Why Do Newborn Babies sneeze and what are Home Remedies for Sneezing?

Every little one sniffle, sound, yawns, and sneezes without any prior information. For a new parent, it is completely overwhelming to find out the reason beyond sneezing or sniffle.

Sneezing is quite a common phenomenon in the newborn. Here are some of the reasons behind sneezing. You can’t guess whether it is normal or is anything wrong with the baby?

Reasons of Newborn Babies sneezing

First of all, a new parent must know that sneezing is a healthy thing that helps the nervous system working correctly since sneezing is a reflex being controlled by the nervous system.

But frequent sneezing and several uncommon facts must be considered during continuous or frequent sneezing.

Every newborn baby has a different pattern of breathing. It takes time for a little one to understand the normal breathing and also the new parent for understanding the baby activities.

There are quite a few reasons beyond the baby sneezing activities.

Impurities in the Nose: Newborn baby breathes through the nose. After 3-4 months they start breathing through the mouth. It is difficult for them to make a sudden transition of breathing may cause sneezing.

Tiny Nose: Your cute little one has a cute tiny nose with the narrow nasal passage. The dust particles in the atmosphere easily enter the narrow nasal cause sneezing often to the little one.

Unclogging of Blocked Nostril: Infant often suffers from clogged nostril while nursing the baby. The tiny nose gently pressed on mother breast during breastfeeding cause temporary block in nostril which gets unclogged by sneezing.

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Baby sometimes vomit will enter the nosily will also cause sneezing. Due to dust particle and allergic things baby sneeze often.

Irritants in the air: Lot of irritants present in the air cause irritation to the adult then think about the infants. Irritants like cigarette, tobacco, smoke, strong colognes perfumes, etc. cause sneezing to the cute little ones.

To avoid this irritation, keep baby surroundings neat and clean with clear ventilation. For better result, install exhaust fan in the baby room and avoid smoking zone area for the benefit of your cute little one.

Fever or Illness: Sneezing is also a sign of cold & fever. When a baby has a weak immune system then infection occurs quite easily. Due to this reason baby easily get infections in nasal passage cause sneezing, coughing, cold, etc.,

It is necessary to clean the hands before holding the baby and avoid fever or cold infection persons near the baby.

Dry Air: Infants has a tiny nose, so mucus in nose dries cause sneezing. Infant sneezes particularly in winter month or at dry areas or even in air-conditioned rooms due to mucus in the nose that dries easily. This can be avoided by using the vaporizer.

Home Remedies for Sneezing

Home remedies work like magic in case of sneezing for babies as well as adults with a cough and cold. Here are some of the home remedy tips.

Use Humidifies

Keep the house moistened by allowing the air inside the room. Use a humidifier to avoid sneezing for infants.

Allow to sleep

Proper sleep and proper rest make your baby healthy that helps to increases the immunity power. The more the baby takes rests heals faster from sneezing.

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Spray Saline and Suck out Mucus

Tilt the baby head slightly and put two drops of saline water in each nostril to soften the mucus. Allow being in the same position for another 20 seconds. Now close one nostril and insert the rubber tip of the bulb syringe in another nostril.

Slowly release the bulb to collect the mucus and saline water then remove the syringe gently. Clean the syringe by squeezing the mucus out, wash out thoroughly and repeat the same on another nostril to completely remove mucus of infant.

This home remedy gives immediate relief for an infant. This is the best method used worldwide.

Help to cough out

Sometimes it will be very difficult to remove mucus from the baby’s throat. Room humidifier, saline drop on the nostril, gentle rub on the chest with vaporized may soften the mucus on the chest that baby may puke it out.

Try any of the methods to remove mucus if nothing works out better use nebulization as per doctor’s advice.

Extra Fluids

The empty stomach of the baby may also cause sneezing. Ensure that what u feed for your infant is full for them. If not, give extra feed. The breastfeeding milk has more immunity power that reduces the cause and effects of cold, cough, fever, stomach upset, etc.

Correct Position in Feeding: When you feed your infant, make sure the position for feeding is correct and accurate. The imposition on feeding may cause severe sneeze, cough and other problems for little one.

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The formula milk infants are advised to take separate water to keep them hydrated.

Watch for Warning Signs

A normal squeeze problem of an infant can be rectified by home remedies. If the home remedies do not improve the baby’s condition, it’s a warning sign for you to consult a doctor to stop the sneeze.

Watch the warning signs of a baby include extremely crying, teary eyes, uncomfortable sleep, constantly touching the ears while crying, uncomfortable indications during feeding or some bad infection creates an allergy to the baby skin.

When this sign occurs within no time consult a doctor and get his advice to get away from major health issues.

The sneeze is a common problem for all. But in the case of infants, they are unable to expel out the mucus. It is a little harder to manage the cold and cough problem because of the small nose with narrow passage creates several problems.

This home remedies greatly help them to sneeze out, but it is very important to monitor them and when it is needed, consult a doctor for remedy.