Cute and Latest American Baby Girl Names of 2021

For the parents who are expecting a baby, picking out a perfect name for their baby is one of the most exciting and important. What is in a baby girl’s name? It can be a hard task to choose the perfect name for your coming soon daughter. If you do not like a classic family name or old fashion name for your baby, here we have put together a list of Beautiful American Baby Girl Names—from A to Z that will make it easy & enjoyable to find the best name. This name list will help you figure out the most popular baby girl names for newborn in 2021.

You can find many baby girl name options in this list, out here choosing the right one can be easy for you to decide the unique name. And these top girl names in 2021 with meanings can help and inspire you. Find the Top Most Popular & Trending Baby Girl Names of 2021 in the U.S. Right Now.

Parents always want to give the best name to their baby. We have picked up the most popular and most trendy American Baby Girl Names of 2021 from last few years, and updated the list with hundreds of new names. Names are arranged alphabetically according to the first letter.

Baby Girl Names That Start With A

Deciding on a baby girl’s name with the letter A can be tough, so to help you we have prepared a list of trending names here. Looking for awesome baby girl names for your daughter that start with A, browse an extensive list of baby girl names along with meaning below.

Aleia (Meaning of Aleia: Blossom, Glorious)

Aleks (Meaning of Aleks: Protector of Men)

Alema (Meaning of Alema: Who deserves Love, Inspiring)

Ara (Meaning of Ara: Carries Rain, Ornament)

Ari (Meaning of Ari: Glorious, On High)

Alena (Meaning of Alena: Beloved Child, Light of Torch)

Alene (Meaning of Alene: Open-minded, Decent Looking)

Aleta (Meaning of Alene: Honest One, Kind)

Alexa (Meaning of Alexa: Assistant / Protector of Mankind)

Avy (Meaning of Avy: Sacred, Beginning)

Ash (Meaning of Ash: The Meadow of Ash Tree)

Ava (Meaning of Ava: A Satisfying Sound or Voice)

Amya (Meaning of Amya: Great Place)

Amye (Meaning of Amye: Cherished, Form of Amy)

Anam (Meaning of Anam: Dedication, Honorable Man with Power)

Ancy (Meaning of Ancy: Attractive of All)

Aime (Meaning of Aily: Who is loved much)

Aama (Meaning of Aama: To Result, Accomplish)

Asa (Meaning of Asa: Therapist, Similar, Alike to doctor)

Aira (Meaning of Aira: Reputable, Adored)

Anda (Meaning of Anda: Guard of Mankind, Enjoyment)

Aneta (Meaning of Aneta: Kind, Kindhearted)

Angel (Meaning of Angel: Little Messenger of God, Fairy)

Anika (Meaning of Anika: Elegance, Favour)

Anisa (eaning of Anisa: Happiness and Pleasure, Friendly)

Aily (Meaning of Aily: One Bird Name, The Juniper Tree)

Baby Girl Names That Start With B

If you are planning to give a name to your baby girl that starts with the letter B? Find here the latest list of the beautiful baby girl names that start with B. You can get here a great collection of baby girls’ names with their meanings.

Beryl (Meaning of Beryl: Rock, Gemstone, Valuable)

Bessy (Meaning of Bessy: God is My Promise, Tiny)

Bethe (Meaning of Bethe: God is Excellence, God is My Assurance)

Bethy (Meaning of Bethy: God is Faultlessness)

Barb (Meaning of Barb: Overseas, Form of Barbara, Odd)

Burnice (Meaning of Burnice: one who brings Victory)

Byrdene (Meaning of Byrdene: Name of a Little Bird)

Bambi (Meaning of Bambi: Minute, The Girl Baby, Female Child)

Birdine (Meaning of Birdine: The name of a Little Bird)

Birungi (Meaning of Birungi: Attractive, Something Pleasant, Colourful)

Blanche (Meaning of Blanche: The Snowy One, who has Fair hair, Fair-haired)

Blessly (Meaning of Blessly: Who is blessed by God)

Breanna (Meaning of Breanna: Honorable, Noble)

Breanne (Meaning of Breanna: Robust, Mount)

Baner (Meaning of Baner: A Pretty Symbol)

Beki (Meaning of Beki: Charming, Bound)

Blaire (Meaning of Blaire: Occupier on the Plain)

Blaize (Meaning of Blaize: One who hesitates)

Blanca (Meaning of Blanca: Light, Excellent)

Blanch (Meaning of Blanch: Impartial; Snowy; Pale)

Beky (Meaning of Beky: To Bond, Cattle Stall)

Bela (Meaning of Bela: Sunset Time, A Flower named Jasmine)

Bena (Meaning of Bena: Intelligent, Pheasant)

Beri (Meaning of Beri: Glorious One, To Assistance)

Baby Girl Names That Start With C

Check out our list of US baby Girl names starting with c with their meaning and choose the best Christian name that starts with C for your newborn or expected baby Girl. The below-mentioned name list contains the Latest collection of a unique amazing baby girl name.

Cass (Meaning of Cass: Who came from Cassandra, Pure)

Caren (Meaning of Caren: Unpolluted, A Little One who is loved)

Carollyn (Meaning of Carollyn: Free Woman)

Ciera (Meaning of Ciera: A Messenger, Foothill Range)

Cilla (Meaning of Cilla: A Tiny of Priscilla made)

Carolyne (Meaning of Carolyne: Feminine, Little and Female)

Catarina (Meaning of Catarina: Clean, Pure, Pain)

Caterine (Meaning of Caterine: Favorite, Upset)

Carla (Meaning of Carla: Female, Fem Form of Carl)

Carly (Meaning of Carly: Woman who is Free, Helpful to All)

Cindy (Meaning of Cindy: Tiny Ash-girl, Moon)

Carol (Meaning of Carol: Song of Pleasure, Song of Happiness)

Caron (Meaning of Caron: To Darling, Clean)

Cher (Meaning of Cher: Gorgeous, Cherished)

Cate (Meaning of Cate: Blameless, Little Form)

Cath (Meaning of Cath: Wholesome)

Cloe (Meaning of Cloe: Bud)

Cherie (Meaning of Cherie: Dear One, Lovely, Adored)

Cherry (Meaning of Cherry: Beloved, Cherry Fruit)

Cheryl (Meaning of Cheryl: Wonderful, Thoughtful)

Chetna (Meaning of Chetna: Awareness,Power of Brain)

Chichi (Meaning of Chichi: Well-known, Cheerful)

Baby Girl Names That Start With D

If you are expecting a daughter? And searching for a perfect name for your baby, then choose here from the divine and delicate Baby Girl Names That Start with D. Find cute baby girl names that start with D on The MOM News Daily.

