Bring Your Illustrations to Life

From corporate branding to the world of entertainment, illustrations are used across industries. They are…

From corporate branding to the world of entertainment, illustrations are used across industries. They are used as advertising collateral, to spread brand awareness, or even to entertain. Illustrations can be found everywhere, from children’s books to dishwashing ads.

But who draws them, and where do they come from? The rising demand for illustrations has led to many agencies, as well as freelancers, offering up their work. A simple Google search will sample numbers of illustrators that businesses can choose from.

Hiring illustration services

Creating and consistently maintaining the quality of illustrations can be difficult, which is why many cartoon illustration services hire the best talent and have portfolios available of them. From personal projects to bulk orders, illustration services can provide people with high-quality illustrations that bring art to life.

But what should one look for when looking for illustration services? Is hiring an agency better, or is working with a freelancer the better alternative?

Hiring a freelance illustrator vs. approaching a design agency

Freelance illustration service providers are better suited for more personal projects or where the number of illustrations required is at a minimum. For large orders, or where the help of a team of illustrators is required, a design agency may be more appropriate for the job. However, freelance illustration service providers often provide high-quality work at a fraction of the cost it takes to hire a design agency.

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When looking for good cartoon illustration services, remember to use the following tips to find the best illustration service:

1. Look at their portfolio

A portfolio is a must-have for an illustrator, and even every freelance illustrator will have a portfolio ready to show. These will often contain illustrations in their own unique style, as well as samples of other styles they can do.

Since art is often subjective, this phase becomes crucial to picking the right illustration service provider. Look through all the work they have uploaded on their website or their freelance profile. You can even visit their social media profiles to get a better idea of the kinds of illustrations they can do. Choosing one or more illustration service providers whose art style is close to what you’re looking for will help you get your desired results.

2. Have a draft ready

Knowing what you want to illustrate is key to ensuring that you get the results you want. Whether you want cartoon illustration drawing or you want other kinds of illustrations, know what you’re looking for. You can create a rough draft of the kind of work you need. This can be especially useful for businesses and brands that require illustrations to supplement their marketing.

3. Read online reviews

Before hiring an illustration service, read the reviews that other clients have posted about them. This will showcase how the illustrator works with their clients and will enable you to understand what you can expect when working with them. More good reviews are always a good indication that an illustration service can deliver the work you need from them.

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4. Review the work

You can choose to ask the illustration service to provide you with regular updates about their work. This can often be necessary when the work is being done over a longer period of time. Ask to review the work as the deadline approaches. This can give you a rough idea about where the illustration is going and what you can expect from the finished product.

If there are changes that need to be recommended, then this is the ideal time for bringing them up. This can save time later on, should changes be needed after the work is completed.

5. Ask for changes

Remember that the illustration service is here to bring to life the vision you have. It becomes necessary, therefore, to ask for changes, should you need any. This is often a normal part of the process, and clients shouldn’t feel worried about asking for changes. A good tip is to pay attention to the work right from the start to ensure that it’s going the way you want it to.

If the work is a quick illustration, then asking for changes is easier than when compared to long-drawn-out projects.


Those who don’t know how to draw a cartoon illustration have nothing to worry about. Together with cartoon illustration services, it’s now possible to outsource illustration work to experts. Consider selecting an illustration service only after reviewing their portfolio, as well as reading reviews about them.

Both freelancers and digital media agencies offer cartoon illustration services. It can be cheaper to hire a freelancer, and they deliver high-quality work as well. Clients who know what they’re looking for from their illustrations, and can clearly communicate that to their chosen illustration service provider, can enjoy seeing their visions brought to life.

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