17 Best Apps For Pregnancy In 2022

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Looking for the top apps for pregnancy? Pregnancy is a life-changing moment for every woman once in her lifetime. It is a relationship between the mother and the unborn baby. A pregnant woman starts sending different kinds of signals to her body as soon as she conceives. The overall baby’s growth depends on the health conditions of the mother. This period requires extra care and proper attention from the side of the expecting mothers. That’s why pregnancy apps for moms are designed to ease the process of raising a child.

Though most pregnancy apps are designed to ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy. Finding the best app for pregnancy week by week can be a hectic task. Most of the Android and iOS apps offer various health tips related to pregnancy. You can track your daily activities, body growth or you can also find out your baby’s growth week by week. It not only helps mothers but is equally important for doctors and other medical experts too.

In addition to this, healthy pregnancy can be achieved with the help of proper care and relaxation. In regards to that these pregnancy apps can be a good tool to track your growth along with the reminders and notifications which you can set according to your choice. We’ve compiled a list of the 17 top pregnancy apps for expectant parents. From tracking your baby’s development to finding prenatal care. These pregnancy apps have everything you need to make your pregnancy as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Best pregnancy Apps in 2022

Although for expecting moms, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of their life. But due to the lack of information and knowledge, they find it hard to trust anyone. This phase can be tracked with the help of technology because several pregnancy apps provide all types of information that help expecting mothers to stay healthy. However, the best pregnancy apps for pregnant women are listed below and they are:

1. Hypnobirthing Fit Pregnancy App

Hypnobirthing will help you manage pain during pregnancy and labor. You will use visualizations, birth affirmations, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, self-hypnosis, and mindfulness. With this app, you can have a more relaxing and comfortable pregnancy. You’ll discover how to manage your breath and pain with their instructional exercises and instructions. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. This is a free app but for more enjoy some specific features you need to take its subscription.


  • Helpful to reduce anxiety and postnatal depression
  • Provide postpartum support
  • It also has a pregnancy calculator
  • Provide healthier eating habits and Exercises
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Maintain the bond with your baby
  • The app also has a pregnancy week calculator

2. Ovia pregnancy tracker app

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is the most reliable and full proof apps that help expecting mothers track their daily activities and health. It comes in handy when a woman needs to understand how her baby is growing in the next few days. This app provides all types of information regarding pregnancy including the size of your baby or weight, height, and many other details related to your baby. It provides baby movements pregnancy articles in detail that make it the best pregnancy app android. For Moms-to-be, it provides an overview of the baby’s development at each week.


  • Keep track your favorite baby names
  • It has due date calculator.
  • Provide postpartum support
  • Provide in depth pregnancy guides
  • It ahs safety lockup tools and symptom tracker

3. ProDaddy

ProDaddy are the best free pregnancy apps that are specifically designed for men. Men find it hard to stay calm during their pregnant wife’s pregnancy because there is a lack of knowledge related to the baby’s development stages. But the ProDaddy app provides all types of information regarding your baby’s growth. At what time your baby is developing or kicking which makes you happy and less anxious about upcoming changes. But apart from these, it suggests changes in the diet and also provides some points regarding how to avoid unhealthy habits.

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  • Completely free app
  • Provide weekly updates regarding your own health
  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Provide nutrition guidance

4. Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump

This pregnancy app has placed since in the list of best free pregnancy apps 2019. Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump is a wonderful app that helps you track changes in your body during pregnancy. It comes with a useful weight tracker and also provides healthy recipes that can be used to prepare tasty food for expecting mothers. It is also a pregnancy symptoms tracker that tracks changes like mood swings, cravings, or acne and this is completely free with in-app purchases.


  • Provide healthcare tips for healthy pregnancy
  • Provide advice on sleep, diet, activities, and more
  • Best baby bump app for pregnancy stage
  • Provide every important milestones pregnancy guides

5. WEBMD Pregnancy app

This app is also known as the official pregnancy guide for women that comes from renowned health professionals. It provides a vast database of information that helps expecting mothers to get knowledge about their own bodies. This way they get to know what’s going on with them and how their baby is growing with each passing day. In this app, expecting mothers can find out whether their baby is healthy and what they need to do to maintain good health. These types of maternity apps become extremely useful when a woman is about to give birth.


