Checklist for Parents: What Should be in a Teenager’s Room

color in teenager room

When a teenage schoolboy lives in a house, he requires a separate space and not only wants, but needs a comfortable, cozy room where he can study, relax and grow up healthy and happy. That is why it important to choose furniture wisely and ask your child for opinion.

In the rooms of children of primary school and preschool age, the center was a play area. In the bedrooms of high school students, the emphasis is shifting to the work area. There should be all the furniture necessary for study and hobbies, as well as places for storing clothes, textbooks and other accessories. The design of the teenager’s room suggests the following details:

1 – Ergonomic furniture – chairs and tables that are adjustable in height. Teenagers continue to grow, changing the situation in the room every year is expensive.

2 – Modular wardrobes – they are used to store clothes, books, school supplies. If necessary, buy additional sections to increase capacity.

3 – Closed shelves – teenagers do not like to keep order. The presence of doors helps to cover xaoc on the shelves.

4 – Good lighting is a must in the work area and throughout the room. The ceiling chandelier is supplemented with spotlights, table lamps and garlands. Suggest lighting for the teenager, in which you can change colors.

5 – A comfortable bed or a sofa with an orthopedic mattress – children are still forming their eyes. During sleep, the position of the body must be correct. A perfect choice for relaxing would also be bean bag sofa.

Ideas for a teenager’s room should be discussed with a teenager: he will tell his parents how he sees his bedroom. Then it remains to find a compromise between the degree of parents and the desire of the child to paint everything in bright colors.
Criteria for choosing furniture for a teenager’s room

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What are the principles for choosing furniture in a children’s room for a teenager? There are many of them, here is a whole list that you can focus on: Quality. This does not mean that furniture should be made of natural beech or mahogany.

No, not necessarily. It’s just that the material must be durable, and the assembly must be reliable. Functionality. If two children live in the room, or the room is small, even more so. Each meter must be used optimally and wisely, so that the furniture must be functional. Affiliation. This cannot be ignored: if a girl lives in a room, this is one thing, a boy is completely different.

Choose girlish furniture for a girl, more masculine for a guy. And do not forget about the tastes of the child, he is already an adult and has the right to vote. Style and design. Furniture should fit the interior of the room, walls, carpet, curtains.

If everything is light, it can be white or cream. Let there be a single shade of natural wood, as if everything from one collection – this will be a good solution. Price. It makes no sense to pay too much on high-profile brands or too designer interior items. But you can’t buy the cheapest ones, they won’t last long. It is better to look for a middle ground and save where appropriate. These criteria are quite enough to furnish a teenager’s bedroom with taste and intelligence.

As already noted, children’s furniture for a teenager must necessarily match his gender. Modern furniture manufacturers know how important this is and produce armchairs, beds and tables for boys and girls in the most incredible designs.

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For girls

For parents, a girl is always a little charming princess, but you should not decorate her room with pink ruffles. She is a teenager, which means she is a fashionista, and wants to become an adult as soon as possible. So the girl’s room should be stylish and very modern.

She should have a spacious closet for clothes, shoes, outfits, accessories. Be sure to have a dressing table with a mirror and lighting, albeit small, but it should be. A large beautiful bed with fluffy pillows, garlands and toys, a pouffe or an easy chair in which you can dream. And be sure to have a comfortable table and shelves, or a rack for books, memorabilia and various little things.

For boys

Boys’ furniture for a teenager’s room should be modern, simple and concise. He is unlikely to be happy with a bed in the form of a racing car: after all, this is already a completely adult and modern child. A large computer desk and a cool chair – that’s what he’ll be happy about. After all, the guy spends a lot of time at the computer, which means you need a comfortable place. It is better to choose an orthopedic chair, he will sit on it for hours. You can use modular furniture: a wall for storing clothes, books, sports awards, inventory, personal items. The bed is simple, spacious and comfortable. A bean bag or just a soft, comfortable lounge chair. It is better to choose neutral colors: blue, gray, green, brown.

If two teenagers of different sexes live in a room, then the first thing to do is to zone it. To do this, use a rack, cabinet or wall, partition or high screens: each tenant should have their own, albeit small, but isolated personal space.

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Each of them should have their own modern furniture for children or teenagers: a personal table and wardrobe, bedside tables and drawers, a separate isolated bed. Even the style of the two zones can be styled differently by separating them with color. It is important that teenagers feel that they have their own personal corner.