A loss of a child is the deepest pain that affects the entire family. For the couple, especially the women feel isolated & stressful after losing their grief. It is difficult to embrace the situation to cross through.

When miscarriage occurs, a woman gets upset emotionally, physically and mentally. Family members and friends must support her in a positive way. Supporting in the sense, one must listen to her to take away the stress from her and prevent her from happening.

What Does or Doesn’t say

Do’s to Say

Listen to them for grieve. One woman can understand the problems of other women. Many women find helpful when they talk about the feeling and share their experience with best friends or known persons. Appreciate them to speak out their problem to come out of their grief.

Acknowledge the loss. Explain about the insignificance of their loss. Make them understand all the worse situation happened for some good thing beyond to the happening.

Offer the best support. Understand the feeling of women; take her out for some mental changes. If possible gift her flower and show the care and acknowledge their loss. Make them understand that you are her greater support and give a safe and secure plan for the next pregnancy.

Make a short trip: Plan for a nearby trip around hills. The climatic change and the beauty of nature will definitely make a change in body, mind, and soul. This increases the love and affection between the couple.

End the silence. Speak out about the miscarriage problem and her health problem occurs due to miscarriage. Ensures that you have always cared for her in all stages and show your unconditional love. The picnic gives privacy to make utilize of it for future pregnancy.

If women felt like they’re not alone and others are ready to support her and understand her feelings, she may really feel comfortable, happy and blessed.


Here is the potential hurtful advice and actions must be avoided when supporting a grieving person.

1) Avoid clichéd talks and comments:  Never hurt her by saying the word it is a common and don’t worry. It is not only happened to you. Don’t ever hurt for the dismissive of loss. This will really wound her heart.

Avoid blaming: Always be sensitive and never blame her for the miscarriage. When you start to blame, the disappointment, depression, and anxiety may lead to the worst situations.

Never offer unsolicited advice. Try to avoid unsolicited advice. If possible give smooth hand else leave her as such. After several days or months, the wound will disappear and one day she becomes normal instead of unsolicited advice.

Grief doesn’t have a time limit. There is no competition in grief, each woman has a respective loss in their life. Never advice like you are young, it is not a big deal, never misuse words during the support time.

Never rush the grief process that may lead to more pain and confusion and also inadequacy.

What Are Some Suggestions to her?

  • Talk about future dreams and hopes. Better help her to engage with some interesting creative area she is willing to.
  • Be sensitive to the unpredictable emotions. The adequate change will make her come to normal life.
  • Advice her to read miscarriage related books and bereavement.
  • Talk about the second pregnancy plan and advice her to meet a specialist for a healthy pregnancy.

How Can Family and Friends Show Support?

Listen to her and make her listen

A family member who has the same experience can tell their story and their present a successful life for them. This helps her to be strong and healthy for future pregnancy. A person who shares the experienced must be caring and advice her with more attentiveness, eye contact, and gestures. Definitely, they help her to come out of her worst situation.

Aware of Physical and Emotional Reactions

Miscarriage not only create mental worry to the women, but it also creates bad physical problems like poor appetite, too much of menstrual flow, physical tiredness, mental depression, disturbed sleep, restless emotion, lonely feeling, and other pains.

Emotion Support

Emotional feeling includes panic, nightmares, nervousness, guilty feeling, useless emotions, persistent fears that make her be weaker and pain associated with the loss. All family members, spouse, and friends must act with greater support to get back her from the grievance. More than the family members, friends can bring them to normal in a quick manner. If possible take them for a small outing like beach, park or some nature scenery for relaxation.

Advice for Second Pregnancy

Listen to the grieving person without replying them is also a good kind of support. Make them speak about their worries that help to heal very soon.

Encourage women to stress out the pain

A grieving person sometimes wants someone to listen to them about their feelings and emotions. A parent or a best friend can give great support in this scenario.

Reassure the grieving Person for healing

The specific date of miscarriage may trigger them more emotional. Encourage them during those days; communicate with them to get out of the problem and emotional feelings.

These are the best possible ways to show you’re caring and support the woman through miscarriage.

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