Some Ayurveda Tips Can Help Your Pregnancy Easier

Ayurveda Tips for Pregnancy Easier

Ayurveda has become a spotlight as people are seeking more balance and traditional healing in their lives. It is the oldest healing practice and still, it is widely practiced across the globe. As you all know Ayurveda is the traditional medicine practice that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of a particular person. During pregnancy, Ayurveda is a wonderful complement which helps you to nourish your body from stress and tiredness happen during pregnancy. According to Ayurveda pregnancy is viewed as a very special time in any women’s life.

Both physical and emotional changes will occur during that time self-care is very much important. Spiritual practices and meditation are strongly recommended during this time. According to Ayurveda pregnancy is the time to balance Vata dosha, the energy of air and space that dominates the nervous system. Every woman would like to give birth to her child without any complications. Here are the useful ayurvedic tips for pregnant women that will work wonders during the time of pregnancy.

Tip 1: Nourish Your Senses

During the time of pregnancy, mood changes will not only affect you but also it will affect your baby. So it is important for you to keep calm and relaxed. Do the things that nourish you and your baby. So try to hear, smell, taste and touch the things that are nourishing to you and your baby. Keep watching inspirational and motivational movies and videos. Keeping fresh flowers and scented candles will work for you and at the same time listening to the melody and spiritual songs will help you to feel nourished. Eating fresh and healthy foods will help you to keep yourself and your baby happy.

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Tip 2: Eat Sattvic Aahar

The word sattvic represents pure and fresh. So you need to take foods that are healthy and easy to digest. Try to avoid consuming raw foods like raw green leaves. It is good if you can able to buy organic and non-GMO products. It is better to avoid processed and spicy foods along with the foods that contain artificial flavors and chemical additives. Eating sattvic Aahar increase the purity and clarity in your mind and also helps to build Ojas which is vital for you and your baby.

You can get cosmic life force to your body by consuming organic nuts, whole grains, fruits, and freshly cooked vegetables. These food items are rich in proteins hence provide much-needed vitamins for you and your baby growth. Including butter and ghee during pregnancy will work wonders since these are nourishing and unctuous food.

Tip 3: Staying Happy

Pregnancy is the most important pace in every woman’s life. Staying happy is important for you and your baby are healthy. Learn to address the minor problems and don’t focus too much on the certain issues which you can’t able to find a solution for it. Staying away from negative people, words, thoughts, and action will help you to remain happy during pregnancy. Doing yoga and meditation will help you to avoid negative thoughts. Reading pregnancy related posts and watching pregnancy-related videos will help you to inject positive thoughts and happiness in you. And it will also help you to get adequate knowledge of pregnancy and related complications.

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Mothers and unborn baby have a strong connection and if the mother stays happy it will directly reflect in baby’s growth and development. Recent studies figure out that the mothers who are under stress give birth to underweight babies. So being under stress and unhappy will not only brings pregnancy-related complications to you but also for your child.

Tip 4: Do Gentle Daily Exercise

The daily exercise routine will reap you enormous health benefits during pregnancy. It will improve your overall health and prevents you from gaining excessive weight and helps you to stay away from back pain. Another important benefit of doing regular exercise routines is it makes the pregnancy smooth and easier.

Doing gentle daily exercise will help your body to be flexible and improves stamina and heart health. It will also boost energy levels and enhance sleep and will help you to reduce fatigue and constipation. But make sure that you are doing the right kind of exercise at the right stage of pregnancy. You can do different kinds of exercises like walking, swimming, yoga and stationary cycling.

Tip 5: Prepare Your Body for Birth

Doing perineal massages with oil will help you achieve a normal pregnancy. Ligament pain during the later stages of pregnancy are the signs of high Vata so doing oil massages will help you to overcome the pregnancy-related complications and also help you to achieve normal delivery. Last month pregnancy is about supporting the downward energy (Apana Vayu) so you can focus on grounding yourself by doing simple practices like self-massage and taking adequate rest will also help you. Getting a consultation with a practitioner will help you in this regard.

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Key Thoughts

Pregnancy is a gift and by practicing these Ayurveda tips you can easily give birth to your child without any complications. So follow these steps and enjoy the Beauty of motherhood.