational apps for children’s that are suitable for different age groups and they are:

1. Khan Academy kids

Best Learning apps for Kindergartners

This award winning app is for kids of minimum age 2+ and also suitable for adults. For young kids, Khan academy kids is a completely free app that comes with the world class videos of math, science, history etc. all narrated by experts in their respective field. This app is useful for kids to learn new things and enhance their knowledge on different topics. The program includes thousands of lessons, activities, books, and games that are appropriate for children aged 4-7. With catchy songs and yoga videos, your little’s will have fun moving and dancing. For home and school this would be the perfect educational app. It also helps to teaches kids to read with phonics. Also, the screen time limit is set inside the app. This educational app is especially useful for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

  • Best free app for kids ages 4 to 7+
  • Have Parents Choice Gold Award.
  • Helps to improve critical thinking skills
  • Have adaptive learning path allows each child to learn at their own pace.

2. YouTube Kids

Best learning app for kids

For a younger children aged between 3-6, YouTube kids has been the best option to take educational videos for kids. The app provides appropriate and quality content to learn things including alphabet, numbers, shapes and common objects that they see around them. Also, it will give your kid a chance to watch very popular nursery rhymes like Peppa Pig and Fifi and the Flowertots. Sometimes, parents are not aware about what their kids are watching online because the videos are very attractive and colorful to attract children. YouTube Kids teaches children about healthy eating and sleeping habits and it is free of cost app. The educational videos are well arranged by age groups which make it easier for parents to choose the best videos.

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  • Have timer to set limits to use app for children’s
  • Teaches fun learning activities
  • Provide parent approved content
  • Best kids engaged app for any fields.

3. PBS Kids Games

Learning games app for kids

PBS educational games are compatible with both iOS and android devices. It is an app that is highly recommended for kids of age 2+. These educational games will provide many benefits to young children and parents alike by improving their social emotional learning skills and physical development. For preschool kids, the PBS kids app has many games that focus on comparing and contrasting as well as correct pronunciation of words. These games will help children explore their creativity and imagination through different activities. There are more than 10+ free games available for kids at different levels, which are easily accessible on the app. This is one of the best educational apps for kids because it can foster creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills with the help of these games.

  • Provide curious games and fun activities to play.
  • It has Kidscreen Award Winner and Parents’ Choice Recommended Mobile App.
  • Have science, math, and other subjects related games.
  • Best to build STEM skills with fundamental math skills, science, etc.

4. TODO Math

Top educational apps for kids

TODO math is a very useful learning app for kids from age 3+. As the app has different learning levels which change as per the age of your kid. The app offers different teaching methods such as Montessori, and serval tricks of mathematics to help children learn at their own pace. Your kids will be able to easily solve math problems through step-by-step learning opportunities available for them throughout the app.

The app helps in understanding mathematical concepts and make learning fun. With special tools, there will be no need to think about teaching lesson plans because the app has been designed with different levels of difficulties. Moreover, the math games will improve problem-solving skills and there is no distractions of advertisements. The free version doesn’t have advance app’s features but the premium basic version offers in app purchases around $4.99 – $119.99 per item. For visual learners, the app has different tools that will help your kid to learn concepts without any trouble.

  • Provide maths basic concepts
  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Interactive app that teaches valuable skills,
  • Have 2,000+ interactive math activities for Pre-K through 2nd grade.

5. Duolingo

Best Educational apps for kids free

Duolingo is an award-winning language learning app that helps you to learn languages free. By using this app, your kid can learn French, German, Italian or other Latin-based languages for English speakers. Many educational institutions said that this app is helpful to increase your child language learning skills. Generally, this app focuses on vocabulary and phrases instead of grammar rules. Also, the app provides a well-structured learning interface that is easy for kids to use without any trouble. If your child take too much screen time then this app helps you to limit their time on an hour each day. This app is available for both Google play and apple store, as well.

  • You can learn languages anywhere in the world
  • Helps you to find a language exchange partner
  • Easy to use applications
  • Kid-friendly app that teaches language reasoning skills

6. Fish School

Fun Educational apps for kids

Fish School is an educational app for kids based on fish characters. The app has many types of lessons available in the app such as math, colors, animals and more which will help your kids to learn different things. In addition to that, these kids apps are very helpful for children from ages 3-8. The free version of this app offers different levels for kids but you can buy more levels as in app purchase if you want. For increasing your child cognitive skills, the app has different concepts which are very helpful. Kids learning by this app will become smart and knowledgeable. The app has different tools that will help them to learn things without any trouble.

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  • Have 8+ educational activities
  • Helpful in increasing social skills
  • Produced by Duck Duck Moose
  • Award winning educational kids app for mobile devices.