Deandre (Meaning of Deandre: Attractive)

Delicia (Meaning of Delicia: Happiness, Pleasant One, Charming)

Dena (Meaning of Dena: Dale, Dean)

Deni (Meaning of Deni: Womanly)

Dido (Meaning of Dido: Rover, Label of a Queen)

Daphne (Meaning of Daphne: The name of Flower)

Dodi (Meaning of Dodi: Gift from the God, Well-Loved)

Dory (Meaning of Dodi: Who has Golden Hair)

Darina (Meaning of Darina: A Persian Regal name)

Davida (Meaning of Davida: Worshiped, Cherished)

Deborah (Meaning of Deborah: From a Bee Group)

Deirdre (Meaning of Deirdre: Lovely, Lady)

Davina (Meaning of Davina: Much-loved, Beloved)

Dayana (Meaning of Dayana: Noblewoman, Kindness)

Doanne (Meaning of Doanne: Short, Rolling Hills Daizy)

Daizy (Meaning of Daizy: Blossom, Daughter)

Daniya (Meaning of Daniya: Caring, A person who is kind-hearted)

Dolina (Meaning of Dolina: World Leader)

Dollie (Meaning of Dollie: Gift of Spirit, Regrets)

Doreen (Meaning of Doreen: The Gift of God)

Dalia (Meaning of Dalia: A Division)

Baby Girl Names That Start With E

Every parent loves the name of their baby that sounds great. Here get a list of the latest girl names that start with the letter E. This trending baby name list will help you to choose the perfect name for your little one?

Emmett (Meaning of Emmett: Hardworking, Occupied)

Endika (Meaning of Endika: Manor house, House Owner)

Eian (Meaning of Eian: Adorable)

Elvy (Meaning of Elvy: of Fighter)

Eriq (Meaning of Eriq: Ever Regal, Great)

Edna (Meaning of Edna: Innovation)

Ehab (Meaning of Ehab: Present, Gift)

Erny (Meaning of Erny: Severe, Earnest)

Eryl (Meaning of Eryl: Opinion)

Emer (Meaning of Emer: Rapid)

Elroy (Meaning of Elroy: King, Red-haired Youth)

Elson (Meaning of Elson: From the Ancient Town)

Emil (Meaning of Emil: Participant, Industrious)

Ennis (Meaning of Ennis: Any Excellent, like a Bird)

Erix (Meaning of Erix: Who rules ever, Ruling a long time)

Erle (Meaning of Erle: Peer)

Enoch (Meaning of Enoch: Promised, Devoted, Devoted)

Erica (Meaning of Erica: Ever Dominant, Key, Lone Ruler)

Erich (Meaning of Erich: Moral Ruler, Peaceful)

Ejay (Meaning of Ejay: Stands for Noble James)

Ekin (Meaning of Ekin: Crop, Yield)

Elan (Meaning of Elan: Responsive)

Elden (Meaning of Elden: Old and Wise Protector)

Elton (Meaning of Elton: Old Friend)

Elvey (Meaning of Elvey: Elf Warrior)

Elvin (Meaning of Elvin: Honorable Friend, Magic)

Elder (Meaning of Elder: From the Shrub)

Eldon (Meaning of Eldon: Distant Hill, Ella’s Mound)

Eldur (Meaning of Eldur)

Enzo (Meaning of Enzo: Champion)

Emon (Meaning of Emon: Featured, Honest, Voice)

Enos (Meaning of Enos: Humanity, One Vigor)

Eoan (Meaning of Eoan: Native of the Yew)

Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Unique US names for newborn baby Girl starting with letter F with Meaning. Find a modern 2021 name list of cute baby Girl Names and choose the best one for your baby.

Fabiola (Meaning of Fabiola: Bean Cultivator)

Falasha (Meaning of Falasha: Craving; Powerless Ones)

Faleena (Meaning of Faleena: Successor)

Falisha (Meaning of Falisha: Pleasure, Lucky)

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Fely (Meaning of Fely: Scorching, Born of Flame)

Fena (Meaning of Fena: Perfumed Flower)

Ford (Meaning of Ford: From the Water)

Foxy (Meaning of Foxy: Classic, Creative)

Fonda (Meaning of Fonda: Base, From a Fountain)

Frank (Meaning of Frank: Female of Francis)

Farris (Meaning of Farris: A Merciful Woman)

Farron (Meaning of Farron: Traveler, Adventurous)

Farrow (Meaning of Farrow: Not a broad-minded Woman)

Fraya (Meaning of Fraya: God Princess)

Freda (Meaning of Freda: Guidance of Elves)

Ferne (Meaning of Ferne: Green leafy Plant)

Ferra (Meaning of Ferra: Lovely, Lovely One)

Fines (Meaning of Fines: Smooth)

Firea (Meaning of Firea: A Aggressive – Passionate Woman)

Fevan (Meaning of Fevan: Shy Woman)

Faryl (Meaning of Faryl: One who inspires Others)

Faryn (Meaning of Faryn: Traveler, Adventurous)

Frea (Meaning of Frea: Woman, Mistress)

Fern (Meaning of Fern: A Branch Plant, Wonderful)

Falk (Meaning of Falk: A Valued Woman)

Baby Girl Names That Start With G

If you are searching for female names that start with the letter G, as the girl name starts with the letter ‘G’ sounds beautiful. Here get a list of the greatest US baby girl names starting with the letter G.

