3 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy When You Have Young Children

Let’s face it – kids aren’t the tidiest people! Small children can be incredibly messy…

Let’s face it – kids aren’t the tidiest people! Small children can be incredibly messy and destructive because they don’t know the value of things or how to look after material goods. A clean home is not only desirable to most people but essential when you have a young family to keep them safe from allergies and illness. Here are 3 ways to keep your home clean and tidy when you have young children.

Sweet-Smelling Soft Furnishings

Kids are usually covered in whatever they happen to have eaten ten minutes ago. Their fingers are sticky and wet and will touch every surface in sight. Consequently, curtains will become speckled with jam, sofas smeared with spreadable cheese, and carpets drenched in blackcurrant juice.

Suppose stains on your soft furnishings and upholstery are very ingrained and won’t budge with some good old-fashioned warm water and elbow grease. In that case, you will probably need to hire a company that does professional furniture cleaning. You could even ask them about coating your sofa with a fabric guard such as Scotch Guard, which repels stains.

If your soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions don’t need professionally cleaned, you can give them a gentle wash in your washing machine to keep them clean and smelling fresh.

If you have young children and plan on having more, it makes sense to buy child-friendly furniture for the first few years of their lives. Buy leather or plastic seating that can be wiped clean.

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Hygienic Hoovering

When you have small kids, you will spend your life vacuuming up crumbs. If you don’t have time to do this day-in/day-out, look at investing in a robotic hoover such as a Roomba that will get on with the hoovering while you are busy doing other things.

Carpets and floors should be cleaned regularly, not only to remove dirt and grime, but also to remove dust which can cause allergies to develop in your children or lung conditions such as asthma.

Sparkling Surfaces

To further prevent your child from developing allergies, all surfaces should be dusted and wiped down with disinfectant regularly. Choose a disinfectant spray or wipes that kill 99% of bacteria and viruses so that your family has a reduced risk of contracting illnesses or diseases. Be very careful that your child doesn’t touch or lick the surfaces when you are using chemicals and make sure that you store them in a locked cupboard out of their reach.

Cleverly Clutter-Free

If you have trodden on one piece of Lego too many, then it is time to clear the clutter. Buy some attractive storage boxes or cabinets for your child’s toys so that you can clean your floors at the end of the day. You can label the drawers and boxes with pictures of the contents so that your child can learn where their toys are stored and can learn to do it themselves. The sooner they know how to clean up after themselves, the better.