How to Create a Classic Wardrobe for Every Day?

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In the modern world, there is a strong idea that it is the classic style of clothing that makes an ordinary average woman a unique and sophisticatedly luxurious lady. But only if the image is really chosen correctly and, like a mosaic, is made up of things that are properly combined with each other. It is not difficult to pick up such things that form the basis of the classical style. There is a lot of advice on this subject, from the basics – how to create a basic set of things for the perfect classic wardrobe, ending with what accessories go well with a particular outfit.

The main “dogmas” of the classics

Behind all these master classes, the unspoken rules of the classical style of clothing are forgotten. Although, strictly speaking, these are not quite rules. Rather, it would be more appropriate to call them reference points. In the following, only those reference points will be named that, by and large, do not cause serious discourses.

The classic style does not accept overly “flashy” styles, excessive riot of color shades in one image or artsy, fashionable (for one season), ridiculous and gaudy prints. Classics are refinement and a sense of proportion in half with self-esteem. The easiest example is black heels australia.

Women who choose classics for their style should remember that even the thing itself should make a favorable impression. Buying clothes from low-quality fabrics, chasing discounts in supermarkets, you will not achieve a positive effect.

More doesn’t mean better. Do not chase the quantity and frightening variety. Most likely, with such an abundance, it will be difficult to understand what, in fact, is available in the depths of the wardrobe. It is safe to say that two-thirds of these things will remain in the wardrobe. It is better to have a small number of things that will fit the owner perfectly.

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Down with sportswear in everyday life. Such clothes are suitable only for sports or for a trip somewhere in nature. Moreover, combining such clothes with classic things is unacceptable.

Never mix styles. The classic style is quite tolerant of “aliens” and can be combined with some others, for example, with a romantic style. But it’s still not worth it.

The basis of a classic wardrobe should be things in neutral shades. Neutral shades include black, white, sand and beige. Choose which of these colors best suits your appearance color type and choose outfits in this color scheme.
Do not worry that your wardrobe will look too boring and monotonous. In addition to the main color in clothes, you will also need to choose things that are near-neutral tones, which include gray, brown, dark cherry, dark purple and other unobtrusive tones.
Combining things of such shades, you will always look fresh and original, especially if you can choose bright, unobtrusive accessories for the outfit.


In the basic wardrobe of every woman, there must be several dresses that can be worn both at work and at a festive event. Depending on the features of the figure, choose classic sheath dresses, A-line dresses or straight, concise models. If necessary, you can diversify your look with a jacket or jacket, or decorate dresses with suitable accessories.

Solid color suit

A women’s suit with a skirt or trousers is a classic that is not dominated by the demands of fashion. A one-color two-piece suit, especially if it fits perfectly on the figure, will become the basis of your business image. But apart from cases with a strict dress code, it is quite appropriate to combine a business suit jacket with laconic dresses or more informal bottoms. To make the suit become your indispensable assistant for many years, choose high-quality products with a natural composition of the fabric and a solid cut.

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Choosing clothes for a basic women’s wardrobe

To feel comfortable in any situation, you will need a variety of blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, cardigans, pullovers, etc. When choosing these things, do not forget about your main shades, but try to make the style of the products as versatile as possible. For example, get some silk and openwork blouses without decorations, a couple of sweaters with unusual decorative elements and laconic T-shirts suitable for all occasions.

After picking up the top of your future looks, look for the right skirts, trousers and jeans. When choosing the bottom of the outfit, consider not only the features of your figure, but also how harmoniously it will look with the overall wardrobe. For example, pencil skirts, classic trumpet trousers, straight dark jeans, etc. go well with all of the above items.

The bottom line

Choosing the right basic things for a wardrobe in a classic style, you will always feel confident and comfortable, forgetting about the lack of clothes. Remember also that clothes should be comfortable first of all. Do not wear a pencil skirt if it emphasizes figure flaws. Choose clothes according to your parameters. Also be individual! Do not repeat after everyone and stand out from the gray crowd.