5 Must-Have Nursery Items

One of the most exciting things during your pregnancy is finding what gender your baby is so you can start decorating and planning the nursery. From painting walls to picking the right light fixture, so many elements go into putting a baby’s room together. If you seem overwhelmed or undecided, Pinterest and Instagram always have the cutest ideas from well-known interior designers. Since no room is complete without adding a few small touches, here are five items your baby needs in their nursery.

A lovey

This can be anything from a baby blanket to a plush toy. As your baby grows, they’ll tend to develop a need to have an object that soothes and comforts them, especially during sleep time. Safe plush animals such as the Jellycat bunny from TNBC are made from non-toxic materials so they are safe to be around from birth. Monogrammed blankets with baby’s name is also a nice touch to place on their rocking chair or to hang from one of the arms of their crib. Keep in mind that these types of items will only be for decorative purposes at the beginning as you should never put anything in the crib while your baby is sleeping.

Maternity pictures

Are you planning on taking maternity pictures? This is the perfect room to hang those stunning pictures you took with daddy. Depending on your wall space, you may want to hang one or two large prints, or if you think you’d like them in frames placed on a table or shelf, be sure to get frames that go with the decor of the room. Engraved frames also make for a personal touch that can eventually turn into a small heirloom.

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Personalized sign

No nursery is complete without a personalized sign. This can be baby’s name spelled out in letters or a poem that you wrote dedicated to them. If your decor style is farmhouse, a wooden sign would be a perfect match. If your style is more modern, a chalkboard style or even plexiglass would be a great addition. If you don’t have a problem with wall decals, you can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Baby Book

During your first year together, there will be milestones and memories that you will want to document. A personalized baby book is a great way to keep it on display in the nursery on a dresser, table, or shelf. These books usually come with a place to put baby’s first picture on the cover and come with space to write dates and entries. You can also get their full name engraved on the cover for a nice touch.

Baby foot and hand mold

Upon your baby’s arrival, it is tradition for some to take a mold of their feet and hands as keepsakes. This is another personalized item that you can add to the nursery. Using an easel or an acrylic box, you can safely display them in the nursery. Be sure to keep these out of reach so baby can’t get their hands on it.

Other personal touches you can add to your nursery are heirlooms that have been passed down to you from your family and any others that you would like to start a tradition with. Be sure to take a picture of the nursery once it’s complete and add it to your baby book.

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