Important Tips for Pregnant Women For Healthy Pregnancy

Some care should be taken during pregnancy, but not everything they say is true! Pregnant women are sometimes forbidden at all by friends and relatives. But can pregnant women drive? Can pregnant women dye their hair? Does nail polish do any harm to the baby? I invite you to unravel some myths of what pregnant women can and can not do, so come on!

Pregnant women are more sensitive to their hormones, but nothing prevents them from having a normal life if the pregnancy is healthy , of course. The vast majority of women tend to take more care in the early stages of pregnancy and of course, extra care is not bad. But do not deprive yourself of doing absolutely everything. Let’s start with the list of what pregnant women can do:

Can Pregnant Women Drive?

Pregnant women can drive normally until the 7th month of gestation. Just watch your seat belt. This should pass in the lower abdomen so as not to pinch the amniotic pouch and consequently the baby. In the event of a collision, the belt will pick up in a part that poses no risk to the child. Avoid driving when you are drowsy, but other than that, the pregnancy can come and go safely.

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Can Pregnant Women Riding Bicycle ?

Pregnant women can ride a bike until the sixth month of gestation. Just watch out for falls and only practice this exercise if you are accustomed to it on a day-to-day basis and if your doctor allows it.

Can Pregnant Women Swimming ?

Water aerobics and swimming are excellent physical exercises because they are low impact. However, the rule of doctor’s endorsement for this also holds true. Talk to your obstetrician if he allows, practice and lots of swimming! It helps a lot for delivery time as well. One of the benefits of this exercise is to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Can Pregnant Women Painting Nail ?

Pregnant women can actually paint their nails! Just watch for cuticle withdrawal. If you have the custom of nail making in manicures, prefer to take your set of pliers, toothpicks, spatulas, and other nail tools from Côte. This prevention is important to know that no one else used your material and avoid contact with poorly sterilized materials.

Can Pregnant Women Use Medications?

The pregnant woman can use medications. Provided that these are prescribed by the gynecologist. The gynecologist knows the safest for his condition, including use of appropriate antibiotic.

Can Pregnant Women Actually Take a Bath?

Pregnant women can actually take a bath. But this permission is valid for women who do not have problems with hypertension or hypotension. For other pregnant women, the water in the bath should not exceed 38 degrees, because the hot water can lower the pressure of the pregnant woman. Also avoid leaving the room closed completely. An open window or door ajar, prevents ventilation being limited in the environment.

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Can Pregnant Women get a Lymphatic Massage?

This is a sensitive issue. Some doctors advise against the practice, but since it is essential to reduce swelling, you should have the approval of your doctor. But clinics usually have similar procedures for pregnant women who are not so aggressive. In this case the risk is due to the vascular injury, so it should only be done by a physiotherapist.

Can Pregnant Women Traveling by Plane?

Before the 7th month there are no problems with flying. Provided the woman has no problems with high blood pressure and has the doctor’s permission. You should avoid traveling late in pregnancy due to the pressurizing of the aircraft.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Pepper and Condiments ?

Yes Pregnant Women Eat Pepper and Condiments, as long as it does not bring discomfort to the pregnant woman like gas and heartburn. At the beginning of pregnancy it is advisable to avoid the use of cinnamon, theoretically it would bring about uterine contractions.

What Are Pregnant Women Unacceptable To Do?

And what do doctors advise against pregnant women doing, or doing in moderation? Here is a short list of procedures vetted by gynecologists.

Smoking and Other Addictions – Pregnant women should give up smoking as soon as they discover their pregnancy. Incidentally, any addiction like alcoholic beverages or drugs should be abolished at this stage of a woman’s life. Smoking carries risks to the mother’s pregnancy and life at the time of birth. It provides a baby of low weight and with neurological deficiency, because the low oxygenation reaches the placenta bringing damages.

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Contact with Cat Feces – If you have a pet, you do not have to get rid of it. But you should be very careful about stool. Women who test for toxoplasmosis and do not have immunity (Igm) should not hygiene the cat litter. Ask someone else to do this. The contact with the feces of the animal carries serious risks of toxoplasmosis that reaches the baby causing him to have bad formation.

Hair Painting – Some women want to continue coloring the hair during pregnancy, but it is not advisable according to doctors. The chemistry used is strong and can penetrate the scalp. The ideal is to ask permission of the doctor and also to use formulas that do not contain ammonia and still do not lean to the root.

Moto Riding – The risk of falling is very high in these cases. Regardless of the gestational age, it is not advisable to use this type of vehicle. The use of public transport is also important to receive some alerts from pregnant women. Very careful when walking collectively because of the risk of hitting the belly in some unexpected braking that can bring about placental abruption or premature labor.

Seafood – You should avoid seafood to the fullest by the risk of triggering allergies or having food poisoning. It is also advisable to avoid raw or under cooked meats and fish because of the risk of bacteria and salmonella. Food poisoning in pregnancy is a risky condition, so avoid these foods.