  • Have weight and blood pressure tracker
  • Provide postpartum professional medical advice
  • Help to make bump photos story collection
  • Provide personalized pregnancy timeline

6. Preglife

Preglife is the most accurate and helpful app that provides complete information related to pregnancy. It includes all types of information about when a woman ovulates, when she conceives, what are the necessary diets she needs to intake during certain days, etc. This baby tracker app also has a pregnancy journal that allows expecting mothers to track their own progress that is related to pregnancy. The premium version of this app costs around $0.99 to $27.99 per item. This pregnancy tracker app is the compatible with iOS and Android devices. PregLife is the best app for pregnancy care to expecting families.


  • Track pregnancy reminders related to prenatal appointments.
  • Track your baby’s movements, baby’s size, etc
  • Have plans for in app purchases
  • Provide baby name ideas

7. UMC Pregnancy app

This is another free pregnancy guide app that comes with a user-friendly interface. This app provides information about fetal development, what are the new changes taking place in pregnant women’s bodies, etc. It also tells expecting mothers which food they need to eat more of and which type of fluid intake is beneficial for them during their pregnancy period. In comparison to the list of best pregnancy apps 2020, the UMC Pregnancy app is the best antenatal app for expectant moms.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provide baby’s progress report
  • It also has idea of what include in your baby shopping list,
  • Provide personalized medical advice to expecting parents

8. Pregnancy+ app

It is a great app that provides expecting mothers with all the information they need about their pregnancy. It helps them to track their weight, moods, and other important things concerning their baby. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it can go perfectly well with different cultures and traditions of different societies. In comparison to other pregnancy tracking apps, pregnancy+ has 1000’s baby names that can be handy for expecting mothers. This app also provides information about the pregnancy week by week and how the baby changes with time.

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  • Have in app purchases plans ($0.99 – $3.99 per item)
  • Provide mother care tips by trained medical doctor,
  • Have interactive 3d Models Showing Your Baby’s Development.
  • Provide Contraction Timer or kick counter

9. Sprout Pregnancy app

This is a very popular pregnancy app for expecting mothers. It offers practical advice and knowledge about how to prepare for the birth of their babies. This app has easy to use interface and informative content that helps new mothers get used to motherhood. The Sprout Pregnancy App was developed by an award-winning team of health experts such as physicians, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, and more. In addition, it is free of charge and provides a vast library of topics that are all about pregnancy and babies.


  • Provide daily and weekly information about your developing baby
  • Have baby kicks counter
  • Have tools like Weight Tracker, Kick Counter and Contraction Timer,
  • Provide detailed parenting advice.

10. Hello Belly: pregnancy app

This pregnancy baby tracker app is known to help pregnant women with a lot of things. It is good at tracking the baby’s growth every day, recording every data in detail. It also analyzes this data and provides useful insights about what a woman should do next for her child’s health. There are many daily tasks that women need to perform for their child’s benefit and do a good job at reminding women to do necessary tasks. It alerts expecting mothers to eat healthily and drink lots of water as their child needs that for optimum growth. The premium version of these in-app purchases costs around $0.99 – $59.99 per item. Moreover, all the apps by the company are developed with 100% accuracy.


  • Provide 3D and AR visualizations,
  • Provide Yoga video classes
  • Have Checklists & handbooks: symptoms, nutrition, hospital bag, shopping, etc.
  • Provide accurate report of pregnancy progresses.

11. Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture is a maternity app that provides new mothers with comprehensive information about all the changes their body goes through during the period of pregnancy. It gives information on topics such as how to maintain good health, what are the foods they need to consume for the proper development of the baby, etc. This app also uses “guided meditations” to help expecting mothers relax in the process of pregnancy. Moreover, compared with other pregnancy tracker apps, this one has numerous positive reviews. The premium version of in-app purchases costs around $0.99 – $99.99. There are additional options such as baby names, pregnancy calendars, and other utilities offered to the user.


