15 Best Baby Bottles For Breastfed Babies Of 2022

Are you a breastfeeding mom looking for the best bottle for your baby? If so, you’re in luck! The market is packed with great options, and we’ve narrowed down the top 15 best baby bottles for breastfed babies of 2022. Keep reading to learn more!

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Parenting a baby is a wonderful experience. They should be first nurtured and fed with love and care. The next step would be to give the infant baby food that will help them in their growth and development. It makes one wonder what kind of bottle they should use to feed their baby. Choosing the best baby bottle for a breastfed baby can be confusing. The market is flooded with a variety of different types and brands of bottles. It becomes confusing to determine which bottle will be ideal for the child.

From a plastic bottle to a glass bottle for breastfed babies, the market is overflowing with different kinds of bottles that can be used. Baby bottles have become a fashion statement where most parents will want their baby to feel the same way they do. They would like their children to wear designer bibs and use designer bottles. A baby feed bottle is essential to the development of a child. It should be chosen wisely and carefully to avoid any kind of health concerns that may arise from a faulty bottle.

Though a baby bottle isn’t quite as serious as what to put in it, it’s still an essential part of the process. A baby bottle will be used for feeding, so choosing the right brand can mean sifting through different types before finding one that actually works well. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 15 best baby bottles for breastfed babies, based on current customer ratings and reviews. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or innovative bottle design, we have you covered.

Best baby bottles for breastfed babies

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Although baby bottles are as essential as breast pumps or bottles. When you are breastfeeding, baby’s milk is directly filtered into your baby with the help of a nursing system. Similarly, baby bottles are used to feed the baby when you are not around. A major benefit of baby bottles is that you can store milk or formula for longer periods without worrying about contamination. Needless to say, if any product is used for your precious little one it should be of high quality without compromising on the health of your child. So look at below to know the best baby bottles that are present in today’s market and they are:

1. Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles

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These baby bottles are best for latching and preventing leakage that inevitably happens when you feed your little one. This bottle will fit snugly in almost all sorts of feeding pumps but since it is made from silicone, the compatibility with such products is 100%. The bottle brush and slow flow nipple that comes along with this bottle is perfect for daily use and is extremely durable. This baby bottle market is made from food-grade silicone that is BPA free and remains odourless all throughout the day. For bottle feeding, these glass baby bottles are best as they are spill-proof and since they don’t interact with food there is no leaching. So, your baby drinks their milk at their own pace and without having to worry about any stress.

2. Comotomo baby bottle

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This glass bottle is one of the most luxurious bottles that are available in the market. It is also ideal for mothers who are breastfeeding their baby because it helps in strengthening your bond with your child immensely. The base of the Comotomo baby bottle is made from food-grade silicone that is entirely BPA free and phthalate-free, while the upper part is made from 100% borosilicate glass that can be recycled. This bottle is extremely durable and totally leak-proof. The base of the nipple has a unique inward design that prevents milk from leaking out. Comotomo bottles in comparison to munchkin latch bottles and popyum baby bottles are better to use because the nipple is extremely soft, comfortable and closely resembles the human breast.

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3. Chicco Duo breastfed baby Bottles

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These plastic bottles for breastfed babies are transparent and are available in two sizes- the 150ml bottles and the 130 ml bottles. The bottle comes with a Chicco slow flow nipple which is made from soft, medical-grade silicone that makes the baby feel comfortable while feeding on it. The unique thing about these plastic bottles for breastfeeding is that the neck of these bottles is wide enough to fit almost all types of feeding pumps. The bottle nipples have a dual air system that helps in regulating the amount of air that is getting into your baby’s tummy. Furthermore, the baby spit-up is prevented because of the anti-colic system. There is a specially designed ring available with the bottle that helps you to hold it without any hassle.

4. Mam baby bottles

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Mam baby bottle for breastfed babies comes with a TPE liner inside it which is soft and skin-friendly. There are no chemicals used in the manufacturing of this bottle, making it completely safe for your little one when he or she decides to drink from it. This plastic bottle for breastfed babies come with a slow flow teat. The unique thing about this bottle is that it has an anti-colic valve system which consists of a membrane placed just below the protective cap that helps in reducing the baby’s discomfort caused due to gassiness and colic. Generally, these bottle warmers are used for warming up breast milk in a very short span of time. This equipment is built with good insulation that helps to keep the contents of the bottle warm during the duration it has been set aside, after which you can serve your little one.

