10 best Preschools in Delhi for Your Toddler

Pre-schooling for toddler plays a pivotal role in a child’s life. It helps to prepare the child for his primary education in physical, mental, social and language-based training.

Nowadays pre-schooling has become mandatory to secure primary school admissions. Parents are bombarded with numerous billboards with pre-schools claiming to choose the best one that works for your child is not an easy task. Here is the list for your idea on Preschools in Delhi for Toddlers.

The Magic Years (Vasant Vihar)

‘The Magic Years’ is an experienced Montessori school providing the best education and care for young children in New Delhi. The school follows the teaching methods of Dr Maria Montessori.

The child is allowed encouraged to grow and encouraged to learn at his own pace with his peers. The child develops a conscience, memory, knowledge, sensorial skills, language skill, and gain equal leaning of walking, talking, learning and social activities in the early years of their life.

Salient features of the school are:

  • Teacher Student ratio is 1:4
  • Nutritious lunch will be provided on time.
  • Age limit: 2 to 6 years of age
  • Facilities such as outdoor area, sports equipment, and child-friendly furniture are available.

Step by Step Nursery School (Panchsheel)

This is the best school for providing special care for your toddler. The school ensures the full day joyful learning activities that develop the child love for learning.

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The school maintains an excellent teacher-student ratio. The school facilitates with wooden building, swimming pool, extracurricular & Co-curricular activities, a large garden with a dollhouse and music room.

A teaching methodology of this Montessori is purely based on Reggio, Emilia and play way. The curriculum designated for the program is age appropriate. The regular learning and staying time for toddlers is 3 hours.

Little Pearls (Vasant Vihar)

Vasanth Vihar is one of the best toddler school learning centers for the age group of 1.5 to 5 years. The school helps the toddler to learn with an excellent blend of Montessori and curriculum-based professional learning.

All classrooms are fully air-conditioned. It provides an eclectic approach to learning. Transport facility has GPS security option that is safe for your toddler for safe pick up and drops.

The Ardee Montessori School (Sujan Singh Park)

Famous toddler play schools in Delhi give attention to the students with the teacher-student ratio of 2:20. The playschool follows the teaching methodology of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and plays way models.

The School provides a healthy, energetic and nutritious meal for lunch. It features with wooden play jungle gym outdoor, water play zone, sandpit and fully wooden made furniture for students activities.

Bachpan Play School

The Childhood is called Bachpan in Hindi and Bachpan Play School is especially for children to start developing their physical, social, emotional, and learning activities. This is the school for the holistic growth and development of the child.

This school offers a unique pedagogy and a positive environment for the toddlers. The school has more than 30+ branches in Delhi. Some of its major locality schools are at Dwarka, Vasanth Vihar, Chhatarpur, Paschim Vihar etc.

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Kidzee is Asia’s most famous playschool has centers in all over India. If your toddler age is between 1 and 3 then your first choice must be Kidzee.

The learning environment and teaching methodology is purely base on Montessori, play way method. The school provides excellent professional teaching staff and holistic learning environment in Delhi.

Kidzee greatly helps in the development of children confidence, learning ability, and language skills. It has nurtured close to 4.5 lakh of children in India. What are you waiting for? Start now and get admission today.

Euro Kids

Euro kids are the most reputed play school with a curriculum based on learning and playing. It greatly helps to identify the uniqueness of the child and their growth in their early years.

The child education in a nurturing environment with fully furnished classrooms ensures technology-based learning. Euro Kids is a redefining preschool education in India with a wholesome mix of technology, learning, playing, toy, games, swimming, etc. Grab the greatest opportunity to make your child active in excellent learning and other extracurricular activities.

Mother’s Pride

Mother’s Pride is a famous preschool in Delhi. The toddler you left in school felt like as like in the home is the specialty of the Mother’s Pride. It is a school frankly take care of the student like their child. A home away from home is the rule of Mother’s Pride.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:5; Teacher gives more attention to the children for learning and playing. It is a mix of activities in a spacious and friendly environment. This school ensures the right platform for the child’s future.

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Kangaroo Kids

It is a playschool runs with International Standards. Kangaroo Kids offers playschool and primary school education facilitator offers the best interactive learning to the toddlers. You are glad to learn the gamut of facilities and services offered by the school.

Little Millennium

Little Millennium is curate exclusively for toddlers in Delhi. It offers a child-friendly infrastructure focused mainly on quality learning and interpersonal skills with the help of professional teachers.

It is one of the most renowned preschools in India provides the right confidence to the child towards their bright future.

These are the 10 best Preschools in Delhi for your Toddler. Life at a playschool is full of fun, interesting, engaging and learning new skills and it’s your time to start preparing them for their first step!