16 Best Online Classes for Kids in 2021

Are you trying to find the best online classes for kids to educate your children? Or else, do you want your child to learn new skills by sitting at home? If yes, then we have compiled the list of best live online classes for kids in 2021. You can opt for any of these to give your child a healthy online learning environment.

The best way to keep your child engaged and curious is by enrolling them in online classes. The online environment is a great way to get your child to participate and show an interest in subjects that you might not think they would be interested in. Understanding how fast children learn and how they learn best plays a critical role in achieving success both in school and later in life. It is thus you should choose the online classes for them wisely.

17 Best Online Educational Classes and Programs for Kids

One of the benefits of online courses is that they are more convenient. You can watch lessons at your own pace and can usually pause and rewind to go over tough concepts. There are plenty of online courses for kids that bring the classroom into the home. Let us explore these options.


One of the Best Preschools in India

EuroKids is one of the finest preschools in India, offering international standard education … Learn how to get started with online education at EuroKids. They offer kindergarten, pre-K, and kindergarten, UKG program. Eurokids brings together the best methods of education and development, offering kids a fun, engaging, and educational play-based environment for their first five years. Their concept is simple: children learn more effectively and easily when they are having fun. Since 2004, the EuroKids Curriculum has served over 80000 children from all over the India.


  • Children can attend live sessions to learn concepts.
  • A well-structured and designed by experts curriculum is followed.
  • Children are provided with learning material kits.
  • Parents also get access to recorded sessions for flexibility.
  • Numerous additional activities to encourage children to explore new things.
  • Guidance is provided by highly skilled trainers.
  • Webinar sessions for parents at regular intervals.
  • Parents can book a trial class before enrollment.

Contact Number: +91 8929092828

Fees: Depends upon the program enrolled.

“It was my best decision to choose EuroKids classes for my lovely daughter. She enjoys learning and her progress is wonderful”

-Shalini Mathur


PlanetSpark is a platform that leverages powerful technology to provide live online classes to K8 learners on English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, Vlogging and other ‘new age’ skills. With the use of modern fun methods of learning that go beyond traditional ways and unorganized tuitions, PlanetSpark makes learning a joyful experience for kids.

Their curated courses are backed by solid research that determines the skillset any child of a specific age needs to possess in the 21st century world. The courses are designed for three different age groups of 4-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-13 years and are taught by experts focusing on the main pillars of Language, Cognitive and Creative. With over 500+ qualified teachers, 500+ learning workbooks and 300+ mobile learning games, PlanetSpark aims to make the learning journey of a kid an enriching one!

PlanetSpark Offers:
Classes for Public Speaking and Creative Writing for Kids

  • Live 1 on 1 classes
  • Easy to enroll
  • Learn from expert faculties
  • New age skills for kids according to their interest
  • Engaging and interactive sessions

Suitable for: 4 years and up

For 1:1 personalised classes, the certification costs range from a minimum of INR 13K INR to maximum of INR 39K.

Enroll: Click Here




Glearnr is an online platform which allows kids to discover and join live batches on their interests and learn while working on carefully designed projects by quality instructors. Glearnr Focus on things missed or not taught in school especially life skills by providing courses carefully designed to impart skills needed for a happy life which are never taught as a part of school curriculum.

Benefits : Live classes, Parent engagement, small groups, expert instructors.
Suitable for : Kids ( age depends on the course )
Fee : INR 500 to 950 per class
Website : www.glearnr.com

Enroll: Click Here


ABCmouse is an online educational program for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. With ABCmouse, parents can set goals and track progress, while kids can learn at their own pace in a safe environment with kid-friendly content. This online learning platform offers a variety of activities & online classes for preschoolers that promote early childhood development. It has numerous interactive modules that will help your child in learning concepts related to Maths, Science, Language, and Art. Your kids will enjoy attending animated activities that are related to their educational learning. Most importantly, this program works on both iOS and Android platforms. With over 2000 printable activities in math, reading, and handwriting, it’s a great tool to ensure your child gets ahead in their early education.

ABCmouse Offers:

  • Classes on the subject including Maths, Science, Language, and Art.
  • Health & Wellness training classes
  • Coding and Engineering class
  • Multiple language learning modules
  • All Music classes
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  1. Various learning resources in Program Library
  2. Learning through musical videos
  3. Provides tickets and rewards
  4. Free for the first month

Suitable For: 2-8 years old kids.

Fee: The subscription plan for ABCmouse is available at $9.95 per month.

