One-Wall Kitchen Design Ideas – Cons and Pros

Choosing the right kitchen design is essential considering this is usually the busiest space in any house. While there are several designs to choose from, many people opt for a one-wall design. One-wall layouts are focusing on a single wall by placing everything on it while leaving the other walls open. So, every single appliance, countertop, cabinet, or major work area is positioned on one wall in the kitchen.

More and more people prefer minimalism, and one-wall kitchens can offer just that. Most individuals go with this layout due to its affordability and space. One-wall kitchen designs are great for condos, small properties, and studio apartments as they ensure more space. However, larger properties can also rock a one-wall kitchen as it adds to the ambiance by turning a cooking zone into a very beautiful dining or living area.

One-wall kitchens have their pros and cons, though, and it is important to know them if you’re planning on getting a kitchen like this at some point. This article will tell you everything you need to know.

One-Wall Kitchen Design Pros

They Are Cheaper

Compared to other types of kitchens, one-wall designs are quite cheap. They have a much simpler and smaller design, and for this reason, they cost less. Installing all the cabinets and everything you want to add to the wall will come at a smaller price. As such, you can spend less money on this area of the home and save your budget for other spaces that may require major changes.

They Allow You to Save Space

Perhaps one of the best advantages when it comes to one-wall kitchen designs is the fact that they are space-effective. Everything, including your cabinets, stove, fridge, sink, dishwasher, etc. will be positioned along one wall. Therefore, you will have space for other things, and you can even set up a nice lounge area or dining setting.

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What is even better is that if you have a smaller house where space is quite limited, one-wall kitchens will be perfect. They are easy to access and will allow you to save room. “A single-wall kitchen design works well in homes where the space is very limited and every square meter counts,” says Boris Groysman from Thanks to the small size, all the kitchen systems are at hand and easy to access. Also, it can be used as a secondary kitchen in larger properties with many household members.”

Better Workflow

Because of the single-wall design, these kitchens offer easier reach and access to various things. Everything you need will be within your reach, as there will only be a few feet distancing the services from each other. Therefore, you will not have to move a lot to get what you need, as the workflow is improved.

One-Wall Kitchen Design Cons

The Value Is Lower

While these kitchens help save space, they have a lower value as they are not only small but also limiting for larger families. Potential buyers may not be impressed by them.

“Many homeowners start kitchen remodeling to boost the property’s market value,” says kitchen designer from “Still, many potential buyers may not consider an I-shaped kitchen as an exceptional design, which may affect the property’s resale value.”

Limited Storage

One-wall kitchens may help save room, but they will also give you a limited amount of space to work with as a result. Everything will be situated on a single wall, and that will limit your storage options. There will also be only one countertop available for cooking meals, which can be quite difficult if there is more than one person trying to cook.

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“A one-wall kitchen generally has only one countertop to cook meals, which may be very inconvenient when there are two or three people at once simultaneously doing their culinary magic in one kitchen,” says Boris Groysman on “The solution is a single-wall kitchen with an island to add more working space to the cooking process.”

Final Thoughts

One-wall kitchen designs can be great, but they also have some shortcomings. Being aware of these things should help you decide whether a one-wall kitchen is what you should go with or not.