5 Adorable Lunches For Parents With Too Much Time On Their Hands

These adorable lunches would make any child’s day. The key to making them is having nowhere to be and very few responsibilities.

1. Kitty Cat Rice Cake Friends: These are perfect for a mom whose Instagram account needs a few more followers. Papaya and peanut butter don’t go very well together but f*ck it- it’s adorable. Make this on a rainy afternoon to give your meaningless life purpose.

2. Pies ‘N Stuff: Sandwiches that look like suns with eczema, edamame, green relish, grapes, the smallest portion of yogurt anyone has ever seen, a small pie, and random pieces of cereal make for a lunch your first grader won’t soon forget! This lunch takes three hours start to finish and is worth it.

3. Deli Flower Delight: This little snack features a shit ton of cheese and half a clementine. It makes complete nutritional sense when you think about it.

4. Silly Wabbits: If your third grader balks at the idea of pink fondant on sticky rice, tell her to stop being such an ungrateful little wench. This lunch features chicken, lettuce, one strawberry, carrots, and two cute little forest dwellers! Form the rice bunnies the night before because you have nothing else going on.

5. Ahoy mateys! Your little one will absolutely eat their carrot and celery slices and not throw them in the cafeteria trash immediately, don’t worry. The long veggies make this nautical-themed lunch box impossible to close so your child will have to hold it, open, all day until lunch.

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