5 Reasons Every Nursery Room Needs a Rocking Chair

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Contrary to what some believe, rocking chairs are not only for adults. It also benefits the baby. It helps newborns sleep better, especially when they are uncomfortable at night.

Adding one to your nursery room contributes to its aesthetics. However, finding the right rocking chair can be tricky since they come in different designs, colors, and comfort. Before buying one, we recommend reading the best rocking chairs of 2022 to help you identify the right one for your nursery room.

Once you have a rocking chair for your nursery room, you’d thank yourself as it gives a lot of advantages to enjoy.

1. A place for you to sit

Putting the baby to sleep is difficult. Most parents carry their children and sing them a lullaby until they fall asleep. The baby wakes up and starts crying when they lie on the bed.

Your arms will tire from carrying the baby as you dance with them until they are sound asleep. It will become more challenging if it’s late at night. You’ll rush to the nursery room to take care of the baby.

With a rocking chair in the room, you won’t have to worry about carrying your baby for long hours. You can sit on the rocking chair and put your baby to sleep with the help of the motion.

Your baby will be able to sleep faster and more comfortably. Just remember to put some plush or pillows around the rocking chair to make it more comfortable for you.

2. A cozy feeding space

Infants eat often. They consume milk almost every hour of the day. Milk is essential for their growth as it has the nourishment they need to have stronger bones and high intellect.

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When you give milk to your baby, you’ll need a supporting chair because your newborn doesn’t have enough grip and power yet to hold the bottle. If breastfeeding your baby, you also need a comfortable place to lay your back, and that’s when the rocking chair comes in.

A rocking chair prevents your back from straining as you feed your baby. It’s a comfortable place to feed your infant, allowing them to enjoy the food more as your hands don’t shake quite often.

Whether breastfeeding or giving formula milk, you need a space where you and your baby can enjoy the meal together.

3. A comfortable resting place

Rocking chairs are soothing for babies. It makes their feelings more positive and free from stress and anxiety. Using a rocking chair when you put them to sleep allows them to sleep more comfortably.

It is excellent, especially if they are experiencing a fussy stage, such as teething. They would feel discomfort, and putting them to sleep can be very difficult. The rocking chair is a temporary solution as it keeps them relaxed, as the pain is lessened while using a rocking chair.

If it’s your baby’s nap time, you can use the rocking chair to make them sleep faster. This will give you time to do more productive things, such as household chores.

Remember that rocking every night to put your baby to sleep isn’t ideal, but it’s an excellent solution for sudden fussiness, especially during the wee hours.

4. Enjoyable reading and playtime

Reading and playing with your baby is essential to their growth. This is the time you can teach them words and emotions. They will also learn how social interaction works as you communicate with your child.

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You can place them on your chest while you read fun stories or play with them, such as peek-a-boo. You can use your other hand to hold the book and read fun stories to your kids.

This is also a perfect place for your baby to enjoy tummy time, especially if they feel uncomfortable doing it on their bed or crib. You can place them on your chest and let them move around as you hold them. It’s comfortable for them as there is a human touch from the parents.

5. Better nursery room aesthetics

A rocking chair elevates your nursery room’s aesthetics, especially when you put it next to the crib.

Complete the look of your rocking chair by choosing the color that matches the other furniture in the room. Make it extra comfortable by placing pillows or quilts with colorful designs.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from, so when you buy things for your newborn, add a rocking chair as it is essential for you and your baby.

The Bottom line

A rocking chair is an essential piece of furniture in your nursery room because of the comfort it brings to you and your baby. You can put them to sleep faster and more comfortably. It’s also perfect for bonding time, such as feeding, playing, and reading.
So don’t forget to add one, and you’ll appreciate it more and more as it helps you a lot in taking care of your newborn.