5. Dr Browns Anti colic valve baby bottles

Cost: $26.99

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These brand baby’s bottles for breastfed babies come with a unique contoured shape and nipple, which helps to stimulate the baby’s natural sucking instinct. The soft and flexible newborn flow nipple is ideal for newborns as it helps them to drink milk easily without any gas or colic. This bottle has an anti-colic system in its features that reduces air ingestion by up to 60 per cent. You can easily control the airflow into your baby’s feeding bottle by using the Dr Browns anti-colic bottles’ vent system that allows air intake to be reduced when feeding. This reduces the chances of digestive problems in infants and prevents excessive gas formation in large quantities. The vented nipple featured in this milk bottle is made up of soft and flexible silicone and the size of the nipple is suitable for newborns and infants.

6. Nanobebe breastmilk baby bottles

Cost: $18.99

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Nanobebe is a well-known name that makes innovative baby bottles for breastfed babies. This baby bottle is an excellent way to increase the nutritional value of your baby’s diet with its unique organic food pouches that can be easily filled into Nanobebe’s formula containers or bottles for babies. Whether you are breastfeeding or giving a bottle, this baby bottle will help you in providing healthy and fresh milk to your little one. The milk bottle comes with a unique valve-free nipple that mimics the same sucking sensation as breastfeeding and is very easy to clean in warm or cold water. These glass bottles help ensure that your newborn gets more of the goodness from breast milk. And also reduce allergies and colic in babies by reducing air ingestion while feeding.

7. Mimijumi breastfeeding baby bottles

Cost: $29.00

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These glass baby bottles are specially made for breastfeeding mothers. The manufacturers understand the importance of natural feeding, which is why they have used natural silicone to mimic mom’s breast. These bottles are available in different sizes so that you can carry them along with you no matter where you go. Mimijumi also works great with most breast pumps thanks to its standard caps and silicone nipple, which is anti-colic. The first thing that you will notice about these unique baby bottles is the fact that they are easy to hold thanks to their ergonomic design, which makes holding the bottle feel natural. The slow flow nipples of this baby bottle are made from 100% natural soft silicone, which helps in reducing colic and gas in your baby.

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8. Lansinoh baby bottles

Cost: $34.99

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For bottle-feeding Lansinoh glass bottle set is the best to buy. These bottles are BPA free and remain odourless for a longer time frame. Since these bottles are made from borosilicate glass, they are heat resistant and thus you can easily warm milk before feeding your baby. These glass bottles also have a wide base and thus prevent the chances of spilling, even when you make mistakes during feeding time or if rushed to feed suddenly. This glass bottle is compatible with all brands of pumps and since it doesn’t interact with the food only healthy ingredients go inside your child’s tummy. In comparison to baby brezza bottles, these glass bottles are aesthetically much more pleasing and Lasinoh also provide a diaper bag along with the set.

9. NUK Anti-colic baby bottles

Cost: $8.99

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These plastic bottles are best for preventing colic and gas buildup in your baby’s tummy. The unique shape of this bottle is what gives it an edge over other bottles present in the market. For bottle feeding, these plastic bottles are best and ensure that your baby is safe from colic, gas and burping. The bottles of this brand are compatible with most of the pumps available in the market and ensure complete hygiene for your baby’s milk. It also helps to avoid nipple confusion. These bottles are made from crystal-clear polypropylene plastic which is completely safe for your baby. All these benefits make them one of the best baby bottles available in today’s market.

10. Boon Silicone nipple baby bottles

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These glass bottles are best for protecting your baby from developing allergies. The silicone nipple is extremely soft and converts the bottles into a perfect feeding tool for your baby. This product can be used as a multi-purpose device and you can use it as an ice cube tray or storage container to feed your baby. It also comes with a bottle brush and nipple brush in a single pack. In order to help your baby have a healthy future, this product is the best choice as it is 100% BPA- free and that makes sure that there are no harmful chemicals present in this device. The materials used in making these bottles are of high quality and you can easily sterilize them by boiling them. Just like brown’s bottles, these are compatible with almost all feeding pumps.

