How to Support the Woman through Miscarriage

Support the Woman through Miscarriage

A loss of a child is the deepest pain that affects the entire family. For the couple, especially the women, feel isolated & stressful after losing their grief. It is challenging to embrace the situation to cross through.

When miscarriage occurs, a woman gets upset emotionally, physically, and mentally. Family members and friends must positively support her. Supporting in a sense, one must listen to her to take away the stress from her and prevent her from happening.

What does or doesn’t to say

Do’s to say

Listen to them for grieve. One woman can understand the problems of other women. Many women find helpful when they talk about the feeling and share their experience with best friends or known persons. Appreciate them to speak out their problem to come out of their grief.

Acknowledge the loss. Explain about the insignificance of their loss. Make them understand all the worse situation happened on some beautiful thing beyond to the happening.

Offer the best support. Understand the feeling of women; take her out for some mental changes. If possible, gift her flower and show the care and acknowledge their loss. Make them understand that you are her more exceptional support and give a safe and secure plan for the next pregnancy.

Make a short trip: Plan for a nearby trip around hills. The climatic change and the Beauty of nature will make a change in body, mind, and soul. This increases the love and affection between the couple.

End the silence. Speak out about the miscarriage problem, and her health problem occurs due to miscarriage. Ensures that you have always cared for her in all stages and show your unconditional love. The picnic gives privacy to make utilize of it for future pregnancy.

If women felt like they’re not alone, and others are ready to support her and understand her feelings, she may feel comfortable, happy, and blessed.


Here is the potential hurtful advice and actions must be avoided when supporting a grieving person.

Avoid clichéd talks and comments: Never hurt her by saying the word it is typical and doesn’t worry. It is not only happened to you. Don’t ever cut for the dismissive of loss. This will wound her heart.

Avoid blaming: Always be sensitive and never blame her for the miscarriage. When you start to blame, the disappointment, depression, and anxiety may lead to the worst situations.

Never offer unsolicited advice. Try to avoid unsolicited advice. If possible, give a smooth hand else leave her as such. After several days or months, the wound will disappear, and one day, she becomes healthy instead of unsolicited advice.

Grief doesn’t have a time limit. There is no competition in pain; each woman has a respective loss in their life. Never advice like you are young; it is not a big deal, never misuse words during the support time.

Never rush the grief process that may lead to more pain and confusion and also inadequacy.

What Are Some Suggestions to her?

  • Talk about future dreams and hopes. Better help her to engage with some exciting creative area she is willing to.
  • Be sensitive to the unpredictable emotions. Adequate change will make her come to a healthy life.
  • Advice her to read miscarriage related book and bereavement.
  • Talk about second pregnancy plan and advice her to meet a specialist for a healthy pregnancy.
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How Can Family and Friends Show Support?

Listen to her and make her listen

A family member who has the same experience can tell their story and their present successful life to them. This helps her to be strong and healthy for future pregnancy. A person who shares the experienced must be caring and advice her with more attentiveness, eye contact, and gestures. They help her to come out of her worst situation.

Aware of Physical and Emotional Reactions

Miscarriage not only create mental worry to the women, but it also creates terrible physical problems like poor appetite, too much of menstrual flow, physical tiredness, mental depression, disturbed sleep, restless emotion, lonely feeling, and other pains.

Emotion support

Emotional feeling includes panic, nightmares, nervousness, guilty excitement, useless emotions, persistent fears make her weaker, and pain associated with the loss. All family members, spouse, and friends must act with more significant support to get back her from the grievance. More than the family members, friends can bring them to be reasonable in a quick manner. If possible, take them for a small outing like beach, park or some nature scenery for relaxation.

Advice for Second pregnancy

Listen to the grieving person without replying them is also the right kind of support. Make them speak about their worries that help to heal very soon.

Encourage women to stress out the pain

A grieving person sometimes wants someone to listen to them about their feelings and emotions. A parent or a best friend can give great support in this scenario.

Reassure the grieving person for healing

The specific date of miscarriage may trigger them more emotional. Encourage them during those days; communicate with them to get out of the problem and emotional feelings.

These are the best possible ways to show you’re caring and support the woman through miscarriage.

