Can Women Conceive With PCOS?

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of the most common problems that affect the female fertility system. Based on the medical statistics, it is estimated that about 5 million women are struggling to get conceived with PCOS problem.

Women are worried about the infertility problem and losing their confidence in their life. In such a case, women who suffer from PCOS problem should understand that they can get pregnant with medical experts advice.

With the advancement of technologies, there are several treatments emerged in the healthcare industry to treat PCOS disorder. Take a look at this article to know about PCOS and its related information.

Things to Know About Pregnancy at the 40s

In the past years, people thought that having a baby at 40 is impossible or risky. Yes, there are many risks in late pregnancy; however, fertility treatments are helping to solve the problem. When couples maintain proper health and follow the medications getting pregnant at 40 is very easy. The reproductive system of women tends to lose their reproduction capability at a later age when compared to teenage.

How Age Affects Fertility And Pregnancy?

Nowadays, couples are making pregnancy plans once they enter into a new life. They are planning to have childbirth at a certain age depending on various aspects. Such people must know how age affects fertility and pregnancy.

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The fertilization process of women starts to decrease with age as the quality and number of eggs gets reduced. Generally, an egg from ovary reaches the woman’s womb every month once they hit puberty. Once the egg binds with the sperm in the womb woman get pregnant. Here are the fertility and age factors depending on the age of women.

Age 20’s– Best chance of getting pregnant at this age as women have the highest number of good quality eggs.

Age 30’s – Chance of getting pregnant starts to decline in this stage as several eggs start to get reduced

Age 40’s – Steep declination of pregnancy chance for women because of the reduced quality and quantity of eggs

Hence, it is recommended to plan for childbirth at a perfect stage by the health of the couples.

Benefits of Getting Pregnant At 40

  • Even there are many risks involved in the late pregnancy; couples can benefit more in having a baby in the ’40s.
  • Both men and women will be matured enough and financially secured such that they can adequately grow their baby.
  • Since the relationship between you and your partner at its peak in adulthood, you can create a lovable and robust foundation for your kid.
  • Older women will be ready to take care of the children with much comfort and breastfeed them without any worries.
  • You will be living a stress-free life and have more time to take care of the child. With proper knowledge of parenting, you could be the best parent of your children while raising it.
  • The best part of the pregnancy at later 40s is that there is a better chance of having more than one baby. This is because; the hormones have to work overtime in the natural pregnancy that may lead to more than one egg formation. So, the chance of having twins is more at the later pregnancy.
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In case, women are affected with PCOS; they can take the powerful treatments to get pregnant at the required age.

Risks of Getting Pregnant At 40

As the number and quality of eggs in the reproductive system of women decreases, many risks can happen in the childbirth. Some of the common risks involved in late pregnancy are

  • Woman have to undergo C-section delivery
  • Face more risk during pregnancy
  • Miscarriage of baby during pregnancy
  • The chance for premature birth
  • Leads to low birth weight
  • Can cause congenital disabilities

Things you should know

Women who are all affected with PCOS disorder have to undergo medical consultation to see the body condition. They should follow specific steps to get rid of the problem and have childbirth at the desired age.

Generally, the woman takes a certain period to become pregnant irrespective of age even when they have continual sex. It is better to visit the professional fertility specialist to attain motherhood perfectly.

They would suggest the best solution to overcome the problem and reach the pregnancy stage ideally. On the other hand, you have to adopt the pregnancy diet and do regular physical activities for yielding better results within a short time.

Final Thoughts

Thus, this information portrays that women can get pregnant even they have PCOS problem. So, women who are worried about infertility can stay in peace of mind with advanced medical treatments.

Merely, you have to search for the right physician to diagnose the problem and avail perfect solution to get pregnant quickly. Follow The Doctor’s Advice to Conceive and Live Happy Life!

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