Key Rules of Morning and Evening Face Cleansing Routine

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Facial cleansing is the first condition in skin care. Sweat, dirt, grease, dust, stale makeup and bacteria accumulate on the skin and must be completely removed. Just as an artist prepares a canvas, so a woman must prepare her skin for makeup, cleansing it is the main condition.

Do not forget that washing your face properly means:

  • Wash with clean hands (so as not to bring bacteria to the face);
    Do not use an excessive cleanser (so as not to overdry the skin). We recommend soapberry for skin because of its wonderful compaund;
  • Foaming the product, if necessary, is better in the hands or with the help of a special mesh. It is undesirable to do this directly on the skin (because of the risk of stretching and injuring the skin). If you use special sponges, sponges or foaming brushes, they should also be thoroughly cleaned and changed regularly. The advantage of accessories is that they improve blood flow, massage the skin and indirectly improve complexion. The downside is the ability to accumulate unwanted microflora and the risk of microtrauma to the skin with excessive pressure / stretching;
  • Apply and distribute cleansers with light, massaging, circular movements – from the center of the face to its periphery. After washing, rinse your skin thoroughly with water and gently pat it dry with a disposable cloth or soft towel.

In the evening, the skin should be given much more attention and more intensive treatments. In order for the night serum, face cream and eye cream to “conjure” your face in a complex and maximal way, you should first remove makeup as thoroughly as possible, cleanse your skin and give it a well-deserved rest. How to do it right at home? First, gently but effectively remove makeup and street dust, day care residues and make-up remover. As a specialized product that competently and sparingly performs all the necessary actions can be:

  • Express products: make-up remover wipes, micellar tonic or lotion applied to a cotton pad;
  • Complete deep cleansing products: micellar water, biphasic liquid, cleansing oil (hydrophilic or butter), cream or milk.
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Wet wipes for make-up removal should not only effectively cope with their main purpose, but also contain substances in their impregnation that will soothe the skin and return it to comfort after mechanical impact. Products with micelles should be chosen according to the criteria of hypoallergenicity, speed of action and the presence of soothing components in the composition and substances that promote the removal of toxins. Two-phase (bi-phase) make-up remover and hydrophilic oils should be non-comedogenic, able to qualitatively dissolve cosmetics, penetrate into the pores and extract dirt and oil from them. The presence of ingredients with moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant effects will be a definite plus.

As for milks, creams, fluids and emulsions, they are usually designed for the needs of dry skin types. Other skin types can use them, of course. However, it should be remembered that absolutely all types of make-up removers, especially biphasic ones, should be washed off (for products with oils, foams or gels should be used, as in the Asian skin care system). It is impossible to leave make-up remover products on the face, since their composition includes substances that contribute to the destruction of the lipid membrane of the skin, reduce its protective abilities, the penetration of harmful microflora and the formation of various imperfections (acne, subcutaneous, irritation, peeling).

How to properly remove makeup?

It is necessary to remove decorative cosmetics in the following sequence: eyes-lips-face skin:

After soaking a cotton pad with a special cleanser for thin skin around the eyes, apply it to the eyelids. First treat the moving eyelid by moving the disc gently from the bridge of the nose to the outer edge of the eye. Then clean the lower eyelid by moving in the opposite direction. Eyelids should be cleaned as carefully as possible, do not rub the skin and do not press, so as not to provoke wrinkles and irritation. When using waterproof mascara, eyeliner, pencil, eyeshadow base, and long-wear eyeshadow, don’t rush to make-up remover. It is better to attach the impregnated disk to the skin and wait 1-2 minutes, allowing the product to better dissolve the cosmetics;

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When cleansing lips from liner, gloss, tint or lipstick, remove them from the edge to the center of the lips. Hold the corner of your mouth with your hand to avoid unwanted friction and sudden movements. This technique allows you to minimize the harm from rubbing and damage to the upper layer of the skin, which further provokes its premature aging and wilting;
The skin of the face should be cleaned of concealer, corrector, tone, powder, blush and highlighter by swiping a cotton pad from the periphery of the face to its center. Change discs until they are visually clean. Finish make-up removal, wash your face and proceed to the final stage of facial cleansing – toning.

Toning is the last, third step of the facial cleansing procedure. Its purpose is to remove the remains of dirt, cleansers and make-up removers from the skin together with particles of chlorinated water, soothe the skin and restore its normal pH level, disturbed as a result of exposure to alkaline components and surfactants in the composition of cleansers, and prepare the skin for basic care.