12 Best Online Preschool Classes in India 2023

Finding the right online preschool class for children is challenging for many parents. As a parent, you…

Finding the right online preschool class for children is challenging for many parents. As a parent, you want your child to have the very best education available. You also want them to love school. One of the best ways to make sure your child has a positive view of school is to enroll them in an online preschool class. Online preschools are also a good way to introduce children to technology at an early age.

It is a fact that children who enjoy learning, tend to do better in all aspects of life, including academically and in the workplace. For this, choosing the right online classes for kids is a good decision. Especially, if you are a working parent who wants to give their child a head start in the right direction, one of the most effective ways is to engage them in quality online preschool classes for kids. Thus, if you are looking for top preschool online classes in India, then you must read this article.

Here are 12 Best Online Classes for Preschool in India

Online preschool classes can help parents make sure that their children are getting the support they need, regardless of their schedule or location. Online classes will also keep your kid engaged while helping them develop key skills that will aid them in their school years and beyond.

1. EuroKids

One of the Best Preschools in India

EuroKids is one of the finest preschools in India, offering international standard education … Learn how to get started with online education at EuroKids. They offer kindergarten, pre-K, and kindergarten, UKG program. Eurokids brings together the best methods of education and development, offering kids a fun, engaging, and educational play-based environment for their first five years. Their concept is simple: children learn more effectively and easily when they are having fun. Since 2004, the EuroKids Curriculum has served over 80000 children from all over the India.


  • Children can attend live sessions to learn concepts.
  • A well-structured and designed by experts curriculum is followed.
  • Children are provided with learning material kits.
  • Parents also get access to recorded sessions for flexibility.
  • Numerous additional activities to encourage children to explore new things.
  • Guidance is provided by highly skilled trainers.
  • Webinar sessions for parents at regular intervals.
  • Parents can book a trial class before enrollment.

Contact Number: +91 8929092828

Fees: Depends upon the program enrolled.

“It was my best decision to choose EuroKids classes for my lovely daughter. She enjoys learning and her progress is wonderful”

-Shalini Mathur

2.  Vedantu

Best online preschool class in India

Vedantu, one of the most reputed online preschool classes in India for kids between the ages of three and six. It is an online learning platform that makes learning fun for children. Vedantu provides online preschool classes in India to help children interestingly understand concepts. Currently, they are running a separate online program for kids age 4-6. Moreover, they have a variety of learning modules that are designed for pre-school kids. There are different courses to choose from to boost the learning process of your little one.


  • Vedantu offers both free and paid content.
  • Students can choose the tutor on their own.
  • Vedantu offers the student with a live doubt clearing session.
  • Allows learning in a live online class environment.
  • Offers unlimited story resources to read from.
  • Parents can book a demo class before purchasing the subscription.
  • Interactive class sessions including songs, stories, poems, etc.

Fees: Depends upon the program enrolled

“Vedantu is one of the best online platforms for learning. I enrolled my child in their classes and my kid enjoys attending the sessions”

– Jai Patel

3. Kids Web India

The Best Free Web Portal For Online Preschool Classes

Kids Web India is the best online preschool class in India, providing your children with high-quality preschool education. It is one of the most effective learning channels for children to learn and improve early schooling skills. Kids Web India offers an exciting, age-appropriate online preschool program that is designed to ensure your child has the best possible start in life. The study program of Kids Web India is categorized based on the age of the children. When you will visit the website you will see different portals of content. For kids up to 5 years, they have Royal Blooms group. For kids age between 6 to 11, they have Little Princes & Little Princesses section and for kids ages 12 to 17, they have the Little Kings & Little Queens section.


  • With Kids Web India, it is easy to access content by navigating to age-specific categories.
  • You will find a wide range of stories, rhymes, poems for toddlers.
  • Kids can enjoy playing games, solving puzzles, riddles, etc.
  • There are a lot of fun activities that parents can participate in with their children.
  • The best part is all the material is available free of cost.
  • Kids Web India portal is a gateway for kids to explore information, start learning, and enjoying.
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Fee: All material is available free of cost

“I and my kids enjoy going through the interactive activities and playing games on Kids Web India. It is one of the best free resources ”

– Jaya Sharma

4. Footprints

For quality preschool education from online preschool classes

Footprints Preschool is a preschool that offers preschool online classes to children between the ages of 2-6 years old. This preschool uses a positive and fun methodology to teach children basic life skills. Their curriculum is designed to support children as they develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. It is designed by teachers who are passionate about early childhood development. Footprints Online Preschool can tailor an education plan that best fits your child’s needs. Their program offers a wide variety of activities that focus on the overall development of the child and enhance the learning capabilities by sitting at home.


  • Footprint offers a trial period to parents before they invest in the paid plans.
  • Footprint offers a 100% money-back guarantee to its customers.
  • Classes are conducted 5 days a week in the form of two 30 minutes sessions.
  • Parents have the opportunity to attend parenting webinars by experts.
  • A variety of programs are designed based on the age group of the baby.
  • Footprints provide downloadable study resources and worksheets for kids.
  • Footprints offer almost 20 live sessions per month.

