How to Safely Travel on Two Wheels While Pregnant

For women who are pregnant, this is a very special time in your life. You are growing another life in your body and you want to do all you can to give that baby a healthy and safe start. This can mean taking specific precautions in your day-to-day lifestyle and always putting baby’s needs first. If travelling by two wheels is something you’ve long enjoyed but aren’t sure it’s possible to do while pregnant, these tips can help set your mind at ease. Here’s a basic look at how you can safely travel on two wheels while pregnant.

Keep It to One Passenger Per Bike

The first tip is to make sure you are a single rider on the bike. You don’t want to have a passenger on the bike with you. Studies have shown that those who have more than one person on the bike are at a higher risk of an accident. You can have passengers again after the baby is born.

Know Your Route in Advance

Pregnancy may not be the ideal time to traverse new routes, new-to-you roads and new adventures. You don’t want to encounter any unpleasant surprises, be unprepared or get startled while on your bike. Stick to the roads and routes that you love and that you feel confident on.

Always Carry a Mobile Phone with You

This tip is especially important if you are out on your own. You always want to have a way to reach emergency services if needed which is why you should always have your mobile phone with you. Rather than stow it in your pocket and risk it falling out, you can invest in a knapsack, hip pouch, or storage bag that can be used on your bike.

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Wear Appropriate and Necessary Safety Gear

The essential equipment needed to ride a motorbike is a very short and sweet. You need a properly fitting helmet that offers good protection and you may want to dress in clothing that offers padding and a little cushioning should you fall.

Stay Focused and Alert

A general rule of the road is to ensure you stay focused and alert at all times. You should be looking in your immediate vicinity as well into the distance so you can anticipate any potential issues or dangers.

You Need to be Able to Ride Comfortably

As your belly starts to grow, you may reach a point where it is hard to twist your body around to view the road and you may even find it difficult to balance. If either of these become the case, it is no longer smart to ride.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Reliable and Safe Bike

Lastly, there is the machine you are operating. You always want to be sure it is reliable and safe and that you regularly maintain it. Check out options like Suzuki dealers. When shopping for a new bike, you want to pay close attention to the safety features and the reliability of that particular make and model.

Following all of these tips will ensure you can safely travel on two wheels even while pregnant.