15 Free Online Classes For Kids in India 2022

For Indian parents, finding affordable and interesting classes for their children can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 free online classes for kids in India. From language learning to coding, there’s something for everyone on this list! So read on to find the perfect class for your little one!

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As a parent, you are always looking for ways to keep your kids engaged in education even when they are not at school. With so many distractions around them, it can be difficult to find the right balance between letting your kids explore and staying on top of their learning goals.

Though online classes for kids are an excellent way to supplement their learning at home. The beauty of these courses is that you can either join them with your child or let him/her go solo. There are some free online classes out there that have been designed specifically to keep classes for children in mind. Here are the 15 best free online classes for kids available in India 2022 for the parents to enroll their children.

Best free online classes for kids

In the era of digitalization and technological advancements, most of the work is now done online. This also includes education and there are several free online classes for kids that parents in India can access and help their children learn new things. Here are some of the best free online classes for kids in India

1. Storyline: Best online Classes For 2-8 Years Old

This online class is perfect for teaching kids ages 2-8 years old. It helps them learn new words, stories, and poems through interactive games and activities. The storyline is available in English and Hindi. It provides video tutorials on a range of topics such as math, science, economics, etc. This is also provided online educational games and virtual tours of live classes conducted by one of the best teachers.

2. Scholastic: Best online learning class For K-12

This free online learning class is perfect for kids in grades K-12. It offers over 10,000 resources which include eBooks, read aloud, activities, lesson plans, and quizzes. The resources are aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It also has a parent resource center where parents can get help and support for their children’s education. It also provides a teacher program that can be accessed by teachers to teach kids using digital resources.

3. Glearnr

Glearnr stands for “Group Learner” and focuses on educating children beyond academics and curriculum. It helps children learn life skills, including but not limited to managing personal finances, practical communication skills, social media basics, and problem-solving abilities. Students are restricted to a maximum of seven and a minimum of three in each course in order to give each learner equal attention and care. Moreover, the subject matter experts are chosen carefully to develop a trustworthy relationship with the young minds. Glearnr is an ideal place for children to learn the art of collaboration, social skills, teamwork, and empathy.

Benefits of Glearnr:

  • Teamwork: Optimum class size ensures that kids learn the art the collaboration and teamwork through proper communication and empathy.
  • Teachers with high EQ: Teachers are selected to teach only if they score well on Cambridge University’s empathy quotient framework.
  • Focus on Life Skills: The continuous focus is to deliver and create courses that are missed in schools but have a significant impact on overall life.

Some of the Top courses are:

  • Building Newspaper Reading Habit in Kids
  • Personal Finance Lessons for Kids
  • Self Management & Discipline for kids

Also, Glearnr will NEVER harass you with constant sales calls!
Glearnr has a 7 step selection process for the instructors to filter out the best tutors to teach on Glearnr platform.
Enroll Now, visit : www.glearnr.com , Email: [email protected]

4. Khan Academy kids: online art classes for kids

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free kids classes that are available on YouTube. It consists of several video lectures by experienced teachers. These courses are helpful to students in early childhood development centers, elementary school, middle school, and high school. These free classes are also available in different languages. They also provide online art classes for kids to learn how to paint and make different artwork. Khan Academy takes on demand classes which is totally free.

5. Learn with homer

This website has courses on mathematics, science, and language for kids. It also offers short online lessons designed by top Indian university professors. Signing up with this site is free of cost. This website is available in English and Hindi languages. This website offers an amazing range of courses in mathematics, science, economics, humanities, and more. The science lessons are particularly good and are based on the CBSE syllabus. They also provide different art classes or virtual field trips for kids online, as well.

6. Adventure Academy: Free Online classes for kids

Do you want your child to have a hands-on experience when it comes to learning? Well, then Adventure Academy is a perfect choice. This free online class has more than 3 lakh students with over 30,000 annual subscribers who are introduced to the world of adventure through their website. The platform includes videos on the discovery, knowledge sharing about cultures, and environmental conservation. Your child can play games and they provide free access to the parents and guardians as well. They also provide different art free virtual classes for kids to enhance their motor skills.

