21 Best Breastfeeding Apps For 2022

Are you a breastfeeding mom? A breast feeding app can help you to know the correct way of breastfeeding your baby. Baby feeds on mother’s milk as this is the best source of nutrients and antibodies. Breastfeeding provides many benefits for babies, including healthier growth and development as well as your baby feeling happy and contented.

In addition to a breastfeeding app, you can also check breastfeeding essentials and items to pack when going out with the baby. Moreover, this app with a baby pumping session countdown timer helps to keep track of pumping sessions. Your breastfeeding journey can be supported with these apps. For your baby’s growth and development, breastfeeding apps are a must.

As we have known that breastfeeding is a natural process. Some women have difficulties breastfeeding their babies. In that cases, breastfeeding apps can provide helpful information and support about breastfeeding. If you are expecting a baby soon or you just gave birth to your baby, let’s download the best breastfeeding apps on your device. In this blog, we have listed out the best breastfeeding apps for moms that you can use. From pumping sessions to countdown timers, these apps are all you need.

Best Breastfeeding Apps in 2022

Although providing breast milk for your baby is a natural process. But there can be challenges during the breastfeeding journey. Fortunately, many of those breastfeeding challenges have been addressed by some fantastic apps that help new mums through this process. The baby breastfeeding tracker app can help with everything from tracking supply and demand to logging feedings, diaper changes, or sleep schedules. Below we have a list of breastfeeding apps that specially designed for new parents and they are:

1. Baby feed timer

This app is specially designed for a new mom who is breastfeeding her baby. This baby-feeding log app is simple and easy to use. Baby feed timer app is specially designed for the new mom who is breastfeeding her baby as this app works as a timer. It allows you to keep track of how long your little one is feeding on the breast or bottle. Baby’s health and growth depend on just how much and often they eat. With this app, you’ll know that your baby is feeding well. This is the best app to track breastfeeding and diapers. Breastfeeding moms can also track pumping, diaper changes, and sleep.


  • Simple, quick, and easy to use.
  • You can swap breasts during a single feed.
  • Unlimited diary of logged data.
  • Track your baby’s progress simultaneously.

2. Baby Daybook app

Baby Daybook app is exclusively designed for expecting parents who are to have a baby. This baby app is the most popular pregnancy logbook, breastfeeding journal, and baby tracker on Google Play. You can input all your lovely memories about your pregnant life with this app. It is also having a calendar and growth chart of your baby. The nursing sessions are also logged in this app and you can export your baby activity with this best free breastfeeding tracker app.


  • Beautiful material design interface.
  • Built-in daily countdown timer.
  • This baby tracker app has a real-time family sync.
  • It also has voice commands.

3. Baby Tracker

This breastfeeding baby tracker app allows you to track data such as breastfeeds, diapers, and sleep. Baby tracker provides information about your baby’s growth during this period like feedings, wet/dirty diapers, sleep hours, and more. It also allows you to add the feedings manually in the case your little one doesn’t eat much in a single feed or goes a long time without a feed.

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  • Tracks all feedings as well as the length of each feeding session.
  • Keeps track of daily growth by plotting on a graph/chart after every few days or weeks.
  • Best breastfeeding tracker app for newborns.
  • Provide calendar and notes.

4. Glow Baby

Glow Baby is a simple and award-winning app designed to help parents track their baby’s development. You can also keep a note of your baby’s daily activities and milestones and even share data securely with the team at Glow. For breastfeeding mothers, this app makes it easy to track breastfeeding sessions, diapers, and track your baby’s growth.


  • Record baby milestones and activities.
  • Sync data across multiple devices.
  • Access your baby’s information privately.
  • Track your baby’s activities such as tummy time or sleep schedules, etc.

5. Ovia Parenting

Ovia Parenting is a popular pregnancy tracker and parenting app. It has an excellent community of users that often share their experiences, advice, and tips on the platform. This helps future parents gain insights into what to expect during pregnancy or after delivery, right from people who have already been through it all. This is the best feeding tracking app for breastfeeding and pumping moms.


  • Connect to your partner and other family members.
  • Track daily activity, weight, and blood pressure.
  • Record pumping and feeding sessions.
  • Monitor baby’s sleep patterns and activities.

6. Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby is a platform for moms to connect with healthcare experts and other new parents. You can find up-to-date information about pregnancy, infancy, postpartum care, and more here. The app also lets you share your experiences and photos from pregnancy or after birth so you can get support from other users in the community who have gone through it all.