How to Cope With a Miscarriage

Dear friend, we are sorry that you landed on this page because you’ve experienced a significant loss that cannot be compromised or replaced. Many women in the world grieve with the same experience you have.

Miscarriage is quite common, but if you are coping with miscarriage, it will be cold comfort. You must remember one thing is that the pain hurts you is not your fault. Allow yourself to grieve the loss that helps you to overcome with time.

Miscarriage causes sadness, anxiety, and depression. It severely affects women health physically, mentally, and emotionally. The emotional impact takes a longer time to heal than physical problems.

What is a miscarriage?

Miscarriage may occur due to the poor health condition of the women or maybe the problem with an embryo. Miscarriage usually happens in early pregnancy. A lot of women experience this pregnancy loss in their life. Medically it is called “Spontaneous abortion.” Miscarriage causes an intense feeling of sadness and grief. It is the most significant loss to the family and family members.

Miscarriage is the most common type of spontaneous loss of pregnancy loss occurs during the 20th week of pregnancy because of the fetus development problem. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reverse the miscarriage process. However, the medication field improved scientifically and technically.

What Happens After Miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, Women get intentional emotion of feelings from shock to sadness, and sadness to anxiety and anxiety to guilty conscious, and concern about a future pregnancy. One cannot explain or understand their emotional feelings. They can’t survive like a perfectly normal. The couples feel grief and inadequacy. They feel un-comfort and more nervous for miscarriage.

The emotional healing process may take a longer time than usual physical healings. The couple felt so much stress and depressed throughout day and night. The family members & friends must support them for their grief. Friends & family must give confidence and support for their healthy second pregnancy.

Feelings after a miscarriage

The sense of men and women typically varies during the miscarriage. Men usually go out and shift the problem to solving mode. They never express the feeling with the spouse may feel inadequate and ends up with a helpless feeling.

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Women show their emotional feeling with her mother or friends. She cries out her grief and sorrow with more tears. A man feels uncomforted to bring back the subject that may hurt the women. Women might feel he doesn’t care and feel guilty for the happening because of the miscommunication.

Experts and health care advisers suggest the men show their care and open up their heartfelt feeling to their better half. Men should show the attention and affection by gifting some pleasant flower or take her out for special dinner or natural scenery that changes her mental state. This impact shows changes in men’s character. After a miscarriage, you may feel like:

  • Guilty: Even though the miscarriage happened naturally, the grievance feels much liable for the happening. Try to control the mind of whatever occurred because you didn’t do anything.
  • Angry: Because of Miscarriage, mental stress and depression cause mad with the family member, friends, or with another baby if you have.
  • Overwhelming sorrow: Miscarriage cause overwhelming regret that cannot be replaced or comprised.
  • They are confused: Many women desperately searching for the answers of miscarriage. It confuses them and makes them be under stress.
  • Anxious and out of control: Miscarriage grief creates fear. Miscarriage creates wicked physical problems like appetite, angry, depression, anxiety, restless emotion, and disturbed sleep.
  • Shocked and numb: Miscarriage grief makes you shocked and numb. Sometimes it can’t be digested. It is tough to overcome pain.
  • Exhausted: You may feel exhausted because of the happenings. It leads to mental worries and stress that in turn, make you sleepless over day & night time.

Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage

The next common question after a few days of miscarriage is getting pregnant after miscarriage. Usually, men must understand the emotional feeling of women in this regard.

Women get fears about second pregnancy as because of first miscarriage. The reality is the miscarriage women have a healthy pregnancy for the second time. They become active, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The emotional feelings are more important in the case of a second pregnancy. It’s better to wait until the couples are ready physically, mentally, and emotionally before a second pregnancy.

When to try to get pregnant again?

In general, a minimum of 2-3 menstrual period gaps is necessary for a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage. It is advisable to take the medical test as per the health care provider regarding the second chance of healthy conceiving after miscarriage.

If possible, determine the cause of previous miscarriage and find the healing solution to avoid future miscarriage and for healthy child growth.

Talk to your health care advisor for the healthy pregnancy and cherish your life with lovely moments. The women have a successful second pregnancy after miscarriage.

