37 Best Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

Pregnancy is an exciting time. There are so many things to do and people to tell! You want everyone you know to be as excited as you are, but how do you announce your pregnancy? Some of the methods are more creative than others. However, all are worth considering when you’re looking for pregnancy announcement ideas. Here are 37 ways to announce your pregnancy to family!

Pregnancy is the most important milestone of a woman’s life. Expectant parents need to do creative pregnancy announcement in the best way because pregnancy is a unique journey of discovery. An expectant mother can do creative pregnancy announcement with new baby shoes and cleverly give a pregnancy reveal surprise.

Pregnancy reveal is often different from old fashioned birth announcements or child shower invitations. It is supposed to be creative and different. However, the way of the announcement also depends on who they are informing and when.

When is the Best Time to Announce Your Pregnancy?

There is no best time to announce a pregnancy. The expectant mother should decide when she wants to share the new family member arrival with family and friends because it’s a personal journey. Some women want to tell everyone immediately after they learn about pregnancy. Others might prefer waiting until the second trimester or even the third trimester of pregnancy. It all depends on unique pregnancy announcement ideas and the level of excitement.

During the start, one can give the big news to close family members. After three or four months when the new baby bump starts showing, one can inform other people. The time depends on parents to be mood whenever they want, they can share their happiness with others.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy?

There are many pregnancy announcement ideas. The best way to announce a pregnancy is by sharing exciting big news with a pregnancy image or cute baby bump photos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Posting and sharing your pregnancy announcement photo on social sites is also a good option. One can also share their happy feelings on different websites via pregnancy trivia. It will be an interesting experience when they will share pregnancy news with other users of the website. They will even get congratulations messages from all other members.

One of the most famous ways to announce a pregnancy is via traditional baby shower invitations. It will be a unique experience when one can send pregnancy announcement ideas in advance and then celebrate their happy journey with family and friends. Several other ways are also there that one can opt.

37 Unique Pregnancy Announcements:

1. Use a pregnancy picture frame

You can use a pregnancy picture frame with funny pregnancy announcement ideas or quote on it. You can even use a pregnancy photo booth for this purpose. This is one of the most special pregnancy announcements that will give happiness to family members in a unique way.

One can use send the picture then to the family members and parents. They will immediately understand what you want to tell them.

2. Upload the baby bump photo

One of the best ways to announce a pregnancy is by sharing this big news with cute baby bump photos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will be an interesting experience when you will share pregnancy news like this.

You will start getting congratulations messages and calls from your loved ones. Some will be surprised, some will be emotional. Different feelings will come out that will make the moment more exciting and memorable.

3. Put a small gift basket in the bathroom

You can put pregnancy announcement ideas inside a small gift basket with some baby stuff, baby toys, baby items, etc. Put them in the bathroom. This will attract family members and they will even feel excited when they find out this news. It is an excellent pregnancy announcement idea which you should do if you want to share happy feelings with your loved ones.

Whether it is your partner or parents, they will find the gift basket idea very unique. Your way of informing them will add to their happiness.

4. Get custom maternity shirts for pregnancy announcements

You can get pregnancy announcement ideas through custom maternity shirts and pregnancy gifts. It will be very exciting for family members when they see the most beautiful pregnancy announcements like this.

Custom maternity T-shirts are fun to wear during pregnancy and after delivery too! The majority of women choose light-colored tops that aren’t transparent to keep their bellies covered until the pregnancy is more advanced.

5. Take a pregnancy announcement photo shoot

After three (first trimester) or four months of pregnancy, one can take pregnancy announcements through professional photoshoot. This is the best way to share exciting news with family members and friends in a unique manner that will make memories for always.

It is one of the adorable pregnancy announcement ideas that every woman should try and experience. It will be a beautiful journey when you can share pregnancy news like this with other members on social media and websites too.

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Your family members, especially parents will get very happy to see such pregnancy announcement ideas through pictures. They will even feel excited about baby shower invitations.

6. Buy Coffee mugs

You can go for pregnancy announcement ideas like pregnancy coffee mugs as well. It will be a very interesting experience when you can make pregnancy announcements through such products. They are widely available on websites or stores near your home.

Everyone in the family, especially parents will get happy to see a unique pregnancy idea like this. You can give them coffee in the pregnancy coffee mugs and they will take no time to understand the meaning.

7. Send pregnancy announcement cards

Another interesting pregnancy idea that one can go for is unique pregnancy announcements cards. It will be a special way of sharing exciting news with family members and friends.

It will make the moment more beautiful as well as memorable too. On the card, you can paste a picture or can write a poem, or do any craftwork related to baby news.

8. Pregnancy announcement phone call

If you want to announce a pregnancy uniquely, then pregnancy announcements ideas like pregnancy phone calls are perfect for you. It will make everyone feel happy and excited about the baby news.

You can go ahead with this by saying any person or a close friend to give phone calls to your partner and parents. You can even try this idea on your own. Make sure the phone call comes when the loved ones are in the home. This way you will be able to see their reaction.

9. Prepare a onesie pregnancy

You can make pregnancy announcements through onesie pregnancy ideas. It is a very efficient way to announce the pregnancy. It will be fun for you as well as your family members too. You can gift this to them or even wear yourself to a baby shower party if the time comes.