Enroll: Click Here


ReadWriteThink is a proven leader in K-12 online learning. They offer reading and writing resources that are aligned with state, national, and international standards. Classroom Resources, Professional Development, Videos, and Parent & Afterschool Resources are parts of its learning modules. There are hundreds of unit plans, lesson plans, and activities that are organized by theme, learning purpose, and grade level under each heading. Everything from vocabulary to reading skills to podcast design is covered in the material. The interactive live online classes for kids will grab the interest of the children with simple lesson plans. Depending on the grade of your child, you can filter out the suitable content and kids can start learning on the go.

ReadWriteThink Offers:

  • Classroom resources
  • Professional development training
  • After school studying modules
  • Flash-based games


  1. Literacy Calendar
  2. Quality learning materials
  3. Free-of-cost
  4. Powerful content connection

Suitable For: Grades K-12

Fee: Free-of-cost.

Enroll: Click Here

The Blue Balloon Classes

It is one of the Best Online Classes for Kids. If your child is interested in learning some music education, then you should not look further. The Blue Balloon Classes offers long-distance lessons. Some proficient instructors will teach your child to play an instrument. Unlike other music classes, they follow a different approach to make children learn their favorite instrument. They make children learn through writing a song over live video chatting. The best part is it is suitable for kids of all age groups. You can opt for a one-on-one lesson class or group classes depending on your child’s comfort.

The Blue Balloon Classes Offers:

  • Guitar learning
  • Keyboard classes
  • Violin learning classes
  • Ukulele classes


  1. Tailored music education
  2. Students write their songs
  3. Provides remote lessons
  4. Learn with creative instructors

Suitable For: 3-18 years old kids.

Fee: The classes start from $25.

Enroll: Click Here


If you are looking to invest in affordable online classes for your little one, then Time4Learning will work for you! Its Online Educational Programs for Kids are comprehensively designed to make the learning experience interesting. With Time4Learning, the curriculum of your child will include all the necessary modules that enhance their skills and learning. Quizzes, worksheets, tests, all will help your child to get prepared to do wonders in their academics. Here, you can easily track the progress of your child with the help of an easy reporting system. Not just the current performance, but you can fetch records for any date at any time.

Time4Learning Offers:

  • Curriculum for Maths, Language, and Science
  • Homeschooling for special needs children
  • Multiple elective subjects
  • After school modules


  1. Awards & certification
  2. Well-structures curriculum
  3. Reasonable price
  4. Improves academic grades

Suitable For: 4 to 18 years old kids

Fee: For PreK-8 students, the subscription fee is $20 per month & for high school students it is $30 per month.

Enroll: Click Here

Little Pim

Little Pim is an amazing destination for an online class for preschoolers. It is a subscription-based service that works with kids ages 1 to 5 to help them learn multiple languages. To hold the focus and attention, they have 5min videos. This makes it easy for the kid to grab the concept and understand on the go. Besides, you can access the content on multiple types of devices. Whenever needed, kids can access educational learning videos that are available in 12 languages. The best part is that your child can learn 360 words and phrases that will help in learning the essentials of any language that you choose for him to learn. Not just this, but you will also get printable lessons and some fun activities to keep the learning a fun process.

Little Pim Offers:

  • Selection from 12 languages
  • Lesson and fun Activities
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • 3-day free trial period


  1. Children can learn multiple languages
  2. Unlimited subscription
  3. Does not require prior language knowledge
  4. Hassle-free access to content

Suitable For: 1 to 5 years old kids.

Fee: Only 9.99/month

Enroll: Click Here

Learn with Homer

If you are looking for the Best Online Classes for Kids, then Homer’s got you covered! At Homer’s online tutoring service, it is ensured that your child is challenged and encouraged to reach their full potential. Homer is an online platform that allows you to learn from the best teachers. Whether want to sharpen creative skills, learn maths, or social and emotional learning, Homer can help you find the right class for your child. This means not only academic development but you can expect your kids to learn confidence and skills for life. Their services are categorized on basis of age group and subjects. Thus you can easily access and enroll your kid depending on requirements.