11. Tommee-Tippee bottles

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Tommee-Tippee bottles are highly recommended for breastfeeding babies. There are different features of the Tommee-Tippee baby bottle to be precise strong flow system, strong suckers and they can easily fit in your breast pump. This product comes in three pieces one with the nipple, another is the collar and thirdly rings that clicks tightly into the collar. Tommee-Tippee Closer to nature baby bottles is wide enough to fit in most breast pumps and baby bottles. Tommee-Tippee closer bottles are uniquely designed to prevent colic as they allow the baby to suckle easily with less air intake. The bottle shape is also good enough to prevent the baby from taking in much air. This is the best baby bottle for breastfed babies as they have anti-colic vents that allow air to escape from the bottle rather than going into the baby.

12. Philips Avent Natural baby bottle

Cost: $30.99

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Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is a perfect choice for feeding your babies. They can easily be converted from bottles to training cups that are too useful. It reduces gas and colic, and its BPA free and nipple has an anti-colic valve, which further reduces the pain caused by gas. The nipple is not very soft for flexibility while you are placing the bottle in your baby’s mouth. If you have to travel, then these small-sized bottles will be easy to carry along with you because of their lightweight body. Philips Avent Natural bottles are available in different ranges and for a breastfeeding mom, this is one of the best baby bottles to feed their children. The natural range of Philips Avent bottles are comparatively expensive, but it’s worth your money because of its high-quality milk delivery system.

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13. BumbleBee Silicone baby bottles

Cost: $28.99

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BumbleBee is a well-known name when it comes to breastfeeding products. This one product from Bumblebee was specifically designed for breastfed babies. This bottle has a unique “Air Ventilation System” that allows the milk to flow smoothly into your baby’s mouth without any leakage or discomfort. The milk gets stored in a special pouch at the bottom of the bottle that can be easily detached for cleaning or storing. BumbleBee bottle for formula-fed babies is made of medical-grade silicone material that is soft yet sturdy. This bottle comes with three different nipple types that allow you to feed your baby as they grow older. The teat is also made up of the same breathable materials.

14. Olababy milk bottles

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The next best baby bottle for breastfed babies is this product from Olababy. This bottle comes with a unique “Vent-” design that helps to reduce colic and gas production in your baby’s tummy. The nipple of the bottle has a unique shape that resembles a mother’s nipple allowing your little one to latch on easily. Most baby bottles that are designed for a breastfeeding mom have a narrow neck. This bottle is no different but it comes with wide openings on the bottom of the bottle that makes the cleaning process easy. The bottle warmer is designed in a way that it can fit three different size bottles with ease. Olababy bottle is an ideal choice for all types of milk including breastmilk, formula or any other type of liquid.

15. Haakaa-Natural baby bottles

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This product is known for its unique design, where you can safely store your milk in the bottle while keeping the baby’s mouth germ-free. The innovative suction base allows you to attach this bottle to any flat surface and it will stay steady while feeding your baby. It comes with a soft flexible “Teat Sleeve” that allows you to feed your baby without making a mess. The base of this bottle is made up of a non-BPA material and it can be easily carried around for milk feeding. This product is a key essential, especially for mothers who work full time and still want to feed their baby breast milk. The best part of this product is that you don’t need to purchase extra silicone teats or other accessories as the nipple is built into the lid itself. Furthermore, Haakaa-Natural baby bottles are dishwasher safe and can be easily used as a breast pump.

The Conclusion

Therefore, the best baby bottles for breastfed babies are those that mimic the natural experience of breastfeeding as closely as possible. This means finding a bottle with a wide neck and nipple that is soft and flexible, similar to a human nipple. Polypropylene bottles are often recommended because they are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. Which can be found in some cheaper plastic bottles. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, consider investing in glass or silicone bottles. Whichever type of bottle you choose, make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use to prevent bacteria from growing. We hope the above list of best baby bottles for breastfed babies was helpful to guide you in making the right decision. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below.