If you are expecting twin pregnancy, get a custom-made maternity baby onesie with a picture of twins on that. You can decorate the onesie by yourself also. It will make the surprise more special.

10. Customize Pillow

Another interesting pregnancy announcement idea is to customize pregnancy pillows. It will be an exciting pregnancy idea that you can go for if your family members are not ready to accept pregnancy news yet.

You can prepare pregnancy announcements through pregnancy pillows with the help of custom-made pillow covers. You can even go for diy pregnancy announcement by using old pillows. Just stuff them with cotton material and make a craft on them. You can then give these pillows to your parents and partners. This way they will get your happiest news.

11. Use ultrasound image

Another pregnancy announcement idea is to use ultrasound pregnancy pictures and announces them on social media. This will be a perfect pregnancy idea for those who are revealing baby news after three or four months of pregnancy. It will make everyone happy as well as excited to see exciting pregnancy pictures like this.

You can find the best ultrasound picture you have had during pregnancy and can post it on social media. You can even try pregnancy announcements cards to reveal pregnancy news like this.

12. Make pregnancy announcement vlogs

Another interesting pregnancy announcement idea is to make a pregnancy announcement video or VLOGS (video blogs). It will be an exciting experience for you as well as your family members when they see creative pregnancy videos like this.

You can even make pregnancy announcement vlogs on the pregnancy journey or pregnancy tips and tricks ideas. It will be better if you tell these things to your partner in the video itself so they know you are coming from with baby news.

13. Crafting pregnancy

If you are looking for pregnancy announcement ideas, then crafting something related to pregnancy will be a perfect way out. It is one of the most exciting pregnancy ideas that you can try to make pregnancy news special and memorable.

You can go ahead with pregnancy announcements ideas like crafting a chart having a full family photo with your baby. You can get more creative by searching for craft ideas online. This way you will be able to see the best results of your pregnancy news idea.

14. Prepare a pregnancy countdown calendar

Another pregnancy announcement idea is the pregnancy countdown calendar. It will be a perfect pregnancy idea for those who are revealing baby news before the actual due date of delivery.

You can find pregnancy announcements through pregnancy countdown calendars online and get them customized according to your preferred dates which you want in the chart like birthdate, due date, or even family member’s birthday.

15. Use pregnancy test toolkit

Another pregnancy announcement idea is to use a pregnancy test toolkit. You can go for this idea by preparing positive pregnancy test and other tools related to pregnancy in a plastic box or a cute travel kit that you can gift them at a baby shower party.

You can find pregnancy test ideas online or can prepare pregnancy announcements through pregnancy toolkits like this. It will be a perfect way out to make pregnancy news special for them as well as yourself too.

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16. Create a pregnancy countdown website

Other cute pregnancy announcement ideas are the pregnancy countdown website. You can prepare pregnancy countdown websites online where you will have to put the due date of delivery and then just click on the start button.

You will be able to see a timer that shows how many days are left for your baby’s arrival in this way it will become easy for everyone who wants to get pregnancy news.

17. Use kids

You can go for pregnancy announcements through kids. If you already have a child then make them wear a customized t-shirt. The t-shirt can have quotes like ‘I am going to have a little one to play with.”

When the family members will see that, they will be excited to know pregnancy news. You can find pregnancy announcements through kids’ ideas online and make pregnancy announcements like this one.

18. Use baby shoes

Another pregnancy announcement idea is to use baby shoes as a way out for announcing the pregnancy in family or friends circle. Baby’s shoes are the most adorable things that you will ever see in pregnancy.

You can find baby’s shoes online. Customize them according to your pregnancy news idea like putting the date of delivery or due date etc. This way it will become easy for everyone who wants to know pregnancy announcements from you in a unique way. You can put the shoes in your home and office. Anyone will notice that and will know the news.

19. Play a guessing game with the family members

Another pregnancy announcement idea is playing a guessing game to announce a unique way. You can go for this idea by asking questions related to pregnancy. If your family members are right then you will give them baby news happily.

It will be fun for everyone as well as surprising. They would not have thought that a simple game can fill their lives with such amazing news.

20. Gift customized jewelry

Jewelry like a simple ring with Grandpa, Grandma, Grandparents to be, etc. written on it, can be a great gift for your loved ones. By getting this gift, they will be able to know pregnancy news in a unique way.

You can even buy the jewelry for yourself. It can have anything written on it like Expecting a baby soon, or a mom to be, etc. It will be fun to wear them in your daily life.

21. Provide a promotion note to your family members

Another pregnancy announcement idea is to provide a promotion note. You can go for this by giving your family members and friends promotion news in the form of notes, cards, or gifts which you will be able to get online very easily.

You can add quotes on it like “Hi! I’m pregnant and you are going to be a Grandma” etc. They will take the hint and appreciate your effort in making this creative.

22. Pregnancy books and baby name book

Another perfect pregnancy announcement idea is to go for a pregnancy book or baby names book. When you will have those books, your partner and family members will notice.

