7 Common Misconceptions About Baby Girls’ Earrings

If you are planning to get your baby’s ears pierced and are looking forward to find the perfect set of earrings for those delicate little lobes, if is possible that you have already come across a number of misconceptions while running a quick internet search.

These misconceptions on baby girl earrings are often driven by a number of factors that primarily include…

  • Half-baked information on piercings per se
  • Not-so-good experiences parents that may have chosen baby earrings incorrectly
  • Strong opinions of people that are against baby ear piercin

so on an so forth

Be it as it may, this is time to dispel some of these common misconceptions so that you can have a safe, happy and memorable experience in gifting the best pair of earrings to your little girl.

Piercing Your Baby’s Ears is Bad Parenting

Wait! Is vanity more important to you than your baby’s wellbeing?

To make things clear, it is not about vanity. More often than not, it is about tradition, religion and cultural values that have been celebrated through generations.

It’s a beautiful way to bonding with your little girl… letting her have something precious that she can later pass on to her little one or just have it as keepsake, a remembrance of beautiful memories.

Is a Mere Earring for Baby Girl Worth Putting Your Baby at Risk

You cannot argue against the fact that piercings and the metals that come in contact with freshly pierced lobes carry possibilities of infections. The risk may be higher in case of babies because their immune system is not fully developed.
However, if you…

  • approach a proper certified baby piercing facility
  • seek proper guidance and assistance from pediatricians
  • follow the after-care processes diligently and
  • buy proper earring for baby girl from a reputed store…
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…be rest assured that your baby will stay 100% safe from possible risks

Precious Metals or Any Metal is Hazardous for babies

Fashion jewelry, that you find a dime a dozen these days carry loads of toxic contaminants like lead, nickel, cadmium etc. that can cause severe reactions with your baby’s soft and delicate skin.

However, in sharp comparison with junk jewelry, baby girl earrings especially those that are offered by reputed shops / brands are made of hypoallergenic metals that do not react at all when in contact with your baby’s skin.

These tender options are carefully crafted with recognized non-allergic precious and semi-precious metals like 18K to 24K gold, sterling silver and platinum… one of the reasons why their price tags are usually on the heavier side.

Day 1 in Ear Lobes… Day 2 in her Throat

This can only happen if your choice of earrings for baby girls is seriously substandard. On the other hand, when you buy baby earrings from well known brands, you will observe that the earrings have two unique types of securing…

  • the Screw-back
  • the Butterfly

Each of these options are 100% safe and comfortable for your baby because they do not come off easily once secured even if the baby fiddles with it for a long time. These securing options also come with proper protective casing to shield the earring post.

If your baby girl earrings are powered with these securing options, be rest assured, they will never end up in your baby’s throat.

The Weight of earrings for baby girl will wear down tender lobes

Some parents believe that baby earrings will cause the lobes of their babies to droop or lose shape eventually. This though can only happen if you choose options that are way too large and way too heavy.

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When you buy the right shape, the right size and the right weight, there’s zero risk of your baby’s lobes being damaged or getting misshapen with baby girl earrings. Usually, 3mm to 4mm earrings not weighing more than 1 gm – 2 gms are perfect for babies and toddlers.

Diamonds and Pearls are Never Baby Friendly

Diamonds and pearls have always been a girl’s best friends… age no bar. Thankfully, these are non-toxic substances and are thus safe for babies, unless they are used in the wrong designs and pose choking hazards.

Therefore, when you opt for diamond or baby pearl earrings make sure that they…
are very securely crafted so that the diamonds / pearls don’t come off their braces
use hypoallergenic base metals for the braces and posts are of suitable size and weight for baby ears

0.10ct and 0.15ct are perfect size and weight for diamond earrings for babies and toddlers. As far as baby pearl earrings are concerned, the combined weight should be less than or equal to 2gms.

Trustworthy Stores for Baby Girl Earrings are Difficult to Find

On the contrary. There are a number of very well reputed jewelers that offer beautifully crafted baby earrings that are certified safe in terms of metal quality, aptness of design and overall baby suitability.

All baby jewelry from these providers are backed with authenticity certificates and proper warrantees; a trust-building gesture that millions of parents from the world over often seek.

Given that the metals, stones and pearls range from semi-precious to precious in nature, these shops often offer buy back policies at very agreeable rates as well.

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With these common doubts and misconceptions put to rest, you can now commence your search for the ideal pair of baby girl earrings with complete confidence. What makes things better is easy online availability of the finest baby jewelry from esteemed jewelers that offer authenticity certificates, warranties, buy back policies and all this in approachable price tags.