Best 10 Online Therapy and Counseling Programs in 2020

Online therapy means e-therapy, which is also called as e-counseling, teletherapy, or cyber-counseling. It involves…

Online therapy means e-therapy, which is also called as e-counseling, teletherapy, or cyber-counseling. It involves mental health treatment services over the internet. It is a way to communicate with a licensed mental health professional over any device such as phone, tab, or laptop. Treatment procedure is done over messaging (similar to text or email), live chat, phone calls, or video chat. You can find many online therapy and counseling programs online. Here find the best 10 online Therapy and Counseling Programs in 2020 that are available for you.

Best Online Therapy and Counseling Programs

Due to the availability of various types of counseling programs, it cannot be easy to choose the best online therapy that suits your needs. After research, we provide a list of 10 online Therapy and Counseling Programs that will help you choose the right program with relevant treatment support to fit your situation.

Here find the best 10 online Therapy and Counseling Programs in 2020 that are available for you.

Feel Better With Online Therapy – “7 Cups of Tea”

7 Cups of Tea is the site where you connect to caring listeners for free emotional support. They will guide you with tips and advice on how to feel better. There is a volunteer listener where you can chat 24/7 for free of cost. 7 Cups of Tea is one of the World’s Largest Emotional Support System, which helped over 25 million people. It is no matter what your issue is and who you are or what you’re going through. This platform hears and cares for you.

How to Access: To get help, you need to sign up on the website for online therapy. After then, you are assigned a private chat room where you can share your feelings, emotions, issues with a licensed therapist. For more support, there are also avail of forums and community to discuss your issues. 7 Cups of Tea have listeners, and especially teens, they can chat whenever they need to. They also take support and make new friends along the way.

Cost: Online therapy and counseling are available for those aged 18+ for $150 per month. And 7 Cups of Tea offer a free three-day trial to test in starting. The online community is free to access.

Best for LBTQ – “Pride Counselling”

Pride Counselling is best for LBTQ related mental health issues. This is the online platform on where you can get access, discreet, and affordable treatment. Get here matched to a licensed therapist via phone, video, and messaging. You can start talking whenever you want, and you can Schedule sessions with the therapist. You can switch to work with another counselor with this platform. All Counselors at Pride Counseling are licensed, trained, experienced.

How to Access: To join this platform, you have to give answers to some simple questions about your habits. Your answer help to match you to the right online therapist. Pride Counselling is accepting of people from every gender, orientation, and identity. Start talking and messaging whenever you want.

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Cost: One needs to pay from $60 to $80 per week for online counseling. You are billed every four weeks. If you want to cancel your exiting Membership any time, you can do it for any reason.

Convenient and Effective Online Therapy- “BetterHelp”

BetterHelp has around 12,000 licensed therapists on their site, which will match you. BetterHelp helped more than one million people on their platform. Therapists are here are well trained and experienced at least three years and 1,000 hours of hands. You can find a wide range of therapists in this platform, such as family therapists, psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors. You get a secure and dedicated chat room where you can access your therapists. Some chats are not real-time. You can leave the message, and your therapist will reply to messages one or two times each day.

How to Access: After sign up, it may take 24 hours or some time to connect you with a therapist. And if you are not comfortable with your therapist assigned to you, you can change your therapist.

Cost: Betterhelp charges $65 a week for the first month. And afterward, the first month, the fee ranges from $60 to $80 per week depends on your subscription plan. You need to pay an additional fee for phone and video sessions in advance to schedule live chats with your therapist.

For Relationship Counseling: “ReGain”

If you are serious about your relationship in saving or improving, get help from a licensed professional therapist at ReGain. The couple who deal with a variety of relationship challenges, this platform offers counseling solution for both. You need to pay no extra for the couple counseling as compared to the single person. You get Individual and couples counseling anytime, anywhere. For counseling, you need to visit psychically; you can connect with the therapist via phone messaging and chatting.

How to Access: The platform is easy to use; to join, you need to go through the sign-up process. Regain matches therapists directly with couples. If you want to discuss your issue with the therapist privately, then request to schedule a private session. Sessions can also include video chats and phone calls.

Cost: The cost of online counseling ranges from $40 to $70 per week. Regain is a monthly plan, so you need to pay the bill monthly. Your bill amount depends on the length of the subscription that you choose.

Achieve Your Potential: “Talkspace”

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that is founded in 2012. This platform helped more than one million people feel happier. This platform provides online therapy for wide range of mental issues such as: mindfulness, dialectical behavioral issues, CBT and many more.

How to Access: To join Talkspace, you need to go for a sign-up process, where you will be asked to complete some online questionnaires. As per your answers, they will choose the best therapist for your specific needs. If you do not feel comfortable with the therapy unless you request to change to a different professional

Cost: Talkspace offers three other plans

  1. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus costs $65 per week for text, video, and audio messaging.
  2. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium costs $79 per week for text, video, and audio with one live session per month.
  3. LiveTalk Therapy Unlimited costs $99 per week for text, video, and audio messaging with four live sessions per month.

In all the above plans, the therapist responds to your messages daily, five days per week. There is also a one-week free trial period.

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For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): “”

This site mainly focuses on people having Cognitive Behavioral Treatment. This site is different from another online therapy site. It is not only just for a chat; it is a complete toolbox. Here you get full support and tools you need to be happier. They offer some parts of their online therapy platform for free. They provide treatment with yoga and meditation videos, activity plan, 25 worksheets journal, tests, etc. has helped thousands of people get happier since 2009.

