Accessorize your home with these 8 great craft ideas

If you really want to personalize your home, there’s no better way to do it than to create your own accessories and decorative touches. Use your hobby to make your home unique and have fun expressing your creativity! Here are 8 great crafting ideas to get you thinking!

1. Hand-made art and frames

If you have the skills, decorating your walls with examples of your own work is the most obvious choice. But even if you don’t feel ready to display your own artworks, you can still personalize pictures acquired elsewhere by making or upgrading the frames. It doesn’t take advanced woodworking skills to cut and glue the four sides of the frame. Insert a colored card background to set off the display. Alternatively, decorate an existing frame with paint, perhaps using gold leaf or special effects such as marbling, to create a unique look.

2. Paint furniture

If you need a new chest of drawers or a pair of bedside cabinets, but have a limited budget, pick some up from a flea market or yard sale and upcycle with a coat of chalk-based paint, in a bright pastel shade. There are plenty of ways to create interesting effects: use whitewash, distress it (using vinegar or Vaseline), stippling- there’s a huge range of easy-to-learn techniques. All you’ll need is a little paint and a lot of imagination.

3. Sewing

If you’re lucky enough to be able to sew, there’s endless scope. Even if you’re a beginner though, today’s sewing machines are easy to use and versatile enough to create anything from patchwork quilts to elaborate embroidered items.

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4. Paneling

Accessorize your walls by adding some wood paneling to the bottom third. Paint or stain it in a dark color to create an antique theme, or use a light pastel shade to give it a scandi vibe.

5. Knitting

Knitting is another craft hobby that’s boomed in popularity over recent years. It’s easy, practical, and very relaxing – as certain celebrity tough-guy knitting aficionados (Ryan Gosling, Christopher Walken, and David Arquette) are happy to admit. Start with cushion covers and sofa throws and you’ll save money as well as creating unique accessories.

6. Soap making

Tired of mass-produced soaps full of synthetic chemicals? Why not experiment and make your own soap. Use natural ingredients, and fragrant herbs. Not only will the soaps look and smell great in your bathroom, you’ll also feel better about what you’re putting onto your skin.

7. Papercraft

Want to create some eye-catching ornaments for your coffee table and shelves? What about learning how to make fabulous and intricate shapes using origami folds. One of the great things about this hobby is that, as your skills increase and your models become ever more spectacular, you can simply add them to your collection or remove your earlier works.

8. Candlemaking

No home should be without its share of gorgeous scented candles to add a warm glow and a sense of peaceful relaxation. The best quality candles can be eye-wateringly expensive, so making your own is not just more economical, it’s also a fun hobby that’s easy to learn.