Gael (Meaning of the Gael: Stranger, Smiling, Happy)

Gage (Meaning of the Gage: The cost for Weights and Measures)

Gail (Meaning of the Gail: Energetic, Happy)

Geri (Meaning of the Gail: Variable)

Gian (Meaning of the Gian: God is Compassionate, Apostle of … )

Giga (Meaning of the Giga: Big)

Gilpin (Meaning of the Gilpin: Trusted )

Ginger (Meaning of the Ginger: Clean; Coil-like )

Giorgi (Meaning of the Giorgi: Farmer, who works in Earth)

Gladys (Meaning of the Gladys: Person who is Lame )

Gino (Meaning of the Gino: Famous Fighter, Well-born)

Gerrald (Meaning of the Gerrald: Vast with a Spear)

Gerrell (Meaning of the Gerrell: Mighty with a Spike)

Gerrold (Meaning of the Gerrold: Spear Rule)

Gershon (Meaning of the Gershon: Outsider in Exile)

Gervase (Meaning of the Gervase: Respected)

Giannis (Meaning of the Giannis: Yahweh is Kind)

Glen (Meaning of the Glen: Resident of Valley, Woody Valley )

Gale (Meaning of the Gale: Sparkling, Joyful )

Galt (Meaning of the Galt: From the Town on the High Ground)

Gann (Meaning of the Gann: Light-colored, Spear Protector)

Garred (Meaning of the Garred: Massive with a Spear)

Garret (Meaning of the Garret: Enormous with a Spear, To Watch)

Garrey (Meaning of the Garrey: Lance)

Garson (Meaning of the Garson: Spike Encouraged Town)

Garton (Meaning of the Garton: Triangle Shaped)

Garvin (Meaning of the Garvin: Workmate in Battle)

Baby Girl Names That Start With H

Looking for baby names starting with the letter H? Below is Momnewsdaily’s list of US Girl baby names starting with the letter H. This name list very trendy and also contains its meaning.

Harmonee (Meaning of the Harmonee: Contract State Order)

Harriett (Meaning of the Harriett: Rules her Family)

Hayleigh (Meaning of the Hayleigh: Variant of Haleigh)

Hehewuti (Meaning of the Hehewuti: Fighter Mother Spirit)

Hall (Meaning of the Hall: Distinguished Person)

Hana (Meaning of the Hana: Pleasure, Blossom)

Hani (Meaning of the Hani: Dewdrop, Enjoyable)

Hollie (Meaning of the Hollie: To Puncture)

Hollis (Meaning of the Hollis: Exists near the Holly Trees)

Honest (Meaning of the Honest: Truthful)

Honney (Meaning of the Honney: Honey)

Honovi (Meaning of the Honovi: Robust, Strong Deer)

Hara (Meaning of the Hara: Royalty, Seizer)

Hazle (Meaning of the Hazle: Hazel Tree; Variant of Hazel)

Heller (Meaning of the Heller: The Sun)

Henika (Meaning of the Henika: Attractive)

Henley (Meaning of the Henley: A Public Butterfly)

Hertha (Meaning of the Hertha: Prevailing Woman)

Hester (Meaning of the Hester: Different of Esther)

Heart (Meaning of the Heart: Darling, Passion)

Heidi (Meaning of the Heidi: Blessed Person)

Heidy (Meaning of the Heidy: Honorable One, Caring)

Hart (Meaning of the Hart: Desire, Love)

Haul (Meaning of the Haul: Distinguished Person)

Hoge (Meaning of the Hoge: Confident Person)

Hoku (Meaning of the Hoku: Space )

Homa (Meaning of the Homa: A Legendary Bird)

Hope (Meaning of the Hope: Faith, Confidence, Belief)

Baby Girl Names That Start With I

Browse here American baby girl names that start with I in MOM News Daily impressive collection of baby names. These names with meanings are so impeccable and interesting, the letter I have some of the exclusive and stunning baby girl names.

Ida (Meaning of the Ida: Flourishing; Pleased)

Ija (Meaning of the Ija: Courageous, Kind-hearted)

Ika (Meaning of the Ika: Calm)

Ila (Meaning of the Ila: Woman who came from Earth)

Ima (Meaning of the Ima: Dear, Help)

Ina (Meaning of the Ina: Solid, Light)

Ida (Meaning of the Ida: Wealthy, Pleased)

Isa (Meaning of the Isa: Promise of Divinity, God’s Promise)

Isi (Meaning of the Isi: Just like Deer)

Iva (Meaning of the Iva: A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental )

Ivy (Meaning of the Ivy: Climber, Vegetable Plant)

Iana (Meaning of the Iana: Spirit is Gracious )

Iara (Meaning of the Iara: Observant, Vigilant )

Ilsa (Meaning of the Ilsa: Promised to God)

Ilya (Meaning of the Ilya: Honorable, Great Class )

Iman (Meaning of the Iman: Confidence; Belief; Faithful; Believer …)

Immy (Meaning of the Immy: Cleared, Former Born)

Inda (Meaning of the Inda: Country, India)

Ines (Meaning of the Ines: Holy, Innocent)

Inez (Meaning of the Inez: Spotless, Innocent, Gentle)

Insa (Meaning of the Insa: Pure)

Iola (Meaning of the Iola: Violet-coloured Commencement)

Iona (Meaning of the Iona: Native on an Island)

Iris (Meaning of the Iris: The Rainbow color)

Irma (Meaning of the Irma: Worldwide)

Isha (Meaning of the Isha: Protector)

Isis (Meaning of the Isis: Highest Goddess)

Itza (Meaning of the Itza: Moon Goddess)

Iuan (Meaning of the Iuan: Puffing Backward as the Wind Blows)

Ianna (Meaning of the Ianna: God is Polite)

Idell (Meaning of the Idell: Wealthy, Pleased, Hardworking)

Iesha (Meaning of the Iesha: Flourishing, Lifespan)

Baby Girl Names That Start With J

If you want to give a unique name to your coming soon little girl baby, check out below the latest collection of matchless and rare American baby girl names starting with I.