7. Logic Puzzles

Free educational apps for kindergartners

Logic Puzzles for Kids is an educational game for children. It is designed to develop your kid’s logical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills. The game is divided into five different types of activities that include; Logic Problems, Puzzles, Matcher, Speed Matcher and Memory Game. Some of the logic puzzles are also available with colorful animated graphics which help your child to learn at their own pace. Kids learn by playing and using their ability to think and understand. Logic Puzzles for Kids provides a wide range of puzzles with different difficulty levels which also satisfy the needs of all types of learners. Furthermore, the app allows you to adjust the level of difficulty in order to adjust it according to your kid’s requirements and needs.

  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Best apps for programming blocks puzzles.
  • Provide engaging games studies
  • Kids can also learn pre coding concepts

8. DragonBox Math

Learning app for 5 year old

DragonBox is a fun learning app that helps kids to learn Math easily. It’s a kind of puzzle game where the kid has to guide a character through different levels by solving math problems. The free version comes with five chapters containing over 50 activities and after completing those, you have to buy the premium version which costs around $8.99 – $89.99 per item. Kids can also learn busy shapes, numbers, and free play mode. The app allows child to explore and discover on their own and learn step-by-step with tutorials available for them throughout the game. It will help children create a strong foundation for complex topics such as algebra. It’s a simple and fun way to play and learn.

  • Have an innovative interface
  • Have over 10 hours of engaging gameplay
  • Provide 7 day free trial
  • It will help your kid to discover mathematics on their own programs

9. Epic

Best school apps for kids

Epic is the most entertaining app which is available for kids. This app offers features to make learning fun and engaging for your kid. With this app, no child will dislike reading because the system provides different books with many options through which children can improve their vocabulary skills. The stories are interactive and they fully engage our children’s imagination. Moreover, Epic offers 40,000+ popular growing library books, educative books for kids that help children expand their knowledge and vocabulary words. The app also helps in making your kid an active reader because the app has a lot of activities to do such as matching, puzzle and more others which will improve concentration and focus of your child.

  • For using this app subscription is required
  • Have progress tracking between in-class and at-home reading
  • Premium version provide unlimited access
  • 24/7 online access, as well as offline access for on-the-go reading

10. ABC Mouse.com

Best online learning apps for kids

ABC Mouse.com is a fun app that will teach reading, math, art, music, and more for kids ages 2 to 8. The app will familiarize your kids with the computer through a series of educational games while working on their early learning skills. The app is designed in way so that everyone can find something to do, whether they want to learn spelling or finish a puzzle. The app helps your children become confident learners by offering more than 1,200 activities and 20 monthly educational themes. The app helps your kids to feel confident because of its friendly design and quick progress reports that will provide details about what your child is being exposed to. Moreover, it is easy to track your child’s progress because you will be able to see what they have accomplished and determine their areas of strength and weakness.

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  • Provide step by step learning path for your child
  • Easy to use applications
  • Provide kids friendly environment and 100% safe
  • Helps ensure kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade readiness

11. Homer Learning

Best at home learning apps

This educational app is specially designed for children of age up to 4 and available on both iOS and Google play stores. This app focuses on the basics such as reading, writing and math skills. It uses games like puzzles to make kids understand different concepts through fun activities which enhances their learning experience. The voice over feature in the game helps them learn better by listening to someone while solving problems. Parents can set the screen time limit for their children using this educational app. Also, kids can learn alphabet, phonics and numbers in an interesting manner by playing games. However, the app also provides different concepts through interesting videos that are based on specific topics. Homer Learning is the best educational app for preschoolers and early learners.

  • Provide playful learning activities to your kids
  • Have interactive lessons, games, stories,and songs etc.
  • Free trial available for 30 days
  • Easy to use kid-friendly design

12. Quick Math Jr

Best children’s learning apps

This educational app for kids is suitable for children of age 4+ and available on only iOS play store. The app provides simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities designed to make learning math more interesting. This award winning app uses visual and audio effects which makes it easier for kids to solve math problems. The game also provides positive feedback after every correct answer and this encourages kids to learn more. Additionally, kids can compete with each other by creating their own monsters and participating in the global leader-board. This educational app for kids is a good way to help children learn math skills which will be beneficial at school level.

  • Only for iOS users
  • Covers essential foundations of mathematics
  • Twelve games aligned with international maths curriculums,
  • Simple, Quick and easy to use

The Conclusion

Therefore, with so many educational apps on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best educational apps for kids in 2022 based on research and reviews from parents and educators. Whether your child needs help with math, science, language arts or social studies, there is an app on this list that can help them excel in school. Khan Academy, PBS Kids, and Quick Math Jr. are all great examples of apps that have been successful in meeting these requirements and will likely remain popular choices for the foreseeable future. We hope this list has given you a good starting point and that you enjoy watching your child thrive as they learn through these amazing apps. If you have a favorite app that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.