Best Sleeping Position For Baby After Feeding

Best Baby Sleeping Positions After Feeding – There are many people are searching about best sleeping position for baby after feeding. No matter when you feed baby it is very necessary to have proper and safe sleeping positions of your baby. Here I will explain you some best baby sleeping positions after feeding.

After feeding baby they always feel sleepy and most parents are unable to sleep. They need also rest and the best sleeping position may make the difference between a great or a bad night.

All parents want to know about the best sleeping positions for infants so that their babies can get the most comfortable and peaceful sleep. The fact is, you will be able to provide your baby with the appropriate environment for healthy, pleasant, and restful sleep if you learn about his sleeping patterns. Still, many parents face the dilemma of deciding the right sleeping position for their baby. Here in this article, we have tried to answer questions like the Best sleeping position for baby after feeding, tips for improving baby sleep, and much more.

What is the best position for a baby to sleep?

It does not matter if you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding your little one. The baby will probably fall asleep after feeding. However, to ensure that the baby gets good sleep, you should know what sleeping position your baby prefers. Below we have discussed different sleeping positions for newborns and their effects on the baby.

1. Sleeping on Back

There are a variety of ways to put your baby to sleep, but one of the best sleeping positions for newborns is on their back. Also, it is safest from other positions as it poses a minimal risk of suffocation while the baby is sleeping. It encourages babies to breathe deeply, relax, and sleep for longer periods. Moreover, it is the best sleeping position for the baby after feeding. Pediatricians recommend this position because it allows for better breathing and reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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2. Sleeping on the Side

This is not a much favorable position for babies to sleep. When a baby sleeps on his side, there are chances that eventually he will roll on and end up sleeping on his stomach. It leads to the risk of breathing problems while the child is sleeping. However if in rare cases you make your baby sleep on the side, then make sure you change the sides frequently. Additionally, you should keep in mind that unlike the ‘sleep on back’ position, this position does not offer any benefits to the babies.

3. Sleeping on Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is something that you should always avoid. It is the most dangerous sleeping position for newborns. It can cause difficulty in breathing and lead to choking conditions. When a baby sleeps on his tummy, his nose is very close to the mattress, and he may end up inhaling its microbes which is not good for health. Most importantly, this sleeping position is a major cause of SIDS. Therefore, avoid making a baby sleep on his stomach.

Why Sleeping on Back is the Best Sleeping Position for Baby?

Sleeping on the back is the healthiest way for a baby to sleep because it helps support the natural curve of your baby’s spine. It also reduces the risk of SIDS. However, sleeping on the back can sometimes lead to a flat head problem, but not to worry! It is a temporary problem and will go away itself.

Hints to Avoid the Risk of SIDS

SIDS stands for Sudden infant death syndrome. It is the most common cause of death for babies between one month and one year of age. In most cases, the wrong sleeping position causes this situation for babies where they are unable to breathe due to suffocation. It is for this reason that sleeping in any position other than sleeping on the back is avoided for infants. Also, we have mentioned some other factors to remember to minimize the risk of SIDS in babies.

  1. Do not keep blankets and toys inside the baby’s crib
  2. Mother should avoid smoking during pregnancy
  3. Do not share the same bed with babies while sleeping (But, share the same room)
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol and drugs
  5. Breastfeed the baby for some initial months rather than bottle-feeding
  6. Do not make baby sleep on couch or sofa
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Some Helpful Tips for Safe Baby Sleep

Your baby’s safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to baby sleep. Below-given are several safe baby sleep tips that will help keep your child safe, healthy, and happy.

Choose a Comfortable Night Wear

The key to a happy and healthy sleep is to dress the baby in the most comfortable clothes. It will help the baby sleep well through the night. Avoid dressing the baby in fancy clothes. Prefer breathable and soft clothes that are not too tight or too loose.

Use Firm Baby Mattress

Many parents do not pay much attention while buying a mattress for their baby. But this should not happen. For a safe and sound sleep, you should choose a firm baby mattress. Not only it will provide body support to the baby but also make him feel relaxed.

Crib Should Be Empty

Never keep soft toys, pillows, extra blankets in the crib of the baby. All these things can lead to suffocating the child at night. Also, the microbes of soft fur toys can be ingested by the baby while breathing.

Make Sure Baby is not Hungry

Not just at night, but you should always take care of the feeding routine of your baby. If you want your baby to have a comfortable sleep at night, ensure that he is not sleeping with an empty stomach. However, remember to make him sleep in the Best sleeping position for baby after feeding; sleeping on the back.

Keep Smokers Away

Smoking can have dangerous effects on the health of your newborn baby. So if there is anybody in your house or if you smoke, then do not do it around the baby in any case.

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Avoid Overheating

Make sure that you do not overdress your baby out of weather concerns. Always keep a balance in layers of clothes. Excessive clothes can lead to overheating at night.


We do understand that there are many different things to consider when it comes to the health of a child, particularly when you are a new parent. One of the most important areas to focus on is the baby’s sleeping position. Nevertheless, as discussed, sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position for baby after feeding. We hope that the above information will help you understand and decide the correct sleeping position for newborns.