Jasy (Meaning of the Jasy: Anxious, Courageous, Truthful)

Jaye (Meaning of the Jaye: One Bird Named Jay)

Jazz (Meaning of the Jazz: Elegance of Music )

Jean (Meaning of the Jean: God is Sympathetic)

Jena (Meaning of the Jena: Snowy Wave)

Jacey (Meaning of the Jacey: Good-looking)

Jacie (Meaning of the Jacie: Name of Blossom)

Jacki (Meaning of the Jacki: Container of the Heel)

Jae (Meaning of the Jae: One of the Bird name)

Jilsa (Meaning of the Jilsa: Pleasing)

Jimmy (Meaning of the Jimmy: Container of Heels)

Jakiya (Meaning of the Jakiya: Very Beautiful )

Jaleen (Meaning of the Jaleen: Captivates in God Replant)

Jincy (Meaning of the Jincy: Attractive, Beautiful)

Jenne (Meaning of the Jenne: Reasonable; Sacred)

Jenya (Meaning of the Jenya: Honorable by Birth)

Jam (Meaning of the Jam: Sweet Person)

Jan (Meaning of the Jam: God has been Polite)

Jei (Meaning of the Jei: Champion)

Jen (Meaning of the Jen: Open-minded Phantom)

Jes (Meaning of the Jes: Resources)

Baby Girl Names That Start With K

Do you prefer names that start with ‘K’ for your baby girl, Get here a collection of some latest American Girl baby names starting with the letter K. This Name List and meaning of American Girl baby names with their respective meanings.

Keely (Meaning of the Keely: Slim Woman, Beautiful, Slight)

Keena (Meaning of the Keena: Bold, Judged)

Keeva (Meaning of the Keeva: Attractive, Calm, Loveliness)

Keila (Meaning of the Keila: Clean, Lively)

Kie (Meaning of the Kie: A Key to the World )

Kim (Meaning of the Kim: One who is from the Imperial Fortress)

Kit (Meaning of the Kit: Handle for Katherine)

Kaja (Meaning of the Kaja: Native in Water, Marine)

Kely (Meaning of the Kely: Religious Place Church, Monastery)

Keni (Meaning of the Keni: Tall Summit, Greatest Champion)

Kera (eaning of the Kera: Clean; Shadowy; Dark)

Kyah (Meaning of the Kyah: Clean, Tiny Wise)

Kissy (Meaning of the Kissy: Cassia)

Kitty (Meaning of the Kitty: Clean, Little Cat)

Kiyra (Meaning of the Kiyra: Minute Dark One, Royalty)

Klein (Meaning of the Klein: Small)

Kokoa (Meaning of the Kokoa: Heartly Love)

Kyla (Meaning of the Kyla: Attractive, Topped)

Kelita (Meaning of the Kelita: Most Beautiful)

Kellee (Meaning of the Kellee: Trouble, Conflict, Strong One)

Kellyn (Meaning of the Kellee: Kellyn, Kelly, and Lyn Combined)

Kyle (Meaning of the Kyle: Fine Split of Land)

Keri (Meaning of the Keri: Sacred, Fair)

Kami (Meaning of the Kami: Early Attendant )

Kym (Meaning of the Kym: From the Imperial Fortress Meadow)

Baby Girl Names That Start With L

Find here the latest collection of distinctive and rare Christian baby girl names starting with the letter L. All names are mentioned here with their respective meanings. This list would help you choose the perfect name for your baby.

Luu (Meaning of the Luu: Comic, Kind )

Luz (Meaning of the Luz: Occupied with Light)

Lyn (Meaning of the Lyn: River, Lake, Waterfall)

Lacy (Meaning of the Lacy: Resulting from Lacey)

Lena (Meaning of the Lena: Bright, Newcomer)

Lesa (Meaning of the Lesa: Sacred to God )

Lila (Meaning of the Lila: Respectable, Dark Beauty)

Lili (Meaning of the Lili: German Tiny of Elizabeth)

Londi (Meaning of the Londi: Shy Girl)

Lonie (Meaning of the Lonie: Just like a Lion, Strengthens )

Lonna (Meaning of the Lonna: Lonely)

Lidia (Meaning of the Lidia: Good-looking)

Liene (Meaning of the Liene: Young-looking)

Liesl (Meaning of the Liesl: God is Open-handed)

Lilah (Meaning of the Lilah: Evening )

Lily (Meaning of the Lily: Lily Flower)

Lima (Meaning of the Lima: Traditional)

Leta (Meaning of the Leta: With Preference)

Leti (Meaning of the Leti: Happiness, Joy)

Ladi (Meaning of the Ladi: Daughter who born on Sunday)

Laik (Meaning of the Laik: From the Unmoving Waters)

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Lyz (Meaning of the Lyz: Luster, Decoration)

Labe (Meaning of the Labe: One who Passages Slowly)

Baby Girl Names That Start With M

Want to give the prettiest unique American baby girl names starting with M. Below you can find top girl names starting with the letter M can affect a baby girl’s destiny. Browse here magnificent baby girl names starting with M.