LittleLearn with Homer Offers:

  • 30 days free trial
  • Classes for Maths, reading, etc.
  • Early learning program
  • Growing learner program


  1. Personalized programs
  2. Happy Experiences
  3. Improve academic scores
  4. Learn from experts

Suitable For: 1 to 8 years old kids

Fee: Subscription is for $60 per year

Enroll: Click Here

Splash Learn

Splash Learn is an online education platform that makes learning fun for kids of all ages. They create engaging, interactive, and interesting content for children to learn from. The platform is specifically available to boost the confidence and skills of kids in Maths and Reading. Here, kids can access online games, math apps, printables, and even digital classrooms. They provide the highest quality early education programs, all designed to create a personalized learning experience for each child. Their Online Preschool Classes aim to engage kids in learning things and getting prepared for their schooling experience. For other grades student, the platform helps improve school performance.

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Splash Learn Offers:

  • Maths classes for K to 5th grade
  • Reading classes for K to 2nd grade
  • Interactive games
  • Reading games


  1. Get structures lessons
  2. Acces child progress report
  3. Engaging learning style
  4. Customize learning experience

Suitable For: Preschoolers to 5th-grade kids

Fee: Free-of cost

Enroll: Click Here

Mo Willems Classes

If you are searching for a fun and educational activity to enjoy with your kiddos (or just a grown-up who loves kids’ books), we recommend attending a class by Mo Willems, the best-selling author of more than twenty children’s books, including Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Knuffle Bunny. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems is suitable for kids of all age groups and the best part is that even parents enjoy attending the sessions. These sessions are free of cost and you will learn new things daily. However, if you miss it by chance, then you have the leverage to access it via the Kennedy Center website. These classes are not less than other Best Online Classes for Kids in terms of productivity and fun.

Mo Willems Classes Offers:

  • Drawing sessions with Mo Willems
  • New episode everyday’
  • Live lunch doodle
  • Downloadable activities


  1. Get to Learn from the professional
  2. Easy to access the previous videos via YouTube
  3. Tagging artwork on social media
  4. No age restriction

Suitable For: All age group

Fee: Free-of cost

Enroll: Click Here


K12 is a leading provider of educational programs and online classes for kids, teens, and adults. K12 offers a wide range of high-quality online classes for preschoolers and accredited courses to help students achieve academic success. It offers a comprehensive curriculum of core subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, etc. Students can watch videos of teachers instructing them on the material and complete interactive assignments and assessments. The platform allows you to enroll your kid based on tuition-free and tuition-based classes. Besides, students can enroll in high school classes, pre-Kindergarten programs, and courses for homeschoolers.

K12 Offers:

  • Stand-alone courses
  • Tuition-based and tuition-free course
  • Stride career preparation
  • Special education programs


  1. Comprehensive study plan
  2. Easy to enroll
  3. Different programs to choose from
  4. Improve academic grades

Suitable For: K-12 grade kids

Fee: Varies depending upon the choice of course

Enroll: Click Here

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a complete online learning solution for parents and children. Their curriculum aims to inspire curiosity, bring families together, and help children learn through play. They have games and activities that help to promote and develop science, maths, and life skills in children. Cartoon characters are the favorite of all the kids. PSB learning program uses interactive animation podcats to engage the children in an all-around learning process. If you want your kids to learn the problem-solving ability, critical-thinking ability, then you must enroll them with the Online Educational programs for Kids of PSB.

PBS Kids Offers:

  • Virtual learning resources
  • Kids Shows
  • Do at-home activities
  • Engaging podcasts


  1. Interactive way of learning
  2. Creative activities
  3. Crafts to learn at home

Suitable For: 2 to 7 years old kids

Fee: No subscription fee for PBS games

Enroll: Click Here

Generation Genius

If your kid is in any grade between K to 8, then this online learning platform can prove to be highly beneficial for him. It is labeled as one of the best resources for online classes for nursery students. Their informative videos are highly engaging and help children to learn the concept with ease. From DIY activities to various fun quizzes, you will find a lot of beneficial and interactive modules that will aid in the learning of your little one. Their educational videos are classified based on the grade of the kid. Thus you will not face any difficulty in navigating through the content.

Generation GeniusOffers:

  • Interactive lessons
  • Learning videos
  • Reading material
  • DIY activities


  1. Helps in concept building
  2. Easy to understand videos
  3. Different pricing plans
  4. Convenient to access content

Suitable For: K to 8th-grade kids

Fee: It costs $95 per year for one device

Enroll: Click Here

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media is a free resource for teachers and parents to find lessons, digital games, videos, and books to use with their students. They have been around for many years, and have a ton of great content that teachers or parents can use in the classroom or at home. The site has lots of fun videos, games, and worksheets for kids. PBS Learning Media offers a variety of tools to make it easier for educators to guide students through hands-on learning experiences. It also offers Online Preschool Classes that will help your little one to be prepared for his school.