  • Track baby growing and development milestone,
  • Provide reminders for your due date, appointments, medication, etc.
  • It can track your baby’s kicks and movements
  • 100% customizable to nurture pregnancy

12. BabyCenter Pregnancy app

This is the most recommended apps for pregnant women that comes with a huge database of information. It is ideal for expecting mothers who are looking to stay healthy during their pregnancy stage. This app provides all types of information regarding your baby’s growth, baby development details, baby kick counter, and many other activities you can do when you are pregnant. On this app, expecting mothers can also read pregnancy articles in detail and get all the necessary information such as how to handle morning sickness.


  • Have amazing 3-D fetal development videos
  • Provide daily pregnancy information
  • It gives you details of foods and activities that are safe
  • Beast for Newborn care

13. MommyMeds

For a mom, taking care of a newborn baby is a big responsibility. The MommyMeds app provides all types of information about how to take care of the baby. The medications prescribed by the doctor need to be remembered and this app provides both audio and video instructions. It also comes with useful articles for moms like what not to eat during pregnancy etc. This app is cross-platform which means you can access it from any device. Just like other moms’ pregnancy apps, it provides reminders that help mothers to take care of their babies.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy rating system from safest to most hazardous
  • Scan medication boxes for safety ratings
  • Provide all the advice regarding your pregnancy time.

14. Contraction timer

When expecting mothers start feeling contractions in their uterus it becomes difficult to track the time. But with this contraction timer app, you can easily track your baby’s movement in the uterine. This is one of the top pregnancy apps that help you determine when you are going to give birth next week or month. Moreover, this app also provides various other details like contraction duration, frequency, and many more. It also comes in handy to track the health of your baby. You can take notes about contractions or share them with your birth partner via Whatsapp or any other social media platform.


  • Keep track of your labor
  • Helps to analyzes the duration and frequency of contractions
  • Provide daily and weekly information about your baby
  • Simple and easy to use instruction

15. Move your Bump

Most expecting mothers are confused about performing various exercises during pregnancy. This best pregnancy app will provide all types of information regarding yoga, prenatal fitness classes, and many more exercise routines that help expecting mothers stay healthy. Apart from this, it provides a customized diet plan that helps moms-to-be in making food choices that ensure the health of her and her baby. This app also provides information regarding the foods that should be consumed. Also, those that must be avoided during pregnancy and the few bug fixes in this app make it the best pregnancy tracker.


  • Provide endless workouts for pre-pregnancy
  • Have great meal plans for a expecting mother
  • Have Customization
  • Focus on 14 day workout challenges

16. Kick Counter

Kick Counter is a must-have app for expecting mothers. It keeps a track of your daily activities and calculates the number of kicks you made according to the time you spent. For instance, if a woman is going by her normal routine or she is sick or tired, this app will inform the mother about it. This way an expecting mother can stay at ease. Moreover, Kick Counter provides an overview of the baby’s development each week. With this app, a mom-to-be can make a weekly schedule of her activities and know about the baby’s development.


  • Simple, Quick and Easy to use
  • Helps to count your baby movements
  • Check the history of fetal movements
  • You can see statistics of your baby kicks

17. Baby2Body

This is another good pregnancy app that is available for moms-to-be. This app provides a very simple interface and makes it easy to track your pregnancy. This is one of the top-rated apps that help expecting mothers stay healthy while tracking their daily life activities and providing helpful tips for pregnant women. However, Baby2Body is a perfect app for a new mother with a baby under the age of 3. With this app, you can track diaper changes, feedings, sleep patterns, and also milestones for your baby.


  • Easy user interface
  • Best for new moms
  • Women can get first workout in their weekly plan for free
  • Premium gives you unlimited access


The Conclusion

Therefore, pregnancy apps are definitely on the way to being common in the future. From a comprehensive all-in-one app to ones tailored for specific needs, there’s an app for every stage of your pregnancy, but not all of them are practical. We have reviewed several of these apps for you so you can choose which ones are best suited for your needs. Pregnancy tracker apps are the easiest to use and if you are looking for something more specific like healthy recipes or exercising, there are even apps for that. We hope you find this list helpful and that it makes your pregnancy a little easier. Are there any other apps that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.