Best Time to Get Pregnant After the Miscarriage

Are you thinking about pregnancy after your miscarriage? Are you anxious about the cause of your miscarriage or heartaches of losing the baby? Are you confused about and when to conceive again? Don’t stress out. Here’s is a good understanding of pregnancy after miscarriage.

More Chances of Conceiving After a Miscarriage

Miscarriage may cause intense feelings of loss to your family. You may experience sadness, anxiety, and sometimes guilt in front of the family. Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy that occurs due to o fetus problem that may not usually. Miscarriage occurs due to chromosome problem, embryo growth problem, or poor health condition of women.

Miscarriage is quite a regular thing. Many women miscarry before they know they are pregnant. Miscarriage is usually a one-time occurrence. Most women get a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage. Many couples who experience miscarriage worry will have a successful pregnancy in the second time. It is not necessary to wait for an extended period for the second pregnancy. The standard 2 -3 menstruation period gap is enough for conceiving after miscarriage.

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The predicted chance of conceiving after miscarriage is not risky. Once you are ready for designing after miscarriage consults your Doctor and get prepared for pregnancy. The healthcare provider refers the maternal-fetal medicine for your healthy pregnancy and best delivery. The reproductive endocrinology helps for the best treatment to ensure the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

What to Do When Face Trouble Conceiving

About 10 percent of women have trouble getting pregnant. The reason for not conceiving depends on reproductive life and ovulation problems. The health adviser says that the younger women may have ovulation problem, sperm problem, and issues with egg quality and strength. The older women have questions related to egg quality and quantity.

  • Ovulation: A cyst may cause trouble getting pregnant. Thyroid problem and gland produce may also cause a problem in releasing an egg during ovulation that may lead to delay in conceiving. A tumor may also cause ovulation problem.
  • Tubal Issues: Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue starts to grow outside of the uterus that causes infertility. The scarring trouble may block the fallopian tube to coincide the egg with sperm. This leads to trouble conceiving.
  • Cervical Problems: Cervical stenosis and trauma may cause abnormal smear that causes fertility issues. This may be the reason for trouble conceiving.
  • Stress: Too much of worry and mental stress may cause infertility of egg. The high anxiety and depression are the main reason for the delay in pregnancy.
  • Aging: The fertility rate decreased due to aging may cause a problem in conceiving.

In all the above cases, the women have trouble getting pregnancy or miscarriage problem. Try to fix an appointment with the specialist at the earliest, seek counseling and schedule testing and seek treatment gives a better chance of healthy pregnancy.

Once you are ready with the test results, the health care provider advises you for better conceiving to avoid miscarriage fear. Once you face the problem, take it as an experience and make sure it never affects you in the second time. This durable soulful feel will save your second child. As per the specialist advice, do regular exercise and diet to avoid trouble conceiving.

 Is it harder to get pregnant soon after a miscarriage?

Pregnancy after miscarriage is confused and stressful. You may confuse in finding the best time to get conceive or what are the odds of miscarriage again? Some essential tests are seriously recommended before the second pregnancy after miscarriage.

  • Blood test: Blood test is highly recommended to get more idea about the hormone and immune system.
  • Chromosomal test: Couples must undergo this. This helps to find out the chromosome problem and helps to detect uterine problems.
  • Ultrasound: The health care provider tests the abdomen and vagina to obtain the image of the uterus and find out the uterine problems such as uterine cavity and fibroids.
  • Hysteroscopy: This helps to diagnose the intrauterine problem of the uterus.
  • Hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography Test: This X-ray and scan helps to find out the obstruction of fallopian tubes and helps to identify the problem for miscarriage or unhealthy pregnancy.

With the help of the above test, miscarriage cause can be identified and the specialist provides the best fertility medicine that helps for the second pregnancy. Never lose hope. Many women who experienced first miscarriage eventually have a healthy pregnancy. Once the women get conceive after a miscarriage, will feel joyful as well as anxious. Till the birth of the child, the couple feels stress, depression, and anxiety. This may severely affect the born child. So be calm, listen to the melody, and keep yourself happy to avoid miscarriage in the future. Talk about your feelings to the spouse and family members.

If you still feel uncomfortable better, get advice from the health care provider, and get counsel for support and fear. Remember that your experience may affect your future asset. So be happy and eager to welcome your new family member.