How to Care For Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Hair care during pregnancy is a taboo topic, Hair loss is one of the most serious problems faced by women during pregnancy. It’s time to shed light on everything you need to know about your hair and how to take care of it during pregnancy in order to avoid troubles such as hair thinning, baldness, hair loss and postpartum hair loss.

Pregnancy is one of the biggest turning points in a woman’s life. This phase of life is accompanied by the physical and emotional turmoil that goes on until or sometimes even after birth. These situations include things like cramps, mood swings, cravings, emotional outbursts, or frequent weaknesses. This way your routine processes get disturbed in some or other way, especially when it comes to hair care. Therefore, you must be prepared with a regime to handle hair care while you walk up the aisle of motherhood. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure hair care during your pregnancy.

5 Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy

Hair Care During Pregnancy: Having a baby is a big responsibility. You need to look good because you want to go out with your friends and show off your new family member. If you are still looking for answers and want to know how to care for your hair during pregnancy in order to prevent or stop hair fall then let us look at certain reasonable tips:

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Regular Massage

As basic as it might seem, hair massages are one of the best techniques for hair care for a long time. Having a hair massage improves blood flow in the head and the rushing blood brings in oxygen and nourishment for the scalp. Especially when the massage is accompanied by natural hair oils like coconut, castor, almond, sesame, or tea tree; it can result in great hair health and volume. These massages also prove to be a savior from hair fall that results from hormonal changes going on inside the body. These oils favor relaxation and aid in good sleep benefitting the health of both mother and baby.

Having a good diet

Pregnancy itself brings a lot of dietary and nourishment plans. However, they certainly are beneficial for you and your baby but you must check-in for some special foods that favor hair health. The diet must carry with it things like fish, eggs, flax seeds, almonds, and other nuts. They contain the necessary proteins to nourish the hair since hair itself is made up of proteins.

Coloring should be avoided

An essential tip not just for hair care but for overall care is to avoid using colors or dyes on hair during pregnancy. Studies have shown that these chemicals can lead to leukemia, low weight at the time of birth, or neuroblastoma in the baby. They can also affect you with skin infections or allergies during the phase as you are loaded with hormones at that time. You can read about the chemicals at to avoid during pregnancy and stay safe.

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Just like your health, your hair health is also affected during the period. This can be seen in the change in the texture of the hairs, their moisture levels, or the split ends. Therefore, ensuring frequent and regular trims can prevent this situation to an extent. It can make your hair look well and managed in an organic way.

Use organic hair masks

For your hair care, you can opt for hair masks that are natural to the truest of their extent. You can go for avocado based masks, onion juice mask, or yogurt based mask. These masks provide nourishment and repair damages by direct application on the hairs at the most required places. While the other methods will work on the root to shoot basis, direct application of hair masks work on-point and give results in less time.