  • Connect with experts and parents in the community.
  • Track feedings and activities.
  • Access your baby’s milestones and growth chart.
  • Provide daily and weekly information about your baby.

7. LactMed

For typical breastfeeding times, you can use an app that makes tracking easy. For moms who are exclusively breastfeeding, LactMed is the best free breastfeeding app that provides information about medications and drugs. It’s a complete resource center for all things relating to breastfeeding, health care, and medicine. This app provides information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood that would affect the baby.


  • LactMed is completely free to use.
  • Provide nursing progress notes.
  • Provide links to resources about medications and breastfeeding.
  • LactMed is updated every month with new information.

8. Huckleberry

Huckleberry is a complete baby tracking app that lets you record every little detail about your baby. For parents who wish to keep track of their child’s development and progress through the first year, this app is useful. This will be useful for moms who are breastfeeding as it lets them record feedings, diaper changes, growth milestones, and more. The breastfeeding trackers are easy to use and provide graphs for weekly analysis.


  • Access to guidance from pediatric sleep experts,
  • Helps to manage your child’s schedule effectively.
  • Tracking categories can be turned on and off
  • Track baby’s development through milestones.

9. Baby Feeding Log

Keeping track of breastfeeding times and duration can be a challenge. This app is perfect for moms who want to track their baby’s activities and maintain all records in one place. There are other features such as reminders for feeding, diaper changes, and other important milestones which make this the best breastfeeding and pumping app for new moms. This baby log breastfeeding sessions data is synced across all of your devices for convenience.


  • Nursing tracker with timer
  • Pause feature for feedings
  • Keep track of how much milk you feed your baby by measuring it in ounces or milliliters.
  • Track sleep schedule and naps.

10. iBaby Feed Timer

New moms have a lot on their plates and remembering when they fed their child last can be difficult. This app helps to take away the confusion by providing a timer for each breastfeeding session. New parents will find this helpful in keeping track of baby’s feedings, diaper changes, and naps which makes it the best free breastfeeding app. The timer section allows you to keep track of the duration of the feedings, so there are no worries about incomplete sessions.

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  • Only for iPhone users,
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use,
  • Create timers for breastfeeding sessions,
  • Keep track of the duration of each session.

11. Nara Baby tracker

For busy parents, this is the best breastfeeding app android that provides essential updates about the baby’s activities. Moms can keep track of everything from diaper changes, feedings, milestones, and naps with this feature-packed app. If you have a breastfeeding routine, you can easily jump to the activities section. The charts are color-coded for easy analysis and to track diaper changes, feedings, and other milestones.


  • Easy-to-use shareable log with a intuitive interface
  • Time breastfeeding sessions and your baby’s sleep with a simple tap
  • Keep track of which side you are breastfeeding or pumping on
  • Add diaper changes, bottle feedings, and more

12. Baby Care Plus

This app breaks down the records of your baby’s activities into 5-minute increments to help you keep track of all their feedings, naps, and diaper changes. This great-looking app is easy to use with a simple design that is quick and user-friendly. New moms who want to feed their baby on demand, will benefit the most from this app. This is the best breastfeeding app for hands-free feeding and can be used even by dads who want to feed their babies.


  • Multiple timers, alerts, and reminders
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use,
  • Hands-free feature,
  • Track nursing and provide breastfeeding information such as duration, start time, and end time.

13. iLetDown

This app has been gaining in popularity because of its simple and gentle approach to tracking breastfeeding. It allows mothers access to information on the benefits of breastfeeding, tips about increasing supply, suggestions for coping with tough situations like engorgement, and challenges. Parents will appreciate iLetDown’s straightforward explanations of the most common nursing problems.


  • Only for iPhone users,
  • Simple and clean design,
  • Breastfeeding tips, challenges, and benefits,
  • Notifications about upcoming events to boost your breast milk supply.

14. My baby Today

This app features a calendar that allows mothers to organize their child’s growth and development milestones. It has an image gallery that includes personal baby photos in addition to safety tips, health alerts, and developmental milestones. My baby Today is a well-known application for its helpful reminders which are customizable to the user’s preference.


  • Simple and clean design,
  • Milestone reminders with images,
  • Keep track of feedings, diaper changes, and cuddles,
  • Provide information about the child’s diet for individual months.

