Simple proven ways to help your child perform well at school

In This ArticleStart from a learning activityAllow them to follow their passionMake Subjects feel relevant…

Start from a learning activity

Learning is very important in a child’s life. Learning ability makes your child smarter, logical thinker, brilliant, brave, and more confident personality.

Allow your child to learn physical and sports activities. Allow them to read more books and literacy subjects. Once they start to learn in childhood, obviously they start to study in their primary and secondary education.

Learning activity helps to improve cognitive skills, working ability, methodology, perfection, clearance about the subject and knowledge.

Allow them to follow their passion

In this world, everything is not possible with a single man. All have an interest and special talents in a few excellent things. Guide your child to follow their passion.

Before that, work with them to find in which subject or games they are interested or specialized in and start to motivate in those fields makes them brighter. The child also shows more attention and interest to work on a joyful topic.

Always spend time with your little one and connect with them to enjoy their area of subject & knowledge. Be sportive, be calm and listen to their happening, needs, and dreams.

When you can’t fulfill their dream then who? Be friendly, potential and optimistic to know about the passion of the child and help them to fulfill their dreams.

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Make Subjects feel relevant & Comfortable to them

For the child, it is really hard to focus on each subject like math, language, numbers, science, general knowledge, etc. Kids will definitely have an interest in a specific subject, motivate them to learn and help them for the easy way of learning relevant to those subjects.

In case of math, you can help them by giving few coins and allow them to count, you can tell them to count the chairs in the house, colors of the wall and toys, buy some shapes, colors, numbers related toys and encourage them to play and learn those details.

Make them feel comfortable and make them understand everything is easy in our life and everything is surrounded in the environment. We are about to live with this subject related topics. Today kids are too smart, they surely understand the parent feelings.

Involve them in Sports & Games activities

Instead of teaching the child theoretically, it is better to make them learn through games. It helps for easy understanding of the count, color, and also the shape of an object. Children are love to play and hard-wired to play and also respond more quickly.

This way of teaching is called gamification that describes turning something into a game to improve the engagement of the child and its IQ level.

In modern days, the exposure of computers has widely improved the knowledge of cute lovely kids in their brainy activities. Dual N Back is a video game that is a proven cognitive neuroscientific test that helps to increases memory, concentration power, attitude, and fluid intelligence.

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Involve your child as much as possible towards game and sports activity and increase the level of brain ability in thinking and working.

Motivate children by consequence and not by punishment

It’s quite natural that everyone does mistake in life. Obviously, the child also does the same. Once the mistake happened never be rude to your child, that mistakes them scary. Make them understand the mistake and its impact, definitely, they won’t repeat in the future.

Another way of motivating the children is by consequence and not by punishment. If the kid does a mistake or repeatedly do the same mistake, motivate them by “If you repeat again, this weekend plan will be canceled”. “No Ipad for the next 2 days because of your mistake”.

When you start to correct your child’s behavior in childhood itself it nurtures a strong sense of motivation with right from their education and beyond.

Motivation by consequences helps the child to build self-esteem and helps to learn self-control. It helps with problem-solving sequences.

Motivation by punishment may teach to deceive parents, reduce self-esteem; they lose self-control and strongly believe that threats are the acceptable way to solve the problem. So never punish them, love them and solve mistakes by consequences and not by punishment.

Never Over Praise the Children

If they succeed in their competition or games never overpraise the kids. Just share the joy with your child. You definitely feel proud at that moment at the same time doesn’t overpraise the child. It creates vengeance or demotivation to their friends that really hurt your loved one friend.

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It also affects their future when they go to international competitions. The child must understand the realistic experience of life and set their mind in full-positive vibration mode.

Teach them of your own failures experience and how you overcame

We must explain to them with our previous experience that success requires more hard work and ready to overcome obstacles but this is not necessary for your children. You find the correct time to explain your experience of a learning curve that helps them connect hard work with future rewards.

 Teach the child that failure is a stepping-stone to success

In the basic school itself, make the child understand that life is full of positive and negative reflections. We won’t get victory always in our life, sometimes we may get failures that help to motivate us not to repeat the same mistake and reach high heights.

Make them understand winning or losing is not important, participating is very important. Make them participate in all competition, sports, and games related activities. Explain to them that they must know all fields and try at least once to know what is inside? How does it work? How far it is easy? If the interested to repeat it again encourage proper training and allows them to participate again for a great success.