Fee: The basic Footprint online preschool plan starts at INR 833 per month.

“The interactive live sessions of footprints are super informative and allow my child to learn things easily. I will recommend it to all parents”

– Priya Varshney

5. Kangaroo Kids

Online Preschool Classes for Balanced Learning and Development

Kangaroo Kids is a progressive online preschool for kids aged 2–6, with years of experience in early childhood education. Their program is designed to help young children develop key skills in the areas of literacy and numeracy, emotional intelligence, and social and physical development. The goal of Kangaroo Kids online preschool is to provide a safe, secure, and well-structured learning environment for children to develop in a fun and entertaining way where they are free to explore their curiosities and learn at their own pace. Their unique curriculum helps kids learn in a friendly environment while providing parents with peace of mind.


  • Interactive learning modules for kids to keep them engaged.
  • Various fun activities to make sure that kids enjoy learning new things at an early age.
  • Help young children develop key skills in the areas of literacy and emotional intelligence, and social and physical development.
  • Focuses on developing motor skills in young kids.
  • All the modules and activities are well-researched to boost the learning capability of children.
  • The online learning program allows social interactions with tutors and friends.
  • This program helps to imbibe value-based education.

Fees: Depends upon the program enrolled.

“I was worried about choosing an online class for my child. Then, I ended up enrolling him in Kangaroo kids. It is an excellent option and my child is learning new things every day ”

– Sakshi Tanwar

6. Klay school

Best online preschool class for Digital Learning

Klay School is a leading provider of online preschool classes and educational resources. Klay School’s educational programs are designed for early childhood students and parents to help children reach their potential in kindergarten and beyond. Each lesson is designed by a team of childhood education experts to captivate your child’s attention so that they are learning without even realizing it! Kids can attend live-streaming classes as well as offline activities and modules. Klay School offers a program that is based on the principles of child development and in response to the diverse needs of children and families.


  • Classes take place 4 days a week.
  • Offers free demo sessions before enrollment.
  • It is the safest virtual learning platform for kids.
  • Parents can track the development and performance of their children.
  • Different subscription-based plans to choose from depending upon the convenience.
  • Highly interactive and responsive live classes to ensure learning continuity.
  • Offers downloadable worksheets, study materials, and activity worksheets.

Fees: Its subscription plan costs INR 7999 per month.

“Klay School is most suitable for learning and content quality that they share with kids. I am happy that I enrolled my son in their online preschool program”

– Asha Tiwari

7. Kindergarten Kids

Known as Most Fun & Interactive Online Preschool Classes

If you are looking for a super fun, engaging place to enroll your child in online preschool classes for kids, Kindergarten Kids Learning App is the right choice for you. Here you can find a large collection of fun games and activities where your children can learn numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and much more! Kids will be prepared for school and you will also be able to teach them yourself from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to improve your child’s cognitive, intellectual, social, and emotional skills, or you just want them to have fun and learn by playing these top-notch games. You must get this app on your device.

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  • Children can learn about various poems, rhymes.
  • A variety of attractive and engaging fun quizzes for kids to enjoy.
  • Children learn alphabets, tracing numbers, letters, in multiple languages.
  • Provide multiple color books with pictures and stickers.
  • Preschoolers can learn to count and do algebra.
  • Geometric forms, greeting cards, English Alphabet Letters, and other topics are covered in these printable coloring pages for kids.
  • Phonics for English Alphabets, as well as activities to teach letter, such as car building games, and basketball games for kids, etc.

Fees: The application includes in-app purchases.

“One of my friends told me about Kindergarten Kids Learning App. I have to say it is the best application for preschoolers to enjoy learning. Unlike other applications, I have not encountered any glitch in it yet!”

– Akash Bansal

8. Mindseed Preschool

Best Online Preschool for toddlers learning at home

Mindseed is an online preschool that provides high-quality early education and socialization to children ages 2–6. Parents can choose from different educational plans, based on their child’s age, learning styles, or their family’s goals. Through a multi-sensory, hands-on curriculum, Mindseed’s award-winning curriculum helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, stimulates creativity, curiosity, and imagination, and fosters an interest in lifelong learning.


  • Children are provided with study kit material along with learning online sessions.
  • Mindseed follows a skill-based curriculum for the overall development of the children.
  • Parents can book a free trial whenever they want before enrolling their children.
  • Mindseed offers flexible batch schedules.
  • Tailored learning plans for individual kids.
  • Children will attend three live sessions per day.
  • Almost 1000+ activities for kids to learn from.

Fees: Subscription plans are starting from 4500/month.

” I will suggest every parent opt for Mindseed for preschool education of their child. My kid loves to attend their live sessions due to fun activities that they perform during class. “

9. Kutuki App

The Best Application for Online Classes for Kids

Kutuki is an interactive online learning platform for preschool children. It is a full-featured teaching platform with more than 50 educational activities, covering all the major areas of early childhood development and education. Kutuki is one of the oldest kid’s educational apps out there. Kutuki is available on the web as well as on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Their interactive live classes will provide an excellent learning environment for your child. Thus, if you want to engage and enrich your children’s learning at home, Kutiki can serve you the purpose.