Minji (Meaning of the Minji: Durable, So Powerful)

Minou (Meaning of the Minou: A Stone, Eden)

Minya (Meaning of the Minya: Adult Sister)

Mabel (Meaning of the Mabel: Gorgeous, Lovable)

Macey (Meaning of the Macey: God Gift, Weapon)

Macha (Meaning of the Macha: Divinity, Kerry)

Mil (Meaning of the Mil: Calm Strength)

Mya (Meaning of the Mya: Bright green, Mine, Great)

Mace (Meaning of the Mace: Defense)

Merry (Meaning of the Merry: Pleased, Light-Hearted)

Meryl (Meaning of the Meryl: Sunny/ Lively Sea)

Miana (Meaning of the Miana: Defense, Craving)

Marial (Meaning of the Marial: Sea of Unpleasantness; …)

Mariam (Meaning of the Mariam: one form of Mary)

Marian (Meaning of the Marian: A Combination of Mary and Ann; …)

Mariea (Meaning of the Mariea: Cleanliness, Adored)

Micah (Meaning of the Micah: Like Just like God)

Micha (Meaning of the Micha: Humble One)

Mary (Meaning of the Mary: Uprising)

Maud (Meaning of the Maud: Tough in War)

Maye (Meaning of the Maye: Favorite of Amun, Star of the Sea)

Mika (Meaning of the Mika: God Gift, Like God)

Miku (Meaning of the Miku: Stunning Sky)

Mila (Meaning of the Mila: Customs, Wonders)

Mimi (Meaning of the Mimi: The name of a Pet)

Malaak (Meaning of the Malaak: Ruler, Queen)

Malani (Meaning of the Malani: One who has Big Black Eyes)

Malaya (Meaning of the Malaya: A Climber, Forest)

Maleah (Meaning of the Maleah: Unpleasant )

Maci (Meaning of the Maci: Armament)

Macy (Meaning of the Macy: Defense)

Mady (Meaning of the Mady: Came from the High Tower)

Baby Girl Names That Start With N

If you want a distinctive name for your daughter that starts with ‘the letter N’, then here get the name with its meanings. American girl names which start with the letter ‘N’ are trendy and unique.

Nate (Meaning of the Nate: Agreement, Humble)

Nava (Meaning of the Nava: Beautiful, Lovely)

Nico (Meaning of the Nico: Good-looking, Fruitful)

Nida (Meaning of the Nida: To Sound, Say)

Nyah (Meaning of the Nyah: Objective, Purpose)

Nyla (Meaning of the Nyla: Champion)

Nyra (Meaning of the Nyra: Beauty of Spirit, Rose)

Nadia (Meaning of the Nadia: Hope-filled …)

Nahla (Meaning of the Nahla: Powder, A Drink)

Naida (Meaning of the Naida: Rolling, Fairy)

Nakia (Meaning of the Nakia: Realistic; Pure)

Namid (Meaning of the Namid: Popular Dancer)

Nanci (Meaning of the Nanci: Who is full of Grace)

Naila (Meaning of the Naila: Popular One, Acquirer, Obtainer)

Naima (Meaning of the Naima: Peaceful, Elegant)

NadiraMeaning of the Nadira: Occasional, Valuable, Unique)

Nadjah (Meaning of the Nadjah: Gentle; Hope)

Navana (Meaning of the Navana: Lovely)

Nayara (Meaning of the Nayara: Very Bright, Guidance, Leader)

Nayeli (Meaning of the Nayeli: Attractive)

Nayely (Meaning of the Nayely: Lowness, Grace)

Near (Meaning of the Nearra: Which is in Nearest)

Neelie (Meaning of the Neelie: Conqueror)

Naiara (Meaning of the Naiara: Situation to the Virgin Mary)

Nailah (Meaning of the Nailah: Attainder, Highflier)

Nija (Meaning of the Nija: Reality, Fruitful)

Niki (Meaning of the Niki: Winner, Goodness)

Naya (Meaning of the Naya: To Admire God )

Neda (Meaning of the Neda: God’s Voice)

Neka (Meaning of the Neka: A Bare Goose)

Baby Girl Names That Start With O

If you prefer baby names that start with the letter ‘O’ for your baby girl, here find a collection of some good American Girl baby names with their meaning. Choose the best one from this list for your baby.

Olie (Meaning of the Olie: Attractive)

Onia (Meaning of the Onia: Only One)

Oneisha (Meaning of the Oneisha)

Ontario (Meaning of the Ontario: Beautiful Lake)

Ophelia (Meaning of the Ophelia: Supportive Woman, Helper)

Ordella (Meaning of the Ordella: Elfin Spear)

Orlinda (Meaning of the Orlinda: Eagle)

Oletha (Meaning of the Oletha: Light; Nimble)

Orenda (Meaning of the Orenda: Magic Power)

Oriena (Meaning of the Oriena: Golden colour)

Orlain (Meaning of the Orlain: Recruit)

Olivia (Meaning of the Olivia: Sign of Peace)

Omuila (Meaning of the Omuila: Affection)

Omuile (Meaning of the Omuile: Sweetheart, Happy)

Ondrea (Meaning of the Ondrea: Robust, Courageous, A Man’s Woman)

Omana (Meaning of the Omana: Guard, Associate)

Omani (Meaning of the Omani: An Energetic Woman)

Onika (Meaning of the Onika: Onyx)

Onita (Meaning of the Onita: Tough)

Onna (Meaning of the Onna: A Pattern )

Onyx (Meaning of the Onyx: Black Stone)

Oona (Meaning of the Oona: Union, Pure)

Baby Girl Names That Start With P

If you are looking for US baby names starting with P? Have a look at the name list with most last baby girl names starting with p. This unique girl name list has its respective meanings.

