Going Out With a Newborn – 8 Things to Make Things Easier

You may be reaching 6-weeks and want to take your baby out, or you’re bold and want to do it sooner. As long he’s healthy, he can handle the outdoors. However, taking him outside can be tricky if you don’t keep a few things in mind. We’ve run through all of them below – read ahead.

Keep Him Close

Everyone loves babies. When you take your little one out, strangers are going to flock to him. For his safety, do not let them touch him. Babies, especially newborns, have weak immune systems. Their skin is super sensitive too. The worst thing is that you have no idea how clean their hands are – you don’t want their germs on your kid!

You may think refusing someone from touching your child is rude. However, as a mother, it is your right. More and more people are becoming knowledgeable about how bad it is to touch babies, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Avoid Large Crowds

Before you go out, make note of the setting you’re taking your child to. Even if he’s not a newborn, he won’t like being around many people. He will be agitated with crowds and as an exhausted mother, you know how important his sleep is.

For your first outing, avoid grocery stores and places of worship. Babies that are a few weeks old can sleep through anything, so you might think busy places are fine, but once he’s up, he will be very distraught.

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Being in quaint spaces will not only make him less agitated but staying away from large crowds will keep him safe – who knows how many germs are flying around?

Is The Space Baby-Friendly?

Some venues don’t like the loud cries of an infant. There are unfortunately quite a few establishments like this, and they tend to be the higher-end stores. You can make sure that the place you want to visit is welcoming by checking what mothers have said online. If the establishment has amenities for moms and their newborns, you’re visiting a store that will make your time easier.

Don’t Forget Your Big Diaper Bag

Wherever you go, you’ll need a diaper bag. The bag needs to be large as it’ll need to carry a range of things. The best diaper bags not only are large, but they have many pockets. They’ll also have countless straps as taking them around would be easier. Their straps need to be long – this will help keep your arms free.

Speaking of keeping your hands free, you may be taking your baby around in a stroller. If this is the case, your bag would need a clip.

Pack Wisely

Now that you know what the perfect diaper bag is like, you should know what to pack in it. We recommend packing ahead of time as you’ll not miss anything. If it’s your baby’s first time out, you’ll likely be nervous, so doing so before you go out will keep your nerves calm.

You’ll need about 3-4 diapers. We recommend carrying ‘dirty diaper bags’ – they’re pouches lined with scents, helping you mask the scent of your little one’s accidents. Having multiple baby wipes is needed too. Don’t forget rash cream, burp cloths, a baby bottle with formula, toys, and his pacifier.

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From the many on that list, his pacifier is very important. Without it, you’ll be dealing with an angry baby. If you happen to be in a loud space, this won’t be good for anyone.

Practice Baby Wearing

The best way to take your child with you is baby wearing. You will have to purchase a baby carrier. Thankfully, there are many around. There are three main types available, we recommend the sling as it looks the best.

Your newborn will be calm throughout the journey as he will feel your warm embrace. Being so close to your child releases oxytocin, which would make you extra cheery – who wouldn’t want that? You will also protect him from the hustle and bustle, and you’ll be a shield from any respiratory particles.

When wearing the slings, make sure that they’re placed high. This gives you enough room to move your arms. You will also be giving him the most warmth, ensuring he’s comfortable.

Is He Hungry?

Speaking of keeping him comfortable, you don’t want a hungry infant. He’ll wreak havoc, especially if you don’t have his bottle or pacifier around. It’s always recommended that you feed a newborn before you take them out. This will help them fall asleep, and keep them happy.

Be Patient

Probably the most important thing you have to know about taking your little one out is to not push it. You’re nervous, and he’s just a baby. It’s perfectly natural for you to take him out in steps. Many mothers love taking their newborn out around the block. As time goes by, they will gradually increase their exposure to the world. We recommend a walk around the block, but be mindful of the time of day. If there’s a lot of honking, your baby will be distraught.

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Final Thoughts

Taking a newborn out for the first time is not easy – you’ll likely be nervous. That’s why our above tips will help you have the smoothest, safest time. Make sure you don’t take him to a crowded space. This is the worst thing you could do as he’ll be agitated. He’ll also be exposed to many germs. Speaking of germs, do not let others touch him – who knows where their hands have been?

You should also carry a large diaper bag – this will help you have everything you need. The best ones have the most pockets. In it, you’ll need a pacifier and bottle – a hungry baby is an angry baby.

Overall, make sure you’re calm. It’s a huge step, so being positive will make you view things better.

So, what do you think about everything we said? Will you be making use of our points?