What to Do For Overdue Pregnancy

The healthy pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. It is normal to give birth to the baby before or after the due date. But most women go overdue that is more than 42 weeks. The late pregnancy may be related to the placenta or baby. The overdue time does not estimate the baby arrives. It means the increased risk of health problem of a baby.

Why Overdue Pregnancy Caused?

The following are the causes of overdue pregnancy

  • Primigravida: If this is your first pregnancy, may cause overdue.
  • Baby Boy: If your baby is a boy baby as the boy baby are typically larger and heavier may be the reason for overdue
  • Maternal Obesity: This is the reason for delay pregnancy. The main contact of uterine muscles with the body’s labor response mismatch due to obesity.
  • Problem-related to the placenta & baby health
  • Inaccurate EDD calculation: Maybe the due date was incorrect or made noted with some confusion.
  • Increased Maternal Age: If the women age crosses 35 may cause maternal overdue.
  • Baby’s position: Babies who are in breech position may cause overdue pregnancy

Some of the causes to be considered are hereditary, climatic change, sexually transmitted disease, women psychological problems, etc. Whatever the reason is, an overdue pregnancy never stays forever. Labor pain could be at any situation or at any time.

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Signs and Symptoms of an overdue Pregnancy

There are lots of question arise for late pregnancy. There are many signs which appear and display that there is an overdue pregnancy. A physician will note the hints on overdue pregnancy

  • Immaturity in the uterine cervix
  • The greenish discoloration of amniotic fluid
  • Fore water missing
  • Premature aging in the placenta that may cause inadequate functioning
  • The problem in fetus development might pose a problem in natural delivery
  • Reduced quantity of meconium of amniotic fluid are the signs of overdue pregnancy

Symptoms of Overdue Pregnancy

  1. Dropping of Girth Measures

A day before the delivery date or on the date, you can identify the drop of 5-10 cm of the abdominal circumference of amniotic fluid in the mother’s weight. These are the symptoms of overdue pregnancy.

  1. Start of Breast Milk Production

The production of milk can be expected at the time of childbirth. Sometimes the beginning of the production of breast milk before due will be an indication of overdue pregnancy.

  1. Change in Skin Elasticity

The skin on belly looks elastic or tense than normal texture is an indication of overdue pregnancy.

Risks of overdue pregnancy

Certain risks may be faced by a woman as well as a child in case of late pregnancy. Some of the risks include

The risk for maternal women

Usually, the overdue baby is big. Standard delivery through the vagina is a significant complication during delivery. There is a considerable possibility of birth injuries include trauma to the perineal muscle, vaginal apparatus, or cervical tissue. This creates a risk in life. It creates huge difficulties in the cause of normal labor. It’s better to choose C-section during overdue.

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Risk for Baby

The mortality rate of the post-term baby is double than the healthy baby. Delivering after 40 weeks is a high-risk factor.
The post-term babies born with the weight of more than 4kgs, it may cause following difficulties that include:

  • Placenta insufficiency
  • Permanent neurological damage
  • Damage in cerebral palsy
  • Meconium aspiration
  • Fetal macrosomia
  • Delayed stunt growth
  • Reduce amniotic fluid
  • Fetal distress

The above said problems might affect the overdue baby very severely. There is a possibility of vulnerable damage on baby brain. There is a possibility of cardiac or respiratory arrest. The baby gets trouble in getting proper nutrients and oxygen because of above-said problems, and it’s a high-risk factor may lead to a stillbirth.

Go to the Doctor for a check-up

The Doctors advice after 42 weeks of pregnancy dramatically helps to save the mother and baby safely and securely.

The doctor will perform a cervical examination to prepare for labor. The baby will be monitored in any of the following ways:

  1. Cardiotocograph (CTG) or Non-stress Test (NST)

This test helps to identify the heart rate of the baby. This test greatly helps to check the baby’s health.

  1. Monitoring the Biophysical Profile

Monitoring the Biophysical profile is more reliable than the above test. This test is done with an ultrasound scan and it helps to note down the movement of the baby, amniotic fluid, baby’s respiratory activity, baby’s muscle tone, and baby’s oxygen flow. This greatly helps to check the growth, health, and movement of the baby.

  1. Amniotic Fluid Index or AFI

This test confirms the adequate functions of the placenta. The ultrasound scan helps to determine the quantity of amniotic fluid. In this way, the doctor helps to monitor the baby during an overdue pregnancy.

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How to overcome and overdue Pregnancy

When the maternal women cross the due date, the baby must be monitored closely and know the movement of the baby. For a healthy baby, the action seems to be excellent, and for a sick baby, it seems to be less active.

Digital Membrane Breech

To induce labor pain during overdue pregnancy, a brief vaginal examination must be followed by a finger to manipulate the cervix to form a breach in a water bag. This method helps to induce labor pain.

Prostaglandin Gel Local Application

Prostaglandin is the body contact with uterus helps for labor pain. This is applied in the vaginal canal that softens cervical and makes the natural progression of labor.

Intravenous Pitocin Infusion

Intravenously infusing is a common drug used for inducing labor pain. This is responsible for breast milk production.