7 Techniques to Deal with Back Labor Pain in Pregnancy

Back Labor Pain in Pregnancy

Labor pain is grueling, but the situation may occur to have excruciating back pain at the same time. Many are unaware or finding the best solution for the remedies in back labor experience. Here are the seven techniques to deal with pain to reduce it to the maximum.

What is Back Labor Pain?

Back labor pain refers to the discomfort during delivery in the women lower abdomen and pelvis. The maternal women feel the degree of soreness in the back during labor. Many women think slight cramping or severe discomfort in the lower back during contractions and severe pain between the contractions. The irregular contraction pattern and a slow progression in a prolonged pushing stage may cause severe back labor pain.

Reasons for Back Labor Pain

The main reason for back labor pain causes because of the baby’s position. The position such as occiput posterior causes pressure from the baby head to the mother’s sacrum that is the tailbone. This results in discomfort during labor. The odd position of the baby is not the only cause of back labor pain. The irregular menstrual cycle also relates to back labor pain.
The regular walking, swimming, squatting, sitting on an exercise ball, pelvis tilt, sitting backward on the toilet will significantly help to reduce the back labor pain. The other ease methods to control the back pain include a warm bath, hot water bottle rolled on the back, use of tennis ball, and hollow rolling pins are helpful in reduction.

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How to Prevent Back Labor

Women never know what they may experience back pain during delivery. But in the case of the second delivery, if a women experience back labor in previous will experience pain in present work. The baby’s position causes the back labor pain. The awkward position of the baby is more likely to experience the difficulty during birth may lead to interventions and complications in the birth canal.

Prolonged laboring put the mother and baby in risk fatigue. Some preventative measures can be taken to reduce the back labor pain and increases the chance of the best fetal position.

During Pregnancy:

Regularly do pelvic tilts by getting on the hands and knees and curl your back up and straight position. This exercise helps to loosen the ligaments and provide back relief from aching. Sit on an exercise ball for at least 20-30 minutes in a day. Do have a regular massage at the back throughout the pregnancy will give the incredible relief on back lower pain.

During Labor:

Lying on pack during pregnancy time will increase the possibility of back labor. Always prefer to lie on side position or tilt position. When you occupy the onside position, make frequent changes on areas encourages the baby to move and reduces the labor back pain. Prefer to use gravity positions on early labor includes walking, sitting on the ball, swaying, and leaning.

The regular pelvic tilts significantly reduce the back labor pain. The above step helps in the reduction of back pain. It also increases the chance of favorable fetal position during labor.

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7 Techniques to deal with back labor pain in pregnancy

If you are experiencing back pain, then you must try one of these techniques which might help you to deal with the back pain.

  1. Never lie on your back

Get your knees and hands on one side or other may relieve pressure on the lower back. This also helps with baby rotation.

  1. Switch positions

Never lie in the same position, try to change the positions frequently will encourage the baby to move and reduces the back pain.

  1. Have your back massaged

Rolling of tennis ball around the lower back reduces the pressure on the lower back. The wooden rollers, the best massage on the back also helps to reduce the back labor pain.

  1. Hip Push inwards

Get help from your spouse to place the hands-on-hips and push inwards will alleviate the pressure on the lower back.

  1. Soothe with heat decrease the pain

A warm shower soother the heat of the body terribly decreases the lower back pain. It is also advisable to use a warm compress or mildly hot water bottle on lower back/

  1. Do regular walking

Walk regularly and sit on exercise ball reduces the pain. Regularly do a hip rotation or pelvic tilts helps you to reduce the back lower pain.

  1. Drink Sufficient water

The body needs proper hydration and rehydration. Regular intake of water helps for muscle contracting and squeezing during labor pain. Take sufficient water and fluid that allows for standard delivery. The consumption of water helps the muscle to work effectively.

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Water Injections as the Exception Remedy

The sterile water injection is available in the pharmacy can be injected directly to the skin of sacrum in the lower back. This helps to block the pain sensation to a greater extent. Women need a couple of hours to get relief. These are the best way to relieve back labor pain. If the reason for back labor is unknown, the proven techniques of baby reposition techniques help to comfort natural birth.