Peyton (Meaning of the Peyton: Warrior’s Village)

Phoebe (Meaning of the Phoebe: Cheerful One, Happiness)

Phylis (Meaning of the Phylis: Flora, Green Branch)

Pierre (Meaning of the Pierre: Heavens)

Pummy (Meaning of the Pummy: Blameless, Lovely)

Paloma (Meaning of the Paloma: Attractive)

Pamala (Meaning of the Pamala : All Harmony, All-honey)

Pamela (Meaning of the Pamela: Pleasing Sugariness, New Leaves)

Pamuya (Meaning of the Pamuya: Water Moon)

Pia (Meaning of the Pia: Fan, Beloved)

Pace (Meaning of the Pace: A Magnetic Young Woman)

Pami (Meaning of the Pami: All Pleasantness, All Black)

Petra (Meaning of the Petra: A tiny Rock, Stone)

Pexie (Meaning of the Pexie: Spirit of Love)

Pheba (Meaning of the Pheba: Clean, Bright)

Phebe (Meaning of the Phebe: Excellent, Shining)

Pilar (Meaning of the Pilar: Pillar; Pillar of Strength)

Park (Meaning of the Park: Warden, Cypress Tree)

Palla (Meaning of the Palla: Insight, Water )

Palma (Meaning of the Palma: Palm Bearing Traveler, Palm Tree)

Pamla (Meaning of the Pamla: All Pleasantness, All Black)

Pansy (Meaning of the Pansy: Purple Flower)

Paola (Meaning of the Paola: Minute, Petite)

Pary (Meaning of the Pary: Angel’s face, Fairy)

Pati (Meaning of the Pati: Leader, Lord)

Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

Find below is Momnewsdaily’s list of latest baby girl names starting with the letter Q. Here you can find more options than you can even think of for your little daughter’s name.

Quena (Meaning of the Quena: Optimistic Star)

Quile (Meaning of the Quile: Heaven, Princess )

Qistina (Meaning of the Qistina: Honesty )

Quanika (Meaning of the Quanika: Procedure of Nika )

Queenie (Meaning of the Queenie: Ruler, Female Friend)

Queisha (Meaning of the Queisha: Name a Spice Tree)

Qiana (Meaning of the Qiana: Tactful, Silky)

Qodos (Meaning of the Qodos: Sacred Land )

Quana (Meaning of the Quana: Goddess, Light)

Queen (Meaning of the Queen: Female Ruler, Highest Lady)

Quena (Meaning of the Quena: Lively Star )

Quile (Meaning of the Quile: Paradise, Princess)

Quentina (Meaning of the Quentina: 5th one)

Quaneisha (Meaning of the Quaneisha: A Grouping of the Prefix Qu and Anisha)

Quanishia (Meaning of the Quanishia: energetic)

Queenette (Meaning of the Queenette: Royal)

Quennie (Meaning of the Quennie: Ruler, Female Ruler )

Quanesha (Meaning of the Quanesha: Lifetime)

Quay (Meaning of the Quay: Rock of Power)

Quanisha (Meaning of the Quanisha: Prefix Qu and Aisha)

Quinn (Meaning of the Quinn: Successor of Cuinn)

Quita (Meaning of the Quita: Divinity, Light)

Qarina (Meaning of the Qarina: Clean, Beloved)

Qianna (Meaning of the Qianna: Goddess, Light)

Baby Girl Names That Start With R

Are you looking for R names for your little angel? Get the list of a trendy and unique name for a baby girl with the letter ‘R’ is over! This top-ranked R name list has along with meaning.

Robina (Meaning of the Robina: Happy Fame)

Robyne (Meaning of the Robyne: One of the Bird Name)

Rochel (Meaning of the Rochel: Relaxation, Rest)

Rohana (Meaning of the Rohana: Sandal timber)

Rollie (Meaning of the Rollie: From the Well-known Land)

Raby (Meaning of the Raby: Luminously)

Raca (Meaning of the Raca: Valueless)

Rach (Meaning of the Rach: Sheep)

Rain (Meaning of the Rain: Evening)

Ruby (Meaning of the Ruby: Rose-colored)

Rudy (Meaning of the Rudy: Lance, Well-known Wolf)

Ruth (Meaning of the Ruth: Confidante, Friend)

Ryan (Meaning of the Ryan: Little Royal / Ruler)

Rusha (Meaning of the Rusha: Pacific)

Rusty (Meaning of the Rusty: Red Ruled )

Rutha (Meaning of the Rutha: Confidante, Acquaintance)

Ruthe (Meaning of the Ruthe: Friend, Associate)

Riki (Meaning of the Riki: Prevailing Leader)

Riku (Meaning of the Riku: Acquitted )

Rima (Meaning of the Rima: Snowy Antelope)

Risa (Meaning of the Risa: Happiness, Pleasure)

Rita (Meaning of the Rita: Gem)

Rana (Meaning of the Rana: Dedication, Sophisticated)

Rane (Meaning of the Rane: Female Ruler, Pure )

Raya (Meaning of the Raya: Movement)

Baby Girl Names That Start With S

If you think that the meanings of names do mean a lot and want to give a good name to your baby, we here provide you with American girl names that are unique with their wonderful meanings. Find a name for female names that start with S.

Sinda (Meaning of the Sinda: Who born at day time)

Sindi (Meaning of the Sindi: Spirit )

Sindy (Meaning of the Sindy: Cheerful)

Siona (Meaning of the Siona: Stars)

Seirra (Meaning of the Seirra: A Innovative Star)

Selema (Meaning of the Selema: Peacetime, Safe)

Selena (Meaning of the Selena: Stellar of the Moon)

Sheria (Meaning of the Sheria: Wonderful, Singer)

Sherie (Meaning of the Sherie: Lovely)

Sherin (Meaning of the Sherin: Very Honeyed)

Sherly (Meaning of the Sherly: Happy Grassland)

Sheron (Meaning of the Sheron: Field, a Fruitful Plain)

Selene (Meaning of the Selene: Lunar Spark)

Selika (Meaning of the Selika: Sacred, Traveller)

Shanah (Meaning of the Shanah: Attractive)

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Shanda (Meaning of the Shanda: God is Polite)

Shandi (Meaning of the Shandi: God is Polite)

