How to Buy Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are essential items if you have an infant at home. However, they can be very expensive. Diapers cannot be reused, so you must keep buying them until the time the baby grows up and learns to use the toilet. Cost is not the only issue here. There are many other factors to consider when you are purchasing diapers for your baby.

As a parent, you will naturally want the infant to be happy, healthy, smiling, and comfortable. However, there are babies who are cranky, uncomfortable, and irritable, even when you have used the costliest diapers. Babies cannot convey their feelings. Parents have to figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes, this is because of the wrong choice of diapers.

Here’s a guide to help you purchase baby diapers –

1. Consider the Material

Most diapers are either made of cloth or a disposable material. There are some that are a mixture of both. So, the first thing you must do is decide on the material. Naturally, the price will depend on the material. You will get many size options for cloth diapers. They are also available in many types of folds. These days, cloth diapers are not always made of cloth. Many other materials are used, which have good absorbing abilities.

Remember, there will be times when you can only use a disposable diaper. So it is best to have a small packet, even if you choose to use a cloth diaper.

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2. Features

Always check these features before buying the diaper –

  • Absorbency – It should be able to absorb poop and pee without becoming saggy or leaking. It can come in contact with the baby’s skin when it leaks. The wetness can cause rashes and irritation.
  • The Wetness Indicator Line – The top brands like baby diapers from TheBestFromJapan now have a wetness indicator line in their diapers. These white lines will turn yellow when it has become soiled. As a parent, you will find this very convenient. Check the wetness and change the diaper as soon as you see it turning yellow.
  • Breathability, Softness – The skin of your baby is sensitive and delicate. This is why the material is so important. Make sure that the one you select is made with a breathable and soft material that will be easy on her skin. It should not restrict any air flow.
  • Fit, Stretchability – This too is a very important feature. The diaper must be adequately so that it can fit comfortably without leaving any marks or creases on the skin.

3. Baby Weight or Size

The diaper size you select should depend on the weight of the infant. So it is best that you take her weight before buying. Also remember, she is going to require bigger-sized diapers regularly as she grows. So, you must upgrade the size every few months. If you have to stock up, then purchase in different sizes. Go one size up. It can become too tight otherwise.

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4. Skin Sensitivity

Many babies have sensitive skin. This is why there can be a diaper rash even when you have purchases the best quality you could find. Most people believe that cloth diapers won’t cause a rash. But, this is not entirely true. Any form of moisture that is located on the diaper area can cause rash. Baby diapers from TheBestFromJapan are medically tested to prevent rash formation on the baby’s skin.

5. Pooping Habits

The babies are all unique. Their pooping and peeing habits too will differ. However, most babies poop and pee frequently throughout a day. This is why you must select an absorbent and durable diaper to make sure that there is no dampness or diaper rash.

How to Save Money

Most parents will have to purchase hundreds, even thousands of diapers until the time the baby has grown up. This will cost a lot of money. Here are some methods you can save money

Use Coupons

You will often find coupons that can save you $1.00 minimum for brands like Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and others. Over time, this will save you money. And if you purchase during a “Sale Offer”, then this will give you further savings. You will often find diapers at $5 or less.

Switch Sizes Slowly

You will have fewer diapers in the package the bigger its size. So, you will have to pay more for each piece. There is a suggested weight for the size on the package. Your child may be able to wear them for longer than what has been suggested on the package. For example, your daughter may a higher size than the suggested 3, but may still fit fine, without any leaks. So, don’t go by what the package suggests. Change sizes only when there are leaks.

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Package Sizes

Consider the price per diaper instead of the price per package. That’s because, the number of products in the package may differ for each brand. For example, there are 36 in Huggies Little Snugglers, while Huggies Snug & Dry has 42. They both cost the same. So, the price per diaper will come down when you purchase a larger number of products. For each piece, you will save about $0.04. Just select a larger package.


Buy whenever you find them at a low price. Buy even if you don’t have an immediate requirement. You will need them eventually. Why purchase later at a higher price when you can purchase today and save money? You will just end up wasting money that can be better spent somewhere else. You may even think of buying even during the pregnancy. By the time the baby is born, you will already be ready with low-priced, but great-quality diapers.

Never compromise when you purchase baby diapers, whether you are buying online or offline. Also, don’t just look at the price. There are so many things you must consider to make sure that you have the best product.