6 Useful Tips for Choosing a Lady’s Watch

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What’s a woman without a unique style? To look good for an event or just going out in public, we often need to dress from head to toe, minding all sorts of different details, and changing our overall appearance. It’s not easy preparing for an event.

Among the many clothing choices, accessories, and makeup, there’s one thing that a woman should pay attention to – the wristwatch. Although watches used to be a useful accessory back in the day, today, watches are more a status symbol than an item that tells us time.

In this article, we’re sharing some tips that will help you pick the right watch for different situations and events. Follow up to see what to focus on when choosing what to wear and what to buy.

1. The event determines the style of the watch

The event you’re about to go to determines what kind of watch you will wear. With several options, like sports, casual, fashion, or jewelry, you can pick the one depending on the environment, the profile of the people, and your role there.

If you’re going to a Sunday brunch, you’ll want a casual one, like the popular Fossil watches for women. Still, if you’re going to an official evening gala in a fancy restaurant, you’ll want something more fashionable, or even a watch that will be luxurious and looks like jewelry.

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2. Size always matters

Not all women have an equal size. Some have bigger hands and thicker wrists. Depending on the size of your hands and wrists, you should also choose the watch’s size. Men’s trends suggest wearing an oversized watch, but it would look silly if men with tiny hands wore giant Police watches, and it’s the same with women.

The trend suggests elegant small pieces when it comes to ladies’ watches, but if you have thicker wrists, opt for a bigger one. You don’t want to look ridiculous just because the trends suggest wearing something small and elegant.

3. Often change the strap to achieve a feeling of versatility

Although jewelry and fashionable watches are often impossible to mix with new straps, the rest of the styles, especially sports and casual watches, are easily replaceable. The new straps will give you an entirely new look.

Let’s say you’re going to an event in the city and the clothes suggest wearing a red accessory, but your watch’s strap is blue. If you have a choice of straps, you can always change them quickly and get an entirely different accessory.

4. Choose a brand rather than an unknown manufacturer

The market for watches is filled with models of unknown origin. Never opt for a watch whose history is unknown or not legitimate. Instead, go for a brand that is well known and notable. We already mentioned two excellent brands that are very different from each other.

Every brand has its own style. Different people will prefer one style over another and pick a watch that fits their persona more. See a line of brands in the store or at the online website, and pick those that fit your style the most. You don’t have to stick to one of them, but carefully choose what seems like a great option.

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5. Digital or analog

Modern watches are quartz. In quartz watches, everything happens through a battery, and even if there’s a mechanism that moves the hands to show what time it is, that mechanism is powered by a battery.

Old-fashioned watches are mechanical, and they are powered by a mechanism that must be wired. These watches are less practical as the user needs to always mind if they wired the spring inside.

6. The color can play a significant role

The color is essential for women as the wristwatch, as mentioned, is more of an accessory than it is an item for time-telling. With various color options, it’s wise to have more different ones that will complement the rest of the outfit and make a complete image when going out and about.

Women’s watches are available in all colors, including gold and silver. These can mimic the expensive and valuable metals to fit the fashion statement that a woman might want to make.


These are some of the most valuable tips when choosing a woman’s wristwatch. As you can see, there are many options, and you need to consider many different things to find the best option for you.

Go through the options available, know what you’re looking for, and you’re ready for the next event. Choose the right watch color, brand, material, style, and size. If you complete all the steps provided above, you’ll surely enjoy wearing a spectacular piece that completes your entire look.