  • A variety of learning themes for kids to choose from.
  • Live classes help the kid to learn reading, writing, and speaking fundamental skills.
  • Helps in the social and life skills development of the child.
  • Encourages a safe, secure, and ad-free learning environment for kids.
  • Known as the best online preschool classes in India that offer a 7-day application trial period for all library resources.
  • Fun activities include attractive illustrations and pictures.
  • Separate art and music classes along with a regular academic curriculum.

Fees: Different prices for the different classroom programs.

“With Kutuki, I can be assured that the screen time for my daughter is productive and she is learning something useful. I must say it is a great learning platform for kids”

– Roushi Mittal

10. Flinto Class

Best Online Preschool Classes For Holistic Development

If you are looking for a way to get your preschooler excited about learning, Flinto Class might be the answer. Flinto Class is an online preschool program that offers a variety of fun and exciting lessons taught by experienced teachers. It is a fun, interactive, and comprehensive program for children ages 1.5 to 6 years old. It is designed to help them learn English as a second language while also developing the skills needed to succeed in school. This program helps foster social and emotional skills in young children. Kids will learn phonics, develop fine motor skills and learn about the world around them through engaging story-based lessons.


  • Children can attend creative storytelling sessions.
  • Dedicated tutors are available to monitor and provide proper guidance to the kids.
  • Children can access pre-recorded sessions by experts.
  • Parents can monitor the performance of their children through a development tracker.
  • A comprehensive study material kit is also provided to children.
  • The curriculum focuses on the development of 16 key skills of the children.
  • Multiple themes for children to give them access to age-appropriate concepts.
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Fees: Subscription starts from INR 2999 per month.

“I appreciate how the Flinto class program relates to real-life situations. My daughter is learning more about the things she sees in her environment.” I strongly advise all parents to give it a try!”

– Rahul Deol

11. Canvas International School

Best Online Preschool Classes for Kids For Virtual Learning

The school offers an online preschool program with learning materials designed for young children from ages 2 to 6. The tutors will teach your child using a fun and interactive method that focuses on creativity and learning through play. The online preschool curriculum is developed by a team of industry professionals who are experts in early childhood education. Thus, Canvas International School provides the best online preschool classes with an interactive platform at an affordable price.


  • Provides a virtual school learning environment.
  • Comprehensive study plan and structured learning schedule.
  • Children can attend live guest sessions and lectures by experts in the industry.
  • Online review and assessment to monitoring child’s progress.
  • Live classroom classes, recorded sessions for complete engagement of the child.
  • Easy to reach out to teachers and counselors for help.
  • Availability of digital books for children.
  • Fun activities for children to make the learning process an interesting journey.

Fees: Depend upon program enrolled.

“My child learns and plays during online classes of Canvas and has a great time there. The teachers and their methods of instruction are the finest.”

-Parmish Goel

12. Mother’s Pride

Most Reliable Online classes for preschoolers

Mother’s Pride Online Preschool is a complete, interactive online preschool program that offers a unique approach to learning by taking advantage of the power of technology. Their motive is to give your child a head start on their education with a fun, educational, and safe online preschool exploration program that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Mother’s Pride is an award-winning provider of the most innovative early reading program. With Mother’s pride, you can sure about the holistic development of your child.


  • The syllabus covers all the major concepts required for preschool learning.
  • Classe includes a blend of extracurricular activities as well.
  • The learning program is geared towards enhancing the intelligence quotient in kids.
  • For enjoyment, there are dance class sessions, yoga classes, taekwondo classes.
  • Online Classes provide kids with the appropriate exercises, such as rhyme recitation and story narration, to help them gradually and quickly expand their vocabulary.
  • Online activities to help them grow their creativity and discover their talents, such as arts, music, paintings, clay modeling, etc.
  •  Preschool courses with a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Fees: Online class programs starts from INR 5000 per month

“The teachers of Mother’s pride are supportive and are well trained. They know how to handle children’s doubts and provide a friendly learning environment. ”

-Harshita Lodhi

What is Preschool?

Preschool is your first step into the world of education in preparation for kindergarten, elementary school and beyond. In this article we’ll explain how preschool is structured, explore the benefits of preschool and get a glimpse at how a typical day might look.

The term “preschool” is used to refer to education programs that are designed for children in the beginning of their primary education, between the ages of three and five years old. Many parents would tell you that their preschool aged child is attending ‘preschool’ but this can be a misnomer. The truth is that what most people mean when they say preschool is actually the early childhood learning experience.


Every child has different needs, and as a parent, you are the best judge of what fits your child. Online classes for preschoolers are an essential part of a child’s education. It can be a fun way for your child to learn essential life skills and new things in a safe environment. Online preschool classes for kids have a variety of different subjects that will help advance your child’s skills and knowledge. Whether they are learning about colors, shapes, numbers, or letters, each child is taught in a fun and educational environment.

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