15. Breastfeeding tabulator

This is an effective breastfeeding app for keeping track of nursing sessions. With the built-in calendar, it’s easy to stay on top of breastfeeding habits. There are also useful tips in this free app. While this is not a timer, there are statistics that users can keep track of to compare breastfeeding progress over time with regards to frequency and duration. Also, the milk production section allows you to keep track of milk intake and output.


  • Quick and easy to use,
  • Provide tips to encourage breastfeeding,
  • Keep track of nursing sessions and feed baby on time,
  • Simple design with no frills.

16. Breastfeeding Newborn tracker

Breastfeeding newborn tracker is a great app for mothers who are looking to track the time they spent breastfeeding their newborn. The application provides easy access to keep track of any breastfeeding sessions and even allows users to set alarms when it is time to feed the baby again. The price of in-app purchases is available at $1.99 for per month and at $19.99 you can get the full version of it. This app also provides night mode and can track multiple children. With the baby’s diary, moms will be well aware of when to feed their baby.


  • Simple, quick, and easy to use,
  • Alarms or notifications for a breastfeeding session,
  • You can use the application in your native language;
  • You can select your preferred units of measurement.
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17. Speedy Tot

This app is a great guide for breastfeeding mothers that want to ensure their infants get the right nutrition. It provides accurate information on what you should be doing and when helping moms to fix potential problems early on. The free version only allows tracking of one child while the full version allows multiple children. In addition, it contains a library with images and videos about proper breastfeeding techniques.


  • Simple and easy to use,
  • Great guide for new mothers,
  • Provides accurate information on feeding techniques,
  • Full version has more features than the free version

18. Pumping Tracker app

This is a simple and accurate tracker for mothers who want to keep track of their pumping and breastfeeding sessions. With dual timers and quick buttons, this app has everything you need for effective monitoring. You can even add multiple accounts with different baby names for convenience. For one month subscription, it charges $9.99. With this tracking app, moms can easily track how much milk they produce and maintain.


  • Pumping log with timer
  • Synchronized across all devices for convenience
  • Keeps a detailed history of pumping sessions
  • Tracks ounces and milliliters of milk pumped.

19. Breastfeeding Tracker App

Breastfeeding Tracker allows breastfeeding mothers to track and record their breastfeeding activity in a single app. The app is simple and uses pretty basic language so that even first-time moms can easily use it. This application is a handy and reliable assistant for your newborn baby breastfeeding. You can track and record your baby feeding and pumping sessions, feedings, diaper changes, and moods throughout the day.


  • Can track bottle-feeding
  • Have handy breastfeeding timer and sleeping timer,
  • You can add a reminder for each event,
  • Easy, quick, and simple instruction to use.

20. iBreastfeed

The iBreastfeed is hands-free, discreet, and provides an easy way to feed your baby without worrying about carrying extra bottles or milk containers. This app is a very comprehensive baby tracking app that can help you keep track of your child’s activities, milestones, medicine, and appointments. It also helps you maintain all records in one place. Perfect for busy moms on the go who need to tend to their baby’s needs at all times.


  • Accurate real-time tracker with timer and notifications,
  • Have an easy to use instruction
  • Track feedings, naps, and diapers from any device
  • Customizable log entries.

21. Baby ESP

It’s not just about breastfeeding; this app can keep track of every aspect of your baby’s growth and development. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to enter the details manually or select them from a pre-populated list which makes note-taking much easier. Keep track of growth milestones, vaccinations dates, sleep routine, diaper changes, and more. Moreover, Baby ESP has a complete pregnancy tracker which calculates due date, weight, height & body measurements during each trimester. This app is perfect for moms who want to track their baby’s activities and maintain all records in one place.


  • Track your baby’s daily routine
  • Provide reoccurring reminders for important dates.
  • Provide a contraction timer
  • In-app purchases $4.99 for the full version of this app.

The Conclusion:

Breastfeeding can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it can be much easier. While many new moms can breastfeed without any problems, others may need a little help getting started. Luckily, there are plenty of breastfeeding apps available to support mothers during this process. In the above, we’ve compiled a list of the best breastfeeding apps to help you through your journey. These apps offer everything from educational information to support groups and tracking tools. So whatever your needs may be, there is an app for that! If you know of any other great breastfeeding apps that we didn’t mention, please let us know in the comments below. We hope you find this list helpful and we wish you good health and a happy breastfeeding experience, respectively.