ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology) – A Solution For Infertility

Every couple at some point during their lifetime wish to have a child. The feeling of having a baby is surely a delight that cannot be expressed in words. But, there are many couples who fail to enjoy this bliss due to some medical factors.  The problem of not conceiving naturally is known as infertility in medical terms.

Nowadays infertility is quite a common issue that can be observed in many couples. The reason for this is generally the changing lifestyle and habits. The risk factors like smoking and drinking habits, improper diet, obesity, mental stress, etc increase infertility. But thanks to the technology that helped many people facing any kinds of fertility issue.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that refers to the sequence of steps to overcome infertility consists of many techniques that can solve the infertility problem and can increase the chances of fertility rates. One such technique in ART is In-vitro Fertilization(IVF) also known as test tube baby technique in which eggs are combined with a sperm sample for the process of fertilization in a laboratory. And the embryo formed is placed back into the uterus.

Not only IVF but there are other techniques like  ICSI, IMSI, IUI, FET, ASSISTED HATCHING, etc which helps in the case of infertility.

In India, Mumbai can be considered one of the best option when it comes to fertility treatments. The clinics in this city comprise of all kind of budget depending upon the reputation of the clinic, doctors in the clinic, medication charges, etc.  The cost of IVF is approximately between  Rs1,10,000 to Rs 2,53,000. The fertility cost may vary depending upon the type of treatment.

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Treatment like IUI is also preferred by many people as this treatment is less expensive compared to other fertility treatments and also less complicated. In this treatment male partner sperm is directly injected to women’s uterus. Mumbai is a suitable place for this technique as there are many experienced doctors with the knowledge of latest technology.

Other techniques like ICSI, IMSI, FET, and Assisted Hatching are also beneficial in case IVF treatment fails. These are more sophisticated and advanced fertility techniques whose success rate is more compared to conventional IVF.

Treatments like ICSI, IMSI have centers which have in house andrology and Fertility labs which increases the rate of fertility. The doctors provide the prior knowledge about the whole procedure to patients and also inform them about the risk related to it. The cost of these advanced treatments lies approximately between Rs1,50,000 to Rs2,50,000. This cost also includes medication charges, treatment cost, and disposable cost.

Reasons For Fertility Treatment:

Infertility is not only a problem that can be seen in women but also males face fertility issues. Generally, the problem with sperm leads to infertility in male. Therefore, the causes of infertility in men

  • When the sperm count is low i.e only a few sperms or no sperm in semen.
  • When the sperm movement is not proper. This is called as low sperm motility.
  • When the sperms are abnormally formed i.e the shape and size of sperms are not appropriate which is called as sperm morphology.
  • When ducts of the sperm are blocked.
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One of the common reasons for infertility in women is infrequent menstrual periods which indicate that the women is not ovulating an egg predictably. The other reasons which are responsible for infertility in women are:

  • Blockage in the fallopian tube which creates problem in the fertilization of an egg.
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking lead to fertility problems also being overweight or underweight plays a major role in infertility.
  • There is some kind of fibroids known as uterine fibroids which are like tumors in the walls of the uterus and are generally found in women above the age of 30 years. These fibroids interfere at the time of implantation of the fertilized egg.

Success Rate OF Fertility Treatments

There are various kinds of treatment options and each option have a distinct success rate that depends on the individual patient. Generally, the success rate is closely related to the age and overall health of the patient.

Health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure need to be under control and also overweight and underweight women should maintain their weight as the weight of a woman is directly tied to infertility and miscarriage.

The other factors on which success rate depends on is quality of sperm, self eggs or donor eggs, type of embryo transfer, etc. Delhi is the best option for IVF treatments because of its new modernized technology and the good number of success rate.

In general, it can be concluded that better the health of patient better will be the result of fertility treatment.

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