Seven Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Technology has completely changed the world of education. Since apps were first introduced, learning opportunities…

Technology has completely changed the world of education. Since apps were first introduced, learning opportunities have exploded, providing more students than ever with access to high-quality educational materials. Today’s educational apps facilitate better communication between children, teachers, and parents, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Children absorb information easily, which is why it is so important for them to learn while they are still young. As their knowledge grows, they need to be continually challenged so that they can continue learning new things. With so many apps to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. Below are some of the best educational apps recommended by Tradewind Educational to help children expand their knowledge and explore new ideas.

1. Duolingo
When it comes to learning a new language, few apps are as effective as Duolingo. Through this app, kids can learn a number of different languages ranging from Italian, German, and French to Dutch, Danish, Spanish, and English. The app itself is available for free. Although there are in-app purchases available, they aren’t mandatory. Best of all, the app makes mastering a new language fun and exciting for kids.

2. ClassDojo
This unique app acts as a virtual classroom, connecting teachers, parents, and students. Not only does that mean that parents can keep up with their child’s progress but it also ensures that kids can get help from their teacher if they need it. This app is an excellent supplement to learning in a traditional classroom. By encouraging better communication, it helps ensure that children have the best educational experience possible.

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3. Quick Maths
Make learning math easier for kids by introducing them to this app. It is geared toward children who are in anywhere from second grade to sixth grade. Through fun and innovative teaching methods, it makes mastering the art of working with numbers a lot easier for children. You can download it from the App Store to give it a try.

4. DragonBox
This app is also centered around math, providing children with fun games that introduce fundamental concepts in subjects like geometry and algebra. Math can be very dry and boring if it is taught in the wrong way. Using the techniques in the app, however, it becomes something fun and exciting, which makes it a lot easier for kids to master. Although you do have to pay for the games up front, you don’t have to worry about any extra in-app expenses.

5. YouTube Kids
This app features YouTube content that is specially chosen for kids. From entertaining videos to educational content, there are a lot of things to love about this app. Kids have a chance to immerse themselves in some of their favorite videos. Through the educational video content that is provided, they can delve deeper into topics that interest them, allowing them to grow their knowledge and expand their minds. The app itself is free, making it a great choice for kids. Best of all, you can trust that all of the videos included in the platform are age-appropriate for your child.

6. Crossword Puzzles
Doing crossword puzzles forces kids to tap into their creativity, helping them expand their knowledge and grow their ability to think. Even though these puzzles may seem like games, they can help your child perform better at school. Installing this app for your child is a great way to give them their best shot at academic success.

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7. Science360
Produced by the National Science Foundation, this app is designed for use on tablets. It displays videos for kids that center around topics like science and engineering. The quality of the content is extremely high, with new videos being uploaded each week. The National Science Foundation works with some of the leading researchers and scientists throughout the world to create compelling content. As an added bonus, the app features a 360° view, which provides a 3-D experience for kids.