What Not to Do During a Custody Battle? 

When it’s become tough to live together as being a couple, so situation comes to get separated. In addition to this, in this complex time, if you have children obviously it will be difficult for them to manage things accordingly. Because for children, both mother and father are compulsory. But if you have decided to get separated and want to take custody of your child then you have to go through some legal procedures. But you need to also keep in mind what not to do during a custody battle. So, for this, you have to be prepared.

For sure, there will be a legal petition for being separated by taking divorce. On the other hand, if you have children and anyone from both of you wants to take custody of your children, there are some grounds on which basis, you have to give the relevant reasons for being the best parent for your children. There will be the procedure for both legal custody of your children as well as a physical placement.

In the full custody case, everything will be your liability to accomplish for your child. Moreover, in physical placement, your child has the right to spend 50% of the time with one parent. Additionally, there are some authority decisions a parent has to take. The judge will look into the various varieties of things when deciding to give custody to you as being the parent of the child.

So, let’s have a deep discussion on this over here. Also, get to know what not to do during a custody battle.

The best & working custody battle tips for mothers:

As the mother of the child, if you want to take custody of your child, you need to go through the complete process. Also, there will be many things to say in court for child custody for taking the consent to the court to be the best and caring parent for your child. Moreover, you will be also knowing what not to do during a custody battle. So, let’s have a look at the complete list of tips that you can grab for the custody battle of your child.

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Try to take a mutual decision

When the custody battle is going on and taking a long time for having custody of your children, you should talk to your husband to get the case closed and don’t drag it too long. Just give him the time to meet your child as he wants. So that, he can spend some quality time with his children. So, overall it might be a good try to do a mutual decision for your child custody.

Talk to a lawyer to handle the case

It is very important to be in touch with the expert lawyer when you are going to put your file for the case of child custody in court. Yes, it would be necessary for you. Just talk to a family lawyer and have a discussion with him, though you can hire him for the further case of the custody battle. Get to know all terms and conditions by consulting with a lawyer.

Try to figure out your life constraints

Yes, when you have a bad situation in your relationship with your partner, just try to figure out your life. Because your this try can give gratification to your children. As well as court will also take decisions in the favor of the one who will be financially stable. So, try to be stable with a good job and have a decent career. Get a good house or flat to keep your child over there with full facilities.

Don’t be intractable about your emotions

This can be an important point to consider. If you have anger outburst issues, it could be a problem for your custody battle. Don’t give attention to what your partner is saying or provoking you to defame him by accusing him about things in messages, emails, or in phone calls. Everything would be considered at the time of giving evidence in your favor.

Take good advice on child custody:

It is really momentous to get good advice on child custody cases. Because, if you know every aspect, you would be able to fight well. Also, you would be able to get all updates regarding what not to do during a custody battle. So, get to know the ways and tips to make this possible to win the case.

  1. Find a family law attorney: You can talk to a specific family law attorney to hand over your case. Just make sure that you are adhering to all custody laws of the state in a high conflict situation. Get a good family lawyer for your custody case to get success.
  2. Collect information online & have a family mediation too: This would be relevant and beneficial for you to take a good consultation online. As well as, you can go further by having a good family mediation through which you can get an agreement with mutual consent. Also, there will be no need to go to court for long.
  3. Visit the local courthouse & get a chance for having parenting classes: Every time, you might be perplexed about having a good consultation or proceeding. If you are thinking of doing the same, you may visit the local courthouse. Over there, just put your plea by knowing all rules and regulations.
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What not to do in child custody cases?

Here, you will get to know that what not to do during a custody battle. This should be in your mind always while you are fighting the custody battle. Make sure, you are completely being prepared for things to confront in court. So, don’t be reckless for anything and talk sensitively in court for giving a better impression of your intelligence and patience.

There are more things that you need to keep in your conscience to follow. Get to know them carefully over here in the given written context below.

Don’t be reckless

There will be a need of being honest. So, you need to avoid your recklessness and be prepared for things to take the onus. Don’t be like you are shunning from your responsibilities. Just be in a positive sense and in nature for preserving good things for your future.

Don’t make hurry in marrying again

If you are up to take custody of your child, make sure you are not making a hurry in marrying another one. Because with a new person, how your child will get settled. There are many factors that might harm your case and make it weaker.

Don’t talk rudely & do immature things

Be careful in your wordings. Don’t ever say something negative about your ex in front of your child as well as in court. You need to communicate in a legal and professional manner by being civil and patient.

Don’t be careless for attending appointments

In a custody case, be sure that you are not delaying your appointments. Be punctual for hearings and appointments. Don’t ever also try to manage things alone. Get a good lawyer and proceed further.

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Don’t deny to follow court rules & sayings

You need to show the court that you are completely responsible and committed to your promises. Just do whatever the court says you to do. Just prepare complete documents for your evidence to be the caring one.

Don’t ever use your child for getting success in the case

Do you think that using your child as pawns or weapons would help you to get succeed in a child custody case? If yes, so it is completely irrelevant. Make sure you are not doing such tasks. As your reputation can be exploited.


Hence, as being a mother, you can go through all these tips for winning the custody battle for your child. Also, mentioned points will help you to keep in mind what not to do during a custody battle. Being careful about things and being honest will escort you to get an achievable result in a custody case.

Therefore, you can have a good consultation with a Family lawyer. As we are helping people to get a good knowledge of winning the battle of child custody cases. So, if you need any legal assistance, we are making sure that you can get the best repercussions for the custody case.

Contact us today for booking your appointment for the legal consultation and take your child along with you happily.