Swimwear Ideas For The Third Trimester

If you’re pregnant and still want to hit the pool or the beach, then don’t worry: there are some great swimwear options that will show off your curves but still be supportive where you need it. You can find inspiration from celebrities like Jessica Alba, and go for bright colors and even neons. Alternatively, you can use cutouts like Cara de la Hoyne to accentuate your new curvy figure. When you’re pregnant, there’s no need to go dowdy: instead choose some swimwear with style that you will be proud to wear.

Bikini beautiful

In the third trimester, there is no reason why you can’t go for a bikini. There are plenty of alternative ways to wear the top, allowing you to support fuller breasts. A tie-front bandeau is a good option instead of a halter-neck, or criss-crossed at the front for extra security. In the third trimester, you might find that you want to steer clear of skimpy bottoms for your bikini, but instead you can mix-and-match your swimwear options and go for shorties instead.

Two-tone maternity swimwear

The best thing about your third trimester pregnancy body is, of course, your wonderful belly. With a two-tone swimsuit, you can accentuate this. Choose a swimsuit with a patterned top, but a plain color for the stomach area. You can even pick the color to give away the sex of your new baby. It is a good idea to go for a specialist maternity swimsuit in the third trimester, as it will have inbuilt panels that help to support your stomach area and make you feel more comfortable.

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Choosing a cover-up

No swimsuit is complete without a stylish cover up. A beautiful wrap dress is a good idea, as you can not only use it by the side of the pool, but also wear it to dinner. They are flattering for the fuller maternity figure, and suit most body types. Kaftans have also made a comeback, and are great to throw over your swimsuit if you’re going for a walk along the beach. A beautiful, flowing fabric like chiffon is a good choice, either in an ethereal white or a nice, bold print.

When you are in the third trimester, going for a swim can be a great form of gentle exercise that will soothe your body. It is important to choose swimwear that is supportive to your body, but you can still be bold with your prints and color, and have fun with fashion.