Latest Newborn Indian Baby Name for Boys and Girls

Have you all experienced difficulties in choosing the names for a newborn baby? Generally, the women get started to think about their baby’s future, while pregnant. Especially, they concentrate highly on selecting a name for their child. Probably, selecting the right name for your child is quite an exciting process. Most of the parents confused about where to start for choosing a name for their baby. Initially, you have to decide, whether you are looking a traditional or latest names. A variety of names is available on the internet, just search as per your wish. Still, some of the people wish to prefer their old relative names to their baby. Let see the latest Indian baby names for both boy and a girl:

Newborn Girls Names

If you are looking for a latest girl baby name for your beloved daughter, just go through the names mentioned in the given below. It will help you to choose the latest and meaningful name for your daughter.

  • Aadrika – The name indicates the person who has the talent to reach the High Skies.
  • Aalia – Praise or Congratulate is the apt meaning given by the name Aalia.
  • Aashni – The Girl name Aashni means, the person who has the power to strike the lightning with her own presence.
  • Aatmika – A girl can have an ability to mingle with everyone easily through her good soul.
  • Rachna – A girl name Rachana indicates the people who have the capability to create a new life.
  • Nirali – you cannot able to compare this girl with any other
  • Mahiya – The name Mahiya is nothing but, the peak of the greatest happiness.
  • Siya – The modern name Siya is derived from the original name Sita.
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Newborn Boys Names

In today’s modern world, you have a variety of meaningful and stylish names available for the newborn baby boys. Let see some of the latest boy names with great meaning:

  • Aadavan – just prefer the boy name Aadavan for spreading brightness in your child’s life.
  • Aakil – The Name Aakil indicates, smart or in
  • Daiwik – If a parent looking for the latest spiritual name, you have to prefer the name Daiwik, which means God’s grace.
  • Harith – The name Harith indicates the color name green.
  • Kaanishk – the name Kaanishk is nothing but the indication of Lord Vishnu’s vehicle.
  • Kavan – A boy name Kavan indicates, short, super cute and edgy.

If you are looking for a latest boy or girl names, just go through this article. Make use of this information, if you want to select the apt name for your newborn child.