Are You a Busy Mom? Here’s How You Can Clean Your Carpet Quickly and Efficiently

Time is of the essence when you are a mom who has to juggle multiple chores. Learning how to quickly clean your carpet can be of utmost help.

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When it comes to home decor and accessories, rugs and carpets are the most common items that come to mind. They don’t just beautify our living space; we can display our personal style and creativity effectively with the carpet and rugs we choose.

They do, however, get worn down with use, and stains are a common thing if you have kids or a pet at home. It is thus very important that you properly maintain your carpet.

Read on to learn a few simple tips to clean your carpet quickly and efficiently, especially when you are a busy mom.

1. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

One of the easiest ways to remove sand, dust, pet hair, and other grime from your carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. You must first decide on the type of vacuum cleaner you need before you buy one by identifying your needs. Corded stick vacuums are great for carpets and that’s why they are a popular choice.

Don’t compromise on the quality by getting something cheap. Buy a top-quality model so that you can effectively remove the dirt on the carpet in a quick and efficient manner.

2. Cleanup after Cooking

If you have rugs in the kitchen, you should keep this area clean. You need to wipe the counter and remove residual food from the oven to avoid spills and stains on the rug.

This is why it is best if you clean up your counter, utensils, and oven right after you finish cooking and keep the rugs free from food stains.

3. Keep the Food in the Dining Area

Most of us are tempted to sit in front of the TV and enjoy dinner on a plate, especially after a long, tiring day. This is not such a good idea as the crumbs from your meal can drop from your plate to the carpet and collect there.

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So, it is best to make a rule for everyone in the household to follow that all meals must be eaten at the dining table.

Not all your family members might like this rule, especially the kids, who usually love to eat while watching their favorite show.

But you must enforce this rule to keep your carpet clean and free of any odors for a long time to come.

4. Use the Right Tools and Products

In order to clean your carpet quickly and efficiently, you need to use the right products and tools for cleaning. Not having the right products will lead you to wasting a lot of precious time scrubbing off the stains but not achieving the desired results.

There are a few products that have special properties to clean and sanitize at the same time. Check those out to see if you can utilize them for your cleaning process.

Having tools such as cleaning rags, scrub brushes, and disposable bags make your carpet cleaning experience much more comfortable and quicker.

5. Keep Your House Organized

One of the core reasons that cause your house to get dirty is lack of organization. There can be total chaos in your home if you have mail lying all over the table, kids’ toys scattered all over the living room carpet, and clothes and utensils just lying on the table or floor. Your house will look very messy if these things are not picked up and placed where they belong.

You need to keep your house organized by making a daily effort. Keep your mail and your kid’s toys neatly organized in separate baskets and discard all unnecessary papers from the drawer. You can easily cut your daily cleaning time by half just by keeping your home organized.

Moreover, decluttering your home will ensure your carpets needs less cleaning.

6. Focus on High-traffic Areas

It can get difficult to address carpet cleaning, especially when you keep walking on the same spots multiple times a day. This is why you should identify the areas that get a lot of foot traffic and pay special attention to cleaning them, at least once every week. This way you will be able to limit the dirt from seeping into your carpet.

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Doing it once a week will save you the hassle of doing it later when a large amount of dirt has gathered on the carpet. A top-quality corded vacuum cleaner will be able to clean the dirt from your carpets quickly, allowing you to get back to your other tasks soon enough. This is a great way to keep your high traffic areas clean and boost the comfort of your home in the process.

7. Don’t Rub the Carpet Stains

Many of us try to rub a stain to clean it up if we have accidentally spilled something on the carpet. Doing this, however, allows the stain to get further set into your carpet. So, you should avoid trying to rub the stain off.

You can try blotting up the stain instead of trying to rub it clean. Try to do this by balling up a cotton or paper towel and then blotting the spill, starting from the edges and working your way to the middle.

8. Clean the Carpet At Regular Intervals

Carpet cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, and it’s especially important to keep vintage rugs clean. Vintage rugs are valuable pieces of art, and they should be treated with care.

If you don’t clean your carpet every few months, the dirt and grime build up and make it all the more messy and time-consuming to clean up. This is why, to avoid a messy job of cleaning the carpet and enabling a quick and easy cleaning job, you should make it a point to clean at least once every six months.

This way you will effectively be able to clean out all the allergens, grease, mold, pollens, and dust from the carpet. The best way to do it is to take out all the rugs right at the beginning of the season to clean them thoroughly. This step is crucial to clean the carpet quickly and efficiently when you are a busy mom.

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For effective cleaning, you should:

– Vacuum regularly: At least once a week, use the vacuum cleaner on your carpet. If there are high traffic areas, you might need to do it more often. Be sure to go over the entire surface area so that dirt and dust don’t have a chance to accumulate.

– Spot clean spills immediately: When something is spilt on the carpet, it’s important to clean it up right away. Otherwise, it will set into the fibers and be more difficult to remove. Use a clean cloth to blot up the spill and then apply a carpet cleaner specifically designed for spot removal.

– Shampoo the carpet: Every few months, you should shampoo your entire carpet. This will help to remove any dirt and grime that has built up, even in areas that aren’t high traffic. Be sure to use a carpet cleaner that is compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

– Dry the carpet thoroughly: After shampooing the carpet, be sure to dry it completely. If you don’t, the carpet will become musty and mildew could start to grow. The best way to dry a carpet is to use a fan to circulate the air and speed up the drying process.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your carpets clean and free of dirt, dust, and spills. Not only will this make your home look nicer, but it will also create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Summing Up

Learning how to clean your carpet quickly and efficiently is a must-have skill for any busy mom. Hopefully, the tips we have mentioned in the article will be sufficient in guiding you toward making your whole carpet cleaning process effective and smooth.

So follow this guide to learn quick carpet cleaning tips and make your carpet cleaning experience peaceful. Soon enough you will learn that it is not as difficult as you initially thought; rather it can be achieved easily by following a few simple rules on a regular basis.