They will come to know pregnancy news and baby names uniquely. You can find pregnancy books online or buy them from book stores as per your choice and budget.

23. Send memorable audio or message

If you and your family live away, then uniquely sending a message will be perfect to give them the pregnancy news. You can send your parents an audio recording of your discussion with the doctor and ultrasound where they can hear the baby’s heartbeat.

It will make their mood. They will not only remember but cherish this moment. They can even give a special surprise by visiting you.

24. Use pets pregnancy

This can be very interesting. You can go for this idea by making your pet wear a customized t-shirt with having baby picture on it. You can even click a picture having your pet holding your pregnancy toolkit and can post this on social media.

This way people will get the news about your pregnancy. They will compliment your way of presenting as well.

25. Be creative with food

You can write a message like ‘You are going to be a Dad’ on a sandwich and can give that to your partner in breakfast. You can do the same with the other family members. Make sure you customize the quote as per the person.

This way of the announcement will surprise them. The loved ones will be curious to know more about the baby, delivery date, upcoming celebration, etc.

26. Display pregnancy announcement ideas in your car

If you are a proud mommy-to-be, then pregnancy announcement ideas can take the form of pregnancy stickers which you can put on your car window or rearview mirror, etc. You will surprise anyone who is behind you when they notice that.

You can put the stickers on your partner’s car or other family members to make them know they have got a promotion in life.

27. Give a diaper bag to your parents or friends

You can also go for ideas like giving diaper bags to your parents or friends. When they will open the pouch, then they would be confused. They will think that is why you are gifting them diapers.

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You can say to them they are going to need this in nine months. Well, it will be enough for them to link the dots and get the news.

28. Get pregnancy pictures

Another idea is to get pregnancy pictures printed and take them with you. You can give these pictures to your loved ones as a gift or surprise them by keeping them in their purse, wallet, etc.

They will be very happy when they will see the baby’s picture on those prints which would be perfect for displaying pregnancy news. You can put a short message on a card and can keep them in its place.

29. Deliver baby bump pictures to grandparents address

If your parents live away, then you can send baby bump pictures to their home or office address. They will be so curious to know that what you have sent them. Seeing the delivery package will solve their queries.

They will be able to get pregnancy news this way without any trouble. You can even surprise them by sending something special from nearby stores.

30. Make a cake for your family

Another pregnancy announcement idea is to make a cake and take it with you. You can decorate the top of the cake with the baby’s picture. The family members will feel great when they cut this lovely-looking cake in a celebration mood.

You can even customize pregnancy quotes on the base of the cake-like ‘Cake for Grandpa to be’. They will understand pregnancy news and will the effort you put into making the cake.

31. Announce the form of a pregnancy scrapbook

Another idea is using scrapbooks. Scrapbook is something that can be used for announcement ideas in a very effective and creative way. You just need to gather the information related to pregnancy news like ultrasound, baby’s kicks, etc.

You can put these pictures on scrapbook pages and write pregnancy quotes below each picture to make it more attractive. This way you will be able to give your partner or parents surprise news.

32. Make an announcement through the teddy bear

Another pregnancy news idea is to write ‘expected dad to be’ on a teddy bear and place it in your bedroom. This will look cute and your partner will get the idea just by seeing the teddy.

It is a very warm and creative way to announce the news. Your family members and partner will be glad tog et this news and it will give them a moment to celebrate.

33. Use a balloon

Another pregnancy news idea is to give pregnancy announcements through balloons. You can blow the latex balloon and tie it with ribbon or wire so that you can hang them on the doorknob, corner of the wall, etc.

The family members will get amazed when they see these hanging balloons which might appear as baby shower invitations. They will understand pregnancy news and feel happy for you.

34. Pregnancy pillowcases

You can use a pregnancy pillowcase and give it to your partner or friend as a gift. When they open the package, then it would be an awesome surprise moment for them.

They might not expect this type of pregnancy announcements ideas. Well, it will be a moment of surprise and happiness for them which you can make even better by enjoying together.

35. Provide a personalized coupon book

Another pregnancy announcements ideas are to make a customized coupon book and present it. You can write things like ‘Free dinner for two’ or ‘Movies night with dad’ etc.

Your partner will be very happy when he will see the coupons. This way you are showing them how much they are loved by you. Plus, they will get the pregnancy news as well. It is a perfect pregnancy news idea to go for.

36. Pregnancy announcement in the form of video game

If your partner loves to play games like ‘Football Manager’ or ‘PES’, then you can make a pregnancy announcement in that game during matches by planning a message to show on the big screen. Make sure they are looking at the screen at that time. You can even record their expressions which will make this pregnancy news idea even more special.

37. Announce through YouTube video

Another pregnancy announcements ideas are to make a pregnancy announcement video on YouTube. You can then share it with your partner. You can send it to your parents as well, who are not living in the same city as you do. You can upload this video link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This pregnancy news idea will be very special for them because they might not expect this type of pregnancy announcement. It is a unique idea after all which you apply to your family members and partner.


So folks, what are you thinking? If you are expecting your first child or say first baby, opt for any of the above ideas, and give the news to the family in a fun way. They will love your fun surprise and creative way. They will even remember it for a lifetime.