Sirin (Meaning of the Sirin: Ironic, Conquest Peace)

Saba (Meaning of the Saba: Early Morning Gust)

Sade (Meaning of the Sade: Pleasantly Singing)

Sena (Meaning of the Sena: Divinity of the Moon)

Sera (Meaning of the Sera: Royalty, Burning One)

Sofi (Meaning of the Sofi: Brainy, Wisdom)

Sole (Meaning of the Sole: Radiance from Northern Lights)

Sona (Meaning of the Sona: Attractive, Pretty)

Sony (Meaning of the Sony: Loveliness, Charming)

Seri (Meaning of the Seri: One of the Hokan Language)

Sage (Meaning of the Sage: Intelligent, Aromatic Herb)

Sami (Meaning of the Sami: Auditor, Beautiful)

Samm (Meaning of the Samm: Darling)

Baby Girl Names That Start With T

Searching for the Girl baby names that start with T? Browse here the latest T-names for babies in the United States. These names give a “modern American name” to your baby.

Tee (Meaning of the Tee: Pleasure, Happiness, Poet)

Tate (Meaning of the Tate: Graceful Hearted, Happy, Pleasant )

Taya (Meaning of the Taya: Procedure of Tea)

Taye (Meaning of the Taye: A Small Form of Taylor)

Topi (Meaning of the Topi: Perfect Place)

Tora (Meaning of the Tora: Noise, Tiger)

Tori (Meaning of the Tori: Successful, Champion, Conqueror; …)

Tory (Meaning of the Tory: Winning, Success)

Teah (Meaning of the Teah: Spirit, Religious, Goddess of Light)

Tonie (Meaning of the Tonie: Outside Price)

Tonja (Meaning of the Tonja: Invaluable)

Tonya (Meaning of the Tonya: Commendable)

Twana (Meaning of the Twana: The Community of the Vandals)

Twila (Meaning of the Twila: Sunset, Evening)

Twyla (Meaning of the Twiyla: Laced, Twilight)

Tyana (Meaning of the Tyana: Bright, Deity)

Tony (Meaning of the Tony: inestimable, Precious)

Tamica (Meaning of the Tamica: Fragrant )

Tamika (Meaning of the Tamika: Seasoning, Palm Tree)

Tracee (Meaning of the Tracee: Fighter, Place of Thracius )

Tracey (Meaning of the Tracey: Residence of Thracius )

Tracia (Meaning of the Tracia: Fighter, Courageous)

Tracie (Meaning of the Tracie: Dwelling of Thracius)

Tracye (Meaning of the Tracye: Farmer)

Tamiko (Meaning of the Tamiko: Persons)

Topaz (Meaning of the Topaz: Jewel, Brownish Fair-haired Golden …)

Teal (Meaning of the Teal: Bluish Green Colour)

Tia (Meaning of the Tia: Pleasure, Royalty)

Taia (Meaning of the Taia: God Gift)

Baby Girl Names That Start With U

Generally, finding the most common girl name beginning with U is Distinctive. Here get many cool international baby names that begin with U.

Una (Meaning of the Una: Unison; Snowy Wave)

Ulia (Meaning of the Ulia: Aquatic Jewel)

Unika (Meaning of the Unika: Unique)

Ursula (Meaning of the Ursula: Robust as a Little Bear)

Ulandra (Meaning of the Ulandra: Purple)

Unity (Meaning of the Unity: Harmonious, Together)

Ukaleq (Meaning of the Ukaleq: Hare from Freezing)

Ulyssa (Meaning of the Ulyssa: Despising)

Ulka (Meaning of the Ulka: Rich )

Uyen (Meaning of the Uyen: Brainy )

Unique (Meaning of the Unique: Single of a Kind, The Only One; … )

Uqalik (Meaning of the Uqalik: Hare from Cold)

UlloriaqvMeaning of the Ulloriaq: Star-like)

Baby Girl Names That Start With V

If you are searching for Cool American Girl baby Names, you are in the right place. Get here countless gorgeous Baby Girl Names That Start with V for your baby. Have a look at the below name list with their meanings which beginning with V.

Vyvian (Meaning of the Vyvian: Energetic, Alive)

Valarie (Meaning of the Valarie: To be Fit, to be Strong;)

Valeria (Meaning of the Valeria: To be Robust)

Valerie (Meaning of the Valerie: Controlling, To be Solid)

Valetta (Meaning of the Valetta: Strong, Robust)

Vala (Meaning of the Vala: Singled out, The Chosen One)

Veda (Meaning of the Veda: Empathetic)

Vanisa (Meaning of the Vanisa: Empress of the Creation)

Vanita (Meaning of the Vanita: Lady, Graceful Lady)

Vianca (Meaning of the Vianca: Fair Sensitive)

Vianna (Meaning of the Vianna: A City in Austria)

Vickey (Meaning of the Vickey: Conquest)

Vanity (Meaning of the Vanity: which is Hopeless)

Vega (Meaning of the Vega: Dropping Star, Field)

Vania (Meaning of the Vania: The Spiritual Goddess, Butterfly)

Vanie (Meaning of the Vanie: Opinion, Dialogue)

Veola (Meaning of the Veola: The Violet Flower)

Verda (Meaning of the Verda: Confidence, Truth)

Verna (Meaning of the Verna: Reality, who Born in Spring)

Vesta (Meaning of the Vesta: one who Born near a Fireplace)

Vena (Meaning of the Vena: Estate, Lute Actor)

Vera (Meaning of the Vera: Reality, Victory)

Vero (Meaning of the Vero: Correct Image, Bearer of Victory)

Baby Girl Names That Start With W

For girl names that start with the letter W, Momnewsdaily has a wide list of unique baby names below. Just check out new, meaningful yet modern names starting with the W letter for your newborn girl child from this latest 2021 name list.

