How to Look Fashionable on the Beach in 2022

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If you are thinking about how to be stylish on the beach this summer? So, you should definitely find out about the trending women’s and girls swimwear. So, in the new season, tangerine-colored swimsuits and vintage-style bikinis will be actual, but the list of fashionable styles and colors is much wider. Let’s speak about them in this article.

Natural colors

In previous seasons, pink and red colors in beach outfits competed with neon shades, which were used in the style of the 80s. What colors are popular in the trends this time? So, swimwear in safari-style is going to be very relevant.

Draping and assembly

In the summer season of 2022, not only the color but also the texture of the swimsuit will be matter. Instead of smooth fabric look for models with a non-uniform, rough surface. Regardless of the style, thin stripes and fancy drapery, resembling carelessly crumpled fabrics, are best suited. Swimwear 2022 may be in the form of a tankini – a one-piece version that can diversify your beach looks. The most popular are models with thin straps hanging on the open back, but the classic bikini is also relevant. Among the models of classic cut from “crumpled fabric” swimwear in shades of grapes and orange are trendy.

With a drawing

Small polka dots or big, a colorful cage, and an image of a tropical jungle with all the magnificence of fauna and flora are presented in the collections of the main fashion houses. These are the most actual prints of the spring-summer 2022 season, which look great on swimwear.

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With a cutout

This is the bright detail of many models. Thanks to it one-piece elegant swimsuits have earned recognition among the world’s fashionistas.

How to tame wildlife?

Swimwear with animal print is an absolute favorite of recent seasons. Leopard print or black and white stripes, resembling a zebra, have already appeared as a decorative element on clothes, bags, shoes, and swimwear. Predatory prints are very actual nowadays.

A swimsuit in a sporty design

Big fans of physical activity in the fresh air and sports style lovers will definitely appreciate the fashion for sporty models in the beach fashion. Moreover, sports cut combine design and comfort and dark colors will additionally “take care” of the visual harmony of the silhouette. Decorative elements in the form of stripes will add sportiness to standard models.

Outfits created in a sporty style provide freedom of movement and are also resistant to chlorine and UV radiation. Soft bras with straps and comfortable bikini trunks will emphasize feminine shapes and provide comfort during active sunbathing.

Back to retro style

Retro style is the bright trend on the background of changing fashion – it invariably attracts fans of good style. This year, the fashion for swimwear is a real recovery of ruffles, tiny dots, and polka dots, as well as classic color combinations.
Beach fashion 2022 is a tribute to retro, in which solid closed swimsuits, high-waisted panties, high-rigidity bras with forming bones, or balcony bras are dominant.

Beach fashion in the style of the sunny Saint-Tropez becomes attractive due to accessories that emphasize this unique style of the 50s and 60s. Stylish beach pareos, scarves, and large glasses are indispensable elements of retro style. On the one hand, all of this reflects timeless classics, on the other – they are functional.

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Swimwear in neon colors

Neon colors appeared on the catwalks and streets of the most fashionable cities in the last season. It is a palette of intense shades of juicy lime, candy pink, energetic orange, or rich fuchsia. These colors make the swimsuit interesting and individual.
This year, beach fashion is enthusiastically adopting this fashionable trend, because a refreshing color palette and a modern cut are creating a unique image. The bright colors contrast with the summer tan and emphasize the swarthy skin color. Swimwears of neon shades are an absolute favorite this summer.

Decorative inserts

The new fashion collections perform stylish products made not only from elastic fabric but also from synthetic knitwear. In 2022, original and unusual swimsuits are considered to be the right choice. Therefore, products complemented with silk, chiffon, yarn, and even leather are in trend.

Decorative elements remain a winning solution that will always attract attention and emphasize the unusual taste of a fashionista. Here are some of them:

Frills and fringes

  • This feminine type of decor continues to be popular in the new season. Among the fashion trends are small ruffles and frills, as well as beautiful flounces. By the way, flirty brushes can be a good alternative.
    Transparent elements
  • Add a touch of sensuality to your beach look. Among the fashion trends are models made of semitransparent lace or with inserts of mesh or tulle.
    On one shoulder
  • Products with asymmetry look very impressive and attractive. The idea of a one-shoulder strap is original and feminine.

So, here are some trends of the beach fashion of the coming season. We wish you exciting adventures, good pleasure, and stylish looks!

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