Surrogate Mother Cyprus and the Features of the Surrogacy Process

At all times, a woman who bore and gave birth to a child was called a mother. But with the advent and development of assisted reproductive technologies, a new concept is emerging – the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother in Cyprus is an adult, able-bodied, physically and mentally healthy woman who has her own healthy child and has given her voluntary written consent to bear, give birth and transfer the child to potential parents (customers) on the basis of a contract for a fee or free of charge.

Cyprus legislation stipulates that married couples and surrogate moms may participate in a surrogate program. The possibility of single people or same-sex couples participating in this technology is also not excluded. So, LGBT, including gay men can also join the perfect program.

According to a leading global agency World Center of Baby, surrogacy in Cyprus has its own characteristics. Below we will consider in detail the specifics of the surrogacy procedure, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the surrogate mother.

Characteristics of the Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy in Cyprus is the fertilization of a genetically foreign woman (without the use of her biological material) by implantation or transplantation of an embryo using the genetic material of the customers. It is conducted for the purpose of carrying and giving birth to a child, which will be recognized as originating from the customers on the basis of the relevant agreement between the two parties.
From the above definition we can identify the following signs of surrogacy:

  • The presence of a genetically foreign woman;
  • Use of genetic material of the customers;
  • Implantation or transplantation of the embryo;
  • Voluntary consent and expression of the will of the parties to participate in the
  • surrogacy program, which is enshrined in a notarized agreement on the provision of surrogacy services.
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Surrogacy Cost Cyprus: How Much Money Does a Surrogate Mother Get?

The experts of the World Center of Baby recommend to pay attention that surrogacy services in Cyprus are about 65,000-75,000 US dollars. The price is quite high, but this includes compensation for surrogate donors and eggs, IVF treatment, as well as delivery fees.

Basic Rights and Responsibilities of a Surrogate Mother Cyprus

The surrogate mother has the right to:

  • Information about possible health risks and the purpose of the proposed treatment;
  • Receiving monetary compensation in the case of commercial surrogacy;
  • Reimbursement of all actual expenses in connection with pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Reimbursement of the transportation cost associated with attending organizational events and health care facilities.

World Center of Baby highlights the following among the main responsibilities of a surrogate mother:

  • To carry and give birth to a child;
  • Transfer a baby to potential parents (mom and dad, etc.);
  • Follow all the doctor’s recommendations;
  • Provide all information about the state of health;
  • Do not establish the identity of a newborn child.

Find more information on the website of the best clinic the World Center of Baby. Experts will be happy to help you find answers to exciting questions.