PBS Learning Media Offers:

  • Personal development classes
  • Preschool courses
  • Language classes
  • Classes for PreK to high school


  1. Free-of-cost
  2. Multiple structured courses
  3. Excellent study material
  4. Use customized dashboard
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Suitable For: Pre-K to grade 12 students

Fee: Free-of-cost

Enroll: Click Here


While talking about Best Online Classes for Kids, one cannot forget to mention the name of CK-12 classes. It is one of the best free resources that will help your kids to excel in their studies and boost their scores. Be it Maths, social science, or photography, this site has got all the useful study material at zero cost. Moreover, as an update, CK-12 is now integrated with Flexi. It works as a tutor for students. Flexi helps answer the queries of students and provide them with suitable explanation. Not just this, but it even assists students by reminding them about their upcoming assignments on time.

CK-12 Offers:

  • A wide range of educational courses
  • Study materials
  • Flex Books
  • Webinars


  1. Free of cost
  2. Access study guides
  3. Interactive dashboard
  4. High-quality content

Suitable For: Grade 1 student to higher education

Fee: Free-of-cost

Enroll: CK-12 Offers


In Sumdog, kids discover new words and concepts while learning math fundamentals like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and problem-solving—all while earning valuable rewards. Thus, it is a fun way to learn math and spelling in a safe environment. According to Sumdog, if your child spends approx 30 mins a week playing its educational games, then it can help in enhancing his fluency and academic performance. It encourages the child to understand new maths concepts quickly and easily. Thus, to accelerate the progress of your child, you must try this Online Educational Programs for Kids, Sumdog.

Sumdog Offers:

  • The full academic syllabus coverage
  • Adaptive learning games
  • Assignments
  • Advanced features in paid plans


  1. Allow multiplayer games
  2. Various practice questions
  3. Platform independent
  4. 6 free games with sign up

Suitable For: 5-14 years old

Fee: Free-of-cost

Enroll: Click Here


Swayer is an online education platform for children. It was founded with a mission to empower children to become independent learners, critical thinkers, and amazing humans by providing them with the best online classes for kids in K-12. Swayer offers fun and engaging classes for students that they can access at home. Kids get to learn about a wide variety of topics ranging from coding to geography, to programming and more. Swayer is a great way to give your kids an edge in their future educations and career fields. It allows your kids to learn from the best educators in the industry using the most creative and innovative educational methods on the market.

Swayer Offers:

  • Preschool & toddler educational programs
  • Free activities
  • Dance & movement activities online
  • Classes for teens


  1. Informative classes
  2. Various courses to choose from
  3. Highly skilled trainers
  4. Attractive discount deals

Suitable For: 1 year to 18-year-old kids

Fee: Depends upon the type of class you book

Enroll: Click Here

How do you make online classes interesting for kids?

Making online learning fun is one of the most powerful tools you have as a parent. It will help your child develop positive attitudes about themselves and their abilities. For this, you will have to set up an online study plan for your kids to ensure that they get the most out of their online classes.

Moreover, to make it more interesting you can enroll them in Online Educational Programs for Kids that engage them in practical experiments. Doing different experiments will not help the child to learn and memorize easily but will also develop an interest in attending the classes. Another method to maintain the interest of children in online classes is to reward them whenever they perform well in classes. Track their progress and appreciate their efforts.

How do I prepare my child for online classes?

Online educational programs for kids are an excellent way to teach children about the world they live in. These educational modules help kids learn everything from science and math to language arts and art. However, to make sure that they are gaining maximum benefits from their online classes, you should stay prepared with few things.

  • Enroll them in Best Online Classes for Kids, depending on their interests.
  • You should decide on a fixed schedule for their classes and a suitable place to attend them.
  • Make sure they do not get distracted by anything while attending the classes.
  • Help them to manage their time and perform activities on their own.
  • Track their progress in classes and give them feedback.
  • Before the class starts, help them to collect the essentials that will be needed during the class to avoid the end-moment hassle.

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The above mentioned are some of the best live online classes for kids that will help your child to learn things quickly at home. Nowadays, online learning is a great way for kids to keep pace with other students. By enrolling your child in an online class, you are opening doors for him or her to explore new interests and ideas. Online classes can also provide an opportunity for students to build self-confidence and self-discipline. The best part is that for enrolling your child in Best Online Classes for Kids, all you need is a stable internet connection and a workstation. Nevertheless, it will require some of your time and effort to keep a track of their progress.