How To Prepare For Your First Yoga Class

Even if it was invented thousands of years ago, yoga is still gaining plenty of new followers every day. In fact, a statistic shows that there were over 36 million Americans doing yoga way back in 2016. Additionally, nine out of ten Americans have heard about the nature of yoga.

The said statistic only proves that yoga is here to stay. Perhaps the main reason why this ancient Indian practice still thrives up to this day and more centuries to come is the mental and physicals benefits it’s supposed to bring.

Unfortunately, despite the benefits it brings, many first-time yogis (refers to a person practicing yoga) may get discouraged or frustrated after a few lessons. For one, the poses may render them conscious of their flexibility and skills. But the frustration that beginners feel can be easily solved by having the necessary preparation, including knowing the tools and setting up your expectation.

With that said, if you want to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle or just want to know some prenatal yoga poses (if you’re expecting), here’s how you can prepare for your first yoga class.

Invest in a high-quality mat

Beginner yogis like you don’t have to worry about immediately investing in a yoga mat. This is because a reputable yoga studio may allow you to rent mats for a few dollars per session. However, if you find yourself becoming comfortable and feel energized after every yoga session or if you’re just doing yoga at home, then it might be best to invest in either a single-colored yoga mat or those that have fun and customizable designs, just like what Pixels offer.

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As a beginner, buying a low-cost mat might cross your mind. But take note that a yoga mat isn’t simply a piece of equipment that provides cushioning. On the other hand, owning a well-made yoga mat will provide much-needed traction, which prevents slips and more severe injuries. Therefore, it’s best to invest in high-quality yoga mats, even if you’re still a beginner, as they’ll contribute to your safety.

Prepare the necessary props

After investing in a high-quality mat, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still other yoga essentials you need to bring every session. This can include a blanket, strap, and a block. Also, don’t forget to bring your favorite healthy beverage, but it’s advisable to simply stick with water. You can also bring a towel to wipe off any sweat. A towel would also be handy if you want to take a shower at the end of the session.

You might be wondering why a strap, blanket, and block are suited for beginner yogis. Both blocks and straps give you an additional room to twist, while a blanket will serve as an additional layer to your yoga mat, which means that any seated poses will become more relaxing and enjoyable.

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Practice punctuality

As in everything in life, it’s important that you must be punctual—arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled class. Doing so will also allow you time to fill out any paperwork or avail of any discounts, which are usually available for new yogis.

Additionally, being punctual also rewards you the opportunity to determine the exact location of the place. It’ll also give you time to converse with the teacher or other students, helping you set your expectation.

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Turn your cell phone off

Since yoga involves connecting with your inner self, any distractions are strictly discouraged while the session is in going. Hence, make it a habit to turn off or silence your cellular device before heading to class.

However, if you forget to turn your phone off or put it in silent mode, make sure to immediately turn the ringer off and don’t bother checking who called or messaged you. If you answer your phone in the middle of the class, some would consider it a sign of disrespect, not just to the teacher and other students but also to the discipline of yoga itself.


There are already evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, praising yoga as a discipline that provides both mental and physical satisfaction. That’s why there are millions of practitioners growing each and every day. If you want to harness the benefits of yoga for the long run (you can’t expect to, say, have the flexibility of a master yogi just by attending two or five sessions), then it’s best if you set your expectations.

One way to start on the right path is knowing what to expect in your first yoga session. Fortunately, the tips mentioned in this post will serve as a good starting point. The next thing you should do is to practice consistency, and soon enough, you’ll be receiving the benefits that yoga brings.


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