7. National Geographic kids: Best online learning class For activities

This website is packed with fun facts and activities about animals. A popular free online learning course all over the world, this website for kids will provide your child with high-quality content in different languages. Through this course, children can learn about wildlife, history, geography, science, and much more. Some of the activities that can be found under this category include making a volcano or doing an art project based on African animals. As well as, there are games for kids to play based on their interests. The free courses available on this website is designed by learning experts by US curriculum standards, particularly for pre-K children aged 3-5 years old.

8. PBS Kids: Best online classes

In these online classes, your children can learn number and alphabet recognition, shapes, colors, vocabulary, and more. Kids can also watch funny videos of their favorite characters from shows like Sesame Street. PBS Kids also offers a special reading program for kids below the age of five. Therefore, if you want to give your child a head start in education, PBS Kids is the right place to be. The free classes they provide are very beneficial and not only for kids who study in a school or college. It is equally effective for kids who stay at home and want to learn new things.

9. Cosmic Kids Yoga: Best Online Yoga Classes For Kids

This is a great yoga class for kids that helps them learn about their bodies, breath, and mind. The lessons are interactive and fun, making it a great way to learn yoga. Cosmic Kids’ online yoga class helps kids to overcome their daily stress and helps them focus better. Kids get to learn about yoga poses, meditation, and relaxation. They also provide some education classes regarding your child subjects of their school. The lessons are interactive and help children learn new things in a fun way.

10. GoNoodle : Best Online Classes For Music

This website is aimed at children ages 5-12 years old and offers a variety of activities, games, and exercises that help with physical activity, focus, and creativity. GoNoodle also lets parents track their children’s progress, wins, and losses. Through the website, kids can learn about rock climbing, yoga for kids, Spanish, Minecraft tutorials, gymnastics, piano lessons, calligraphy, art history, philosophy, and much more. By this learning platform, kids can learn new skills and improve their creativity, focus, and physical activity all at the same time.

11. Amazing educational resources

This website offers a variety of resources for kids of all ages, from kindergarten to grade 12. It includes worksheets, online games, quizzes, and other activities that help with different subjects such as math, science, English, social studies, and more. The website also has resources for parents and teachers that want to help their kids or students with their studies. Therefore, the video courses, worksheets, and other resources on this website can be extremely helpful for both kids and parents.

12. Fun Brain

This website is for children in grades K-8 and is filled with educational games, quizzes, and comics that make learning fun. The website includes topics such as math, reading, geography, science, social studies, language arts, and even SAT practice. Kids can learn for fun while also developing reading skills that will help them in the future. By this platform, kids can also improve their knowledge about various subjects while making it enjoyable.

13. KidLit

KidLit is a free online class is designed to help children develop their reading and writing skills. KidLit offers a variety of activities such as reading stories, writing stories, and playing games that help kids learn in a fun way. As well as, parents can access the materials and use them to help their children learn at any age. Though the class is designed for kids aged 3-8 years, parents can use the materials to help their children learn at any age. Therefore, KidLit is a good choice for parents who want their children to develop their reading and learning skills.

14. MyStoryBook

This is a website that offers online story-telling classes for kids. The classes are designed to help children develop their reading and writing skills. It has various features that enhance the reading experience and increase the imagination of children. It also contains various elements of storytelling and parents can help their children learn and create stories with it. MyStoryBook is available in English and Hindi. The lessons are interactive and there are games and quizzes that children can play to test their knowledge.

15. Bronx Zoo Animal Doodles

This is an online class that offers various lessons to children about animals. It also covers information on zoos and animal enclosures. Children can learn through games, coloring pages, quizzes, and word searches. The site offers printable certificates of completion for kids who complete the course. Bronx Zoo Animal Doodles is available in English. And it covers all the important topics related to animals. This would be perfect for the parents whose children love to know about animals as well.

The Bottom line

We hope this list of resources will help you find the perfect online course for your child. The classes included in this list are great for kids who want to learn more about their interests and improve the skills they already have. With so many options available, there is no excuse not to take advantage of these free classes that are accessible from anywhere with internet access. All of these courses are free and take only a few hours to complete. So if you’re thinking about taking your child out for the day, or looking for some new skills that will teach them more about their world, then this list is just what you need. If you have any query regarding the above context then feel free to share with us through a comment section below.

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