Wynn (Meaning of the Wynn: Fair-minded, Clean)

Wanda (Meaning of the Wanda: Get Overweight, Traveler)

Wanita (Meaning of the Wanita: Ability from God)

Winnifred (Meaning of the Winnifreda: Pacific Friend)

Wilhelmina (Meaning of the Wilhelmina: Motivation, Craving)

Will (Meaning of the Will: Motivation)

Warm (Meaning of the Warm: A Helpful Woman)

Wini (Meaning of the Wini: Champion)

Wenona (Meaning of the Wenona: Charitable, First baby Daughter)

Wynonna (Meaning of the Wynonna: Eldest Daughter)

Wakeisha (Meaning of the Wakeisha: Female)

Wendelyn (Meaning of the Wendelyn: Boundary, Proceeds, Traveler)

Whittany (Meaning of the Whittany: Snowy Island)

Willisha (Meaning of the Willisha: One who Generates Illusion )

Willie (Meaning of the Willie: Guard)

Willow (Meaning of the Willow: Shelter, Tree name)

Wayne (Meaning of the Wayne: Person who Makes Efforts …)

Wende (Meaning of the Wende: Associate, Wander)

Baby Girl Names That Start With X

Searching for US Girl baby names starting with X? Get here the most detailed list of the latest baby girl names starting with the letter X with meaning. Discover the best name for your little girl.

Xexilia (Meaning of the Xexilia: Eyeless)

Xiomara (Meaning of the Xiomara: Wonderful / Well-known in Battle )

Xandra (Meaning of the Xandra: Defender of Humanity)

Ximena (Meaning of the Ximena: She who Catches)

Xan (Meaning of the Xan: daylight Element)

Xena (Meaning of the Xana: Courageous, Beautiful)

Xaria (Meaning of the Xaria: Descant)

Xan (Meaning of the Xan: Protector of Mankind )

Xavia (Meaning of the Xavia: The Innovative House)

Xochitl (Meaning of the Xochitl: Floret, Blossom-like)

Baby Girl Names That Start With Y

Do you want to give a perfect name for your little girl? Search here to discover the reputation, meaningful name that starts with the letter Y.

Yamit (Meaning of the Yamit: To Delay)

Yamka (Meaning of the Yamka: Flower, Potential Flower)

Yamma (Meaning of the Yamma: Refilter)

Yasmine (Meaning of the Yasmine: Flower Jasmine, Flower which gives fragrant)

Yazmeen (Meaning of the Yazmeen: Flower Jasmine)

Yakira (Meaning of the Yakira: Valuable, Cherished)

Yanara (Meaning of the Yanara: Outstanding Light)

Yanira (Meaning of the Yanira: Skill from God )

Yarden (Meaning of the Yarden: To Incline)

Yasheera (Meaning of the Yasheera: Rich)

Yessenia (Meaning of the Yessenia: Blossom)

Youlanda (Meaning of the Youlanda: Purple Flower)

Yami (Meaning of the Yami: Blinking Star)

Yana (Meaning of the Yana: Precious Gift from God )

Yaya (Meaning of the Yaya: The Star in night)

Yanci (Meaning of the Yanci: Formed, a High-spirited Woman)

Yancy (Meaning of the Yancy: Produced name )

Yanet (Meaning of the Yanet: God is Tactful)

Yanni (Meaning of the Yanni: God Gift)

Yasha (Meaning of the Yasha: Celebrity, Flouris)

Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

Get here a new, meaningful and modern name starting with Z letter for your newborn girl child from the below-mentioned latest 2021 name list. These unique and cute baby names have respective meanings.

Zion (Meaning of the Zion: Protection)

Zita (Meaning of the Zita: Crop; Searcher)

Zazie (Meaning of the Zazie: Harmony)

Zelda (Meaning of the Zelda: Struggling in Darkness)

Zella (Meaning of the Zella: Beginning Warrior)

Zelma (Meaning of the Zelma: Hat of God)

Ziva (Meaning of the Ziva: Glowing, Shining)

Zshakira (Meaning of the Zshakira: Grateful)

Zsusanna (Meaning of the Zsusanna: Rosette, Flower Lilly)

Zitkalasa (Meaning of the Zitkalasa: Pink Bird)

Zuni (Meaning of the Zuni: Imaginative Person)

Zoomie (Meaning of the Zoomie: An Spirited Woman)

Zuille (Meaning of the Zuille: The Unique Power of the Creation)

Zyanya (Meaning of the Zyanya: Forever )

Zabrina (Meaning of the Zabrina: Productive Desert Flower)

Zuri (Meaning of the Zuri: Attractive, Snowy)

Zeyna (Meaning of the Zeyna: Attractive, Ornament )

Zhana (Meaning of the Zhana: Protector of Mankind)

Zhane (Meaning of the Zhane: Phonetic Different of Jenae)

Zyla (Meaning of the Zyla: Follower )

Zyra (Meaning of the Zyra: Eastern Illumination)

Zainab (Meaning of the Zainab: Ornamented)

Zandra (Meaning of the Zandra: Defender of Humanity)

Zanika (Meaning of the Zanika: Healthy Person )

Zariah (Meaning of the Zariah: Royalty, Queen)

Zaina (Meaning of the Zaina: Beautiful, Attractive)

Zia (Meaning of the Zia: Sunny, Progressive)

Zoe (Meaning of the Zoe: Brightness of Life, Brave)

A baby girl is a gift, and to name her, it should be meaningful. Names play the most important role in everybody’s life as no one can live without a name. It is likely that our parents chose our names for us based on what was popular at the time of our birth, with the hope that we would grow up to be happy, healthy adults. Nonetheless, they are the ones who stuck with us in life and lovingly cared for us as well as hoping that we would continue to carry their family name. With so many baby names to choose from, it can be difficult to find cute baby girl names you actually like, and that aren’t overused. You may even find it overwhelming trying to find the best popular baby girl names of the 2021.