10 Tips For The First Time Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding is not only an incredibly nutritional start to your baby’s life, but it is also a brilliant way to bond with your newborn in the early days. Begin by discussing breastfeeding with your antenatal care team to access support groups and educational programs. Your prenatal team has many responsibilities to uphold during and after your pregnancy, however, if you feel these weren’t met, you may feel you would benefit from contacting a urinary tract infection misdiagnosis birth injury lawyer, who could discuss your options with you.

1 – Drinking plenty of water maintains your hydration and replenishes the liquid you will be losing through breastfeeding.

2 – Be aware of cluster feeding. The cluster feeding stage can last up to 8 weeks and as time goes on you will recognize a pattern of when your baby cluster feeds during the day or night. This will help you better prepare for the upcoming hours and alter your daily routine around this time. Remember that this stage does end at some point, even though it may feel never-ending, so make sure you take some time to catch up on sleep.

3 – Stock up on the essentials and keep them in every room you may feed in. These items can include snacks, muslin cloths, nipple cream, and your phone to keep you entertained.

4 – Find your support network. It could be a friend who has also breastfed or located your local breastfeeding clinic, but make sure you know who to contact should you ever have any queries or questions.

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5 – Accept help. As you as the mom can only provide breastfeeding, let others help when they offer to cook, clean, or look after your other children. Welcome this support, and enjoy the time spent bonding with your new baby.

6 – Count dirty nappies. This will give you a clear indication of how much they are receiving, and any changes in this could indicate an issue that needs addressing.

7 – Invest in a breastfeeding pump should you wish to allow dad or another family member to feed your baby, which could give you a well-earned break.

8 – Layer your shirts for easy breastfeeding in public. By wearing a vest underneath a T-shirt, you can lift your T-shirt, lower your vest and breastfeed without the worry of anything being revealed.

9 – Keep breastfeeding for as long as you can, but don’t feel disheartened if your journey is shorter than you expected – any amount of breastfeeding is incredible and rewarding for your baby and you.

10 – A nursing pillow wraps around your body and can support the baby in the correct position to feed. This can relieve stress and tension put on your back, neck, and shoulders and makes feeding in bed much more comfortable.

Breastfeeding is an incredible experience, and whether you do it for an hour, a day, a week, a month or an entire year, be proud of your breastfeeding journey and, most importantly, yourself! And if breastfeeding doesn’t suit you or your baby, then that’s ok too! Be kind and listen to your body.