4 Steps to Creating a Family-Friendly Bathroom

Creating a family friendly bathroom is important for any parent. If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling advice, you’ve probably realized that there is a bit of contention between families and bathrooms. Kids don’t want to hang out in a bathroom and parents don’t want their kids hanging out in the bathroom. Not because they don’t love them, but the bathroom is not exactly the most inviting room…unless you have installed it yourself. This article includes tips to make your bathroom both family-friendly and exciting!

Bathrooms are a lot more than simply rooms to keep clean, and especially when you have a family. For babies, young children, or growing family members, it needs to be a functional place that can handle a lot of foot traffic and a lot of demand when it comes to using water. While a family-friendly bathroom should be functional and comfortable, it also shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on a tranquil space you can retreat to as a parent and get in some relaxation, too. So here are four important steps to creating that perfect family-friendly bathroom.

Step 1: Ensure Plenty of Storage

If you have a growing family, you’re going to need lots of room to store essential items without having to compromise on the floor space of your bathroom. This is where wall-mounted storage will be extremely helpful, such as wall-mounted cabinets, putting up shelves, and wall racks. If it makes it easier to organize, you can also allocate a certain shelf or cabinet to each family member.

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Step 2: Invest in Both a Bath and Shower

Having both a bath and shower is going to be beneficial for a big family. Not only does it make it easier to keep everyone clean, but it also allows for lots of options to make your bathroom a useable space. For babies and toddlers, having a bath is a must so that you can properly sit your child in and supervise during wash time. Additionally, having a shower option too makes it easier for adults to wash and go.

Having a bath as well as a shower also means you can have a relaxing bubble bath and turn your bathroom into a safe haven whenever you need it, such as when having a night off from childcare. Of course, this will depend on the space you have, but if you can go for a shower over bath option instead of a standalone shower, this can be a great addition.

Step 3: Get Design Help

You may not know what you want, need, or even how to incorporate a practical bathroom into the space you have — but design experts will know. If you feel as though you need help creating the perfect family bathroom, it can be beneficial to speak to design professionals like Kitchen Capital, who can advise on the best features for your space. You can then also get them to take care of all the remodeling for you!

Step 4: Opt for Tiles

Having tiles instead of painted walls is an easy way to keep your bathroom durable and clean. You won’t have to worry about stains or mess when you can easily wipe tiles clean compare to marked walls. With the high number of tile designs out there, you can find a style that fits your taste and color scheme to create an inviting space for all the family.

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Final Thoughts

When you think of a family bathroom, you may think of mess, cramped space, and wet towels left on the floor; but it doesn’t have to be chaotic if you implement the right design features, go for plenty of storage, and don’t neglect on any tranquil additions to create your own haven alongside family wash routines.