How to Access: To get the help, you need to sign up for the site. Once your sign up is completed, you will be assigned a personal therapist. And the therapist will work with you from start to end of the treatment. You need to subscribe to get Membership. You choose the subscription plan that suits your needs.

Cost: You need to pay $31.96/week for the basic plan at The standard plan cost is $47.96/week, where the premium plan needs to pay $63.96/week. You will get a 20% discount for the first month.

Best for the Teenager: “Teen Counseling”

Teen Counseling is an online platform best for teens ages 13 and 19. Experienced therapists treat various mental issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, bullying, coping skills, eating disorders, and other mental problems. Teenagers are not allowed to diagnosis this site officially. If you are the parent and interested in signing up your adolescent up for your Teen Counseling, you need to complete the sign-up paperwork. All counseling sessions are here confidential. After sign up, your teen can exchange messages, chat live, speak over the phone.

How to Access: To join the Teen Counseling online platform, you need to give answers to some questions about you to find the most suitable therapist for your needs. You need to fill out this short questionnaire to provide some general and anonymous background about you. Teen Counseling offers two different private sessions for both parents and teens.

Cost: Online Therapy on Teen Counseling is based on a flat membership fee that covers both the use of the platform and counseling for both parent and child. The cost of online therapy at Teen Counseling ranges from $60 to $80 per week.

Bliss Online Therapy for Depression

Bliss offers a free online program based on CBT, which is a computer-based program. It is a self-guided online CBT platform best to treat depression. This Bliss program allows you to monitor and manage your mood and improve your mental health. You can complete the online program at your own pace with no commitment. The Bliss program is based on psychotherapy treatment that enhances mood and mental health.

How to Access: Bliss Online Therapy is a free sign up online therapy. After sign up, you will get 8 Interactive Sessions. Each step contains an easy lesson that teaches essential concepts on monitoring, managing, and improving your mood. Each session is illustrated through examples, interactive questions. After sign up, you will get a step-by-step process such as Convenient Summary Sheets, Test Your Knowledge, Monitor Your Mood, and Practice Techniques.

Cost: Complementary therapy tool for FREE. And meeting a Therapist online or in-person can cost from $50-$150 per session.

Handle All Mental Issue- “Breakthrough”

Breakthrough is an online website that is acquired by MDLive. You can choose your therapists as per your need. Here all therapists are licensed and experienced. The therapist gives all answers to your questions through brownie point avail on this site. Breakthrough provides customer support around the clock.

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How to Access: Scheduling an appointment online with a counselor at Breakthrough is a streamlined process. First, you need to choose your therapist from a list of therapists based on their services offer. And then, select the date and time best for you to attend a video session with your therapist.

Cost: Breakthrough has a pretty simple pricing system. It is about $99 per session.

Best for Complete Discretion and Privacy – “HealthSapiens”

Health Sapiens provides a new level in the online health industry, which uses blockchain technology. Avail of blockchain technology here, one can get affordable healthcare treatment of any kind to anyone. You can get private therapy with a network. At HealthSapiens, avail of EMR (electronic medical records) that speeding up and streamlining the treatment. A patient can give a rate, review a doctor, publish a review, and share it with prospective patients.

How to Access: The joining process begins by signing up with one of their plan options. Anyone can sign up and get coverage. You need to choose a plan that will include a monthly subscription fee which you will pay.

Cost: Online Therapy cost of HealthSapiens is 20-$25 per month. And Membership costs $35 per week.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Therapy?

It has been proved that online therapy as effective as traditional therapy. Online therapy is as effective as a face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic disorder, anxiety, stress, etc. Online therapy has some benefits over traditional in-person therapy. Here are some benefits or advantages of online therapy:

Easy to Access: Patients living far from the hospital or one who could not travel or repeatedly visit the hospital or limited access to transportation are more motivated to participate in online therapy.

Affordable Treatment Cost: Online Therapy classes are more affordable as compared to the face to face treatment. Online therapy treatment reduces the cost of treatment.

Regular Treatment Process: Sometimes, due to poor weather conditions or sickness, the patient could not visit the hospital for face to face treatment. But Online Therapy classes allow the patient to participate in therapy regularly.

Better Access to Therapist: Therapists are not available in some geographic location where the patient lives. In that case, online therapy allows them in remote areas to get help.

Flexibility: One can select specialists who can work with their schedules. And the patient has access to more specialists.

Is Online Therapy as Effective as Face to Face Therapy?

Yes, much research proves that Online Therapy is as effective as face to face treatment. Researchers found online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) could effectively reduce symptoms of depression and other mental health issues.

Online therapy may help some with emotional problems. Many other online therapy sites offer subscription plans where you can schedule regular video appointments, unlimited email communication with your therapist. As per the study in 2014, online treatment was just as effective as a traditional treatment for depression.

Are Online Counseling Programs Right for You?

As per the American Psychiatric Association (APA), online counseling guidelines offer the same safety to its users as traditional therapies do. But you need to keep mind some essential points while choosing your therapist.

  • Always choose a licensed Therapist.
  • The cost of treatment should be transparent.
  • Not forget to check their privacy and confidentiality page.
  • Make sure all confidential data are shared with any third-party app.

Online therapy is making mental health treatment accessible and more affordable for many people. From the above information available you can choose the best online counseling Therapy for the better result.