7 Best Cheapest Pregnancy Tests For Expecting In 2022

cheapest pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are testing the level of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in blood or urine. This is a hormone that pregnant women produce during early pregnancy. It’s produced by the placenta after conception, usually 10-14 days after fertilization. Pregnancy tests are one of the many things that people need to purchase when they are expecting a child.

Generally, home pregnancy test kits can be used from the first day of a missed period. In most cases, women choose to take the test in the morning when their levels of hCG are at their highest during pregnancy. While some people want to buy the most expensive test on the market, others want to find the cheapest option possible. To get a positive pregnancy test result, pregnant women need to follow the instructions carefully.

Pregnancy tests kits are designed to be quick and easy so that investigations can get a clear answer about their condition. The cheapest pregnancy test strips are usually very similar to the expensive ones. The cheapest pregnancy test kit consists of two parts like others, a testing area to which you apply urine and a result window where you can see the results. In this blog post, we will list the best and cheapest pregnancy test kits for expecting mothers in 2022.

Best Cheapest Pregnancy Test in 2022

Though buying pregnancy tests at a cheap price is possible. It is important to make sure that the pregnancy test you buy works perfectly at detecting even very early signs of pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can be detected by a perfect pregnancy detection kit from as early as 6 days after conception. Below are some of the best cheapest pregnancy kits in 2022 that you can buy on Amazon and they are:

clearblue digital pregnancy test

1. Clearblue digital pregnancy test:

Clearblue digital pregnancy test kits are the latest addition to tests that are used in detecting pregnancy. Clearblue is a trusted brand that makes tests that can be relied upon for correct results. It is one of the cheapest tests you can buy on Amazon and it works right from the first day of your missed period. The test has an accuracy rate of 99% and can detect a pregnancy hormone faster than most other tests. However, at-home pregnancy tests may only be used to detect pregnancy in women who have missed period and not when a woman feels sick or has unusual symptoms. This digital test can be used in the morning and its result can be read after 3 minutes of testing, as well.

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Cost: $27.48 (5 Counts)

  • Provide 99% accuracy of urine tests
  • As accurate as a doctor’s urine test
  • It is sensitive you can test up to 5 days before your missed period
  • The only pregnancy test with a smart countdown.

first response early result pregnancy test

2. First response Early result pregnancy test:

First response early result pregnancy test strips are one of the most reputable tests on Amazon. They are cheap and accurate. The test has an accuracy rate of up to 99%. A dosage of 20 mIU of hCG is required for results after 1 minute. It can detect pregnancy hormones as early as 5 days before your expected period date. This early pregnancy test is useful for women who are expecting their periods to be late due to some reason or women who have irregular menstrual cycles. If you take a pregnancy test with this kit before your period is due, there are high chances that you will get a negative result. This is the cheap and best pregnancy test kit that are pregmate pregnancy tests accurate for women who are pregnant.

Cost: $9.22

  • Give early result at-home pregnancy tests in 6 days,
  • Easy-to-read window,
  • Provide test early in just 3 minutes
  • Have easy fit hand curved to use

clinical guard hcg pregnancy tests

3. Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy tests:

This urine pregnancy tests work just like other pregnancy tests. They have the same accuracy rate but work in a slightly different way. This HCG test is used to detect high levels of hCG hormone in your body. It is only available online and not readily available on Amazon, unlike most other pregnancy tests. These cheap home pregnancy tests are best for women who are pregnant. This test is pregmate vs first response pregnancy tests accurate when looking at results after your period is late. Generally, most pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy after six days since conception. If your period is more than a week late, you can buy this test and it will show accurate results.

Cost: $11.99

  • 99% accurate in detecting pregnancy.
  • It can detect HCG levels as low as 25 mIU/ml.
  • Negative results will display only 1 color band digital tests
  • Best at-home pregnancy test strips

clearblue rapid detection pregnancy test

4. Clearblue rapid detection pregnancy test:

Clearblue Rapid detection pregnancy test is another cheap and accurate pregnancy test that is on the list of reliable tests for women who are pregnant. This test can detect pregnancy hormones as early as 4 days before your expected period date. It has an accuracy rate of up to 99%. Unlike other cheap pregnancy tests, this Clearblue pregnancy test comes with a unique design that is more comfortable than most other tests. It can be used at any time of the day, but it is best used in the morning with your first urine sample. Clearblue digital pregnancy test or rapid detection kits are the best pregnancy tests that are quick and reliable results. Moreover, if you want to take a blood test at your doctor’s office then make sure you ask your doctor for a blood test that measures the level of HCG in your blood. Clearblue Rapid detection pregnancy digital tests are cheap and can be bought on Amazon.

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Cost: $11.47

  • Provide accurate and fast results
  • Doesn’t encourage false-negative results
  • Over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period
  • Best digital pregnancy test strips

mommed pregnancy tests

5. MomMed Pregnancy tests:

This home pregnancy tests kit is especially useful for women. It is the best cheapest pregnancy test in 2022 that has an accuracy rate of up to 98%. The test requires a dosage of 50 mIU hCG for results. For a new pregnancy tests kit, the accuracy rate is very high. The test has a digital display that allows for easy reading in both day and night mode. This cheap pregnancy test kit can be used to know when you are pregnant with twins because it detects two types of hCG in the urine. It can also be used by women who have irregular periods to detect their pregnancy. This is the most sensitive hpt pregnancy tests for women on Amazon. This best maternity test is most accurate for women who are pregnant.

Cost: $7.69

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Safe and individually packed
  • Provide accurate and positive result
  • More HCG tests in one pack

clearblue early detection pregnancy

6. Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy:

Clearblue early detection pregnancy test, otherwise known as the EPT pregnancy test is a cheap and reliable test for detecting pregnancy. This Clearblue digital kit has an accuracy rate of up to 99% and requires 20 mIU of hCG hormone dosage to give results. It can detect the first signs of pregnancy as early as 4 days before your expected period date. This is an easy-to-use urine pregnancy test kit that has clear instructions on the box and comes with complete guidance on how to use it correctly. Moreover, this test is highly sensitive and highly accurate. All you need to do is to pee on the absorbent tip of the strip for up to 3 minutes. The results are positive when a visible band appears on the absorbent tip. This is the best pregnancy test for those who want fast and reliable results.

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Cost: $12.98

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provide 99% accuracy of urine tests
  • As accurate as a doctor’s urine test
  • Doesn’t encourages false positives results

iproven pregnancy kits

7. iProven pregnancy kits:

iProven is another cheap pregnancy test that you can get on the market. The iProven digital pregnancy test has an accuracy rate of 99% making it one of the most accurate tests on Amazon. This high-quality test can be used in detecting pregnancy hormones 5 days before your expected period. The kit has a double confirmation indicator that will show up red if you are pregnant and blue if you are not pregnant. Women who are using this test have testified that the test gives accurate results in just 1 minute. Furthermore, the test is easy to use. iProven pregnancy test can be used in the early stages of pregnancy when it’s hard to detect hormones, including the very early days of your period when you might experience implantation bleeding.

Cost: $7.97

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can detect pregnancy earlier in 1 minute
  • Provide 5 test strips in one pack
  • Provide over 99% accuracy

The Conclusion

Therefore, the best pregnancy tests are not always the most expensive. If you are trying to find the most effective test for pregnancy, you need to observe these pregnancy kits that are available at a cheap price. Pregnancy tests are simple to use and very accurate and it is an effective method to detect pregnancy for early confirmation. With these brands that are available at cheap prices, this approach was easy. With these pregnancy tests, you are not only getting the most effective result, but you are also saving your time and money. Among the cheapest tests, several were almost as efficient as many expensive versions. When it comes time to buy one, we hope this guide can be helpful in determining which is right for your needs! If you have any queries